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  2. I had absolutely no respect for Pagano after that play. If the player was injured who practiced the play then don't run the play.
  3. He’s a young player. With young players you have to play them when they start getting hot. Plus you have to put the best players on the field. Right now Willis is making more impactful plays right now and he’s got more upside, so he needs to play.
  4. Aaron Gordon John Collins both can fit next to Turner space the floor and play defense next to an elite defender
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  6. So anyway...he’s not done which means the Chiefs are not done. Matt Moore isn’t the worst backup in the world either. Meanwhile their division might be the worst division in the world. I say if Matt is doing good enough bench Pat til the Pats game lol ugh
  7. You do realize the coaches and organization made him a Captain!? Have you ever had that title in your fantastic life?
  8. Absolutely! 5 boys, all spoiled Colts Fans, they have had like 2 losing seasons in their existence on this earth. I’m a true Colts fan since 1966, I lived through the Colts! Just saying, great deal for college students! 1/4 of the cost!
  9. If we have the lead over Houston at the end of the game to run the clock out, we should line up like that play and just down it
  10. We ought to line up in it, just for old time sake. Then call a timeout, of course. We shoulda done it when Chuck was in town too.
  11. Here they are! The way we beat the Texans is pressure the Qb! Go Blue!!
  12. I disagree. IF Manning and Luck were using HGH, it was because significant injuries made them unable to play the game they love. They were just trying to get healthy enough to play again as quickly as possible. IF Brady was in any way involved in over-deflated footballs, then we're talking about an unfair on-field competitive advantage over another team in-game (albeit, probably a relatively slight advantage). Now you're messing with the integrity of the game. That, to me, is much more serious than using any means necessary to get healthy enough just to be on the field playing the game. You really believe that? The equipment guys went rogue and over-deflated the balls without Brady knowing it? With a guy like BB at the top, who is meticulous with his entire organization, you really think some equipment guys did anything without BBs knowledge or permission (or even instruction)? And that BB wouldn't have Brady in the loop about the benefits of under-inflated balls?
  13. I rank Wilson's INT at the goaline #1 worse. Seattle basically gave away a SB by not running the ball. They had the game in the bag.
  14. So much for getting healthier after the bye week. Colts always seem to be banged up.
  15. CB Johnathan Joseph Burned Limited Limited Limited Questionable
  16. Sabonis on the trade block. What would you like to see in return for him?
  17. Hardly the worst play of all time. Seattle passing it on the goal line in the Super Bowl ranks up there. Pretty much all of Atlanta's 4th quarter in their Super Bowl would apply. Then there's this: It was a bad play, but at least there's some thinking behind it. Execution was horrible, lots of miscommunication, but I'd hardly call it the worst play of all time
  18. That fake punt play itself was dumb but it did not affect the Colts season in reality. It did not cost the Colts a playoff win or SB win. To be honest I rarely think about this play. I think of Peyton's pick 6 in SB 44 much more than a dumb fake punt play.
  19. What I will say, is that play has zero effect on my life. I am not embarrassed by it, saddened by it, nor angered by it. It is history. It was a play, that was not executed correctly by the personnel on the field at the time. It is over. End of story.

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      It is Halloween Time so let's put this on!

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      I love the Munsters.

  21. I “suspect” he doesn’t know either
  22. That play was literally the best example of the Chuck Pagano era which imo was the worst era in Colts history. Why? Because we had one of the best talented QBs of all time... it really makes me appreciate Frank and Ballard that much more. You cant argue how much coaching matters when you see the difference in coaching staffs. But I will end with it there. I spent 2 years talking about that era coming to an end.
  23. I'm not a fan of geathers I just think it should take longer than a couple great games. If he keeps mak in ng plays into 4 to 5 games I'm all for him starting.
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  25. How did we end up with more people injured AFTER the bye week, than before?
  26. Had Peyton completed that comeback vs the Saints, his GOAT status would be much higher. It should've never came down to that drive because some knucklehead couldn't recover on onsides kick but it did. Peyton should have 3 SB wins IMO but 2 is still great.
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