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  1. Peyton Manning - 4 Super Bowl appearances in the last 10 years with two different teams and 4 different head coaches. Also is 3-1 vs Pats in AFC Championship games(hasn't lost an AFC championship game against Pats since what, 2003/2004?...can't remember) and has a winning playoff record against Brady/Belichick. Yeah, what a loser!
  2. Yep, according to Pep, being down by 6 early in the 3rd equals down by 21 with 5 minutes to play. He can't tell the difference between the two.
  3. 50 yd bombs every play in the 2nd half tend to do that. And where did the run game go?
  4. I like the team we have. I think Grigs has done a good job. Pagano...meh. Pep sucks *!
  5. Baltimore Ravens ring a bell?
  6. Except you could tell. The ball was laying next to the Pats player when Moncrief snatched it up. I wonder if they even looked at that view?
  7. This coaching staff is not up to the challenge of the NFL. Pee wee is more their speed.
  8. The thing that * me off is that we have the talent to be a good team. The coaching staff we have couldn't cut it in pee wee football.
  9. Why the he11 are they going down field on every play now? Are they incapable of learning?
  10. That play shows that this team has no chance this year. They need to just throw in the towel and lose every game for the rest of the season.
  11. Whoever called that play needs to fired first thing tomorrow morning. Check that, they should be be escorted out of the building right now. That was embarrassing, and on national tv! Discusting!
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