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  2. A generational talent would cost a lot more than 20m and the 26th pick. The salary caps goes up every yr, NFL contracts are short.......I would get stuck on the money too much.
  3. The one thing Polian regretted was not getting a difference maker at DT. When they did get one (MacFarlan), they got to the SB. I hope Lawrence is there at 26 but after seeing the, “ With the next pick” series and hearing Ballard in this conference, I’m cool with whatever they do.
  4. I wouldn't put too much into the meetings of players. Could be a multiple meet of one player is there is some unanswered questions? We drafted Q last year without meeting him at all. Just saying. We never know.
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  6. Oh yeah, I would certainly argue that Wilkins is more of a fit for our D than Lawrence. I just chose Lawrence due to the fact we've reportedly met with him a few times (we haven't necessarily heard that for Wilkins.) I feel like most of them except Burns and maybe Jacobs and Simmons will be there. Unfortunately the one I would want out of those 8 would be Burns. I like Abram but I feel like he could be around at 34 (and if he's not there still will be other good safeties on the board.)
  7. If 17-70 are pretty much the same, Ballard will probably blow Kiper and McShays mind.
  8. Ideally id like Simmons at 34, but im thinking he might not make it until 26. If he does id be more than ok taking him. Barring any major injury to you know who, when will the Colts have the opportunity to get a top 10 talent again? Having #34 also makes this an easier decision as they can still get a really good impact player a few picks later.
  9. Autry, Ward, Lewis and Hunt are all capable and already on the roster, can you say the same about WR? TY, and Misfits is what you get. Even if TY is completely healthy he can’t do it all alone. This reminds me of Ryan Grigson trying to fix the OL with later rd talent and wasn’t until we have 3 first rd picks that it was solidified. Same goes for WR, a 4th rd gem and a bunch of misfits will not get it done!!! It’s time to finally ADD 1st rd Talent to this corps or early exit in Jan.
  10. I hate guys who beat there significant other for any reason walk away.
  11. Thanks for doing this..... I'll be doing something more extensive on the topic of First Round Wide Receivers. I've had a running debate with our new member, Irish.... he thinks there's real value in a 1st round WR..... I definitely don't... I think our argument will prevail...
  12. And it was only the year before that where the Philadelphia Eagles and their defense and their front 4 was able to defeat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. How quickly people forget....
  13. I think the question for many (all?) teams with Sweat will be this.... If he does indeed fall out of the first round, how far further down does he fall? Is he off boards completely, or only off boards in the first round? Would we take him at pick 34? Or 59? Or 89? I've read his condition is NOT nearly as bad as Hurst's was last year. Clearly this is one to watch..... I'm pulling for the kid, but also pulling for the Colts....
  14. I have a sinking feeling that the Cardinals will snipe Savage from us at 33. I really hope it doesn't happen. Based on our interests, I would love Tillery, Savage and Banogu with our first 3 picks.
  15. Colts will be in position to add a Calvin Johnson like player at 26 if they choose to. I ask you, would you select this type of talent that normally doesn’t fall to 26 over a 2 down DL, a SS that can’t cover or a RB that we don’t need and is overhyped? Most say we’re set at wr with Funchess and Cain but do either project to be Game Changers like a Calvin Johnson? What about those that say we have two great TE’s in Doyle and Ebron that we can afford a less wr corps? When has Doyle finished a season not on IR and visions of Ebron dropping a floater to start the game off 3-OUT still haunt me. The Colts will win the SB once TY becomes second fiddle!
  16. Here's every team's official visits by position: The positions the Colts seem to be expressing most interest are: EDGE, CB, TE, RB, OL Not much interest in WRs it seems...
  17. Hoping CB and staff see what we all see and that’s Bust mode for Metcalf and I don’t trust any RB out of Bama. Bama’s Pro OL make all their rb’s look better than what they amount to in the NFL imho. All my trust in this staff would literally get thrown out the window if we draft either of these clowns.
  18. Give up a potential pro bowl talent in 2019 that could maybe get us to the SB for an overrated position talent who needs major knee surgery and will miss the entire season??? NO THANKS! Autry, Ward etc... Just fine
  19. Autry is just fine and doesn’t cost us a 1st rd pick is exactly my point. We also have J Ward, will any of these IDL prospects be any better than what we already have? Will any of them make us beat Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady or Big Ben?? No, only positional talent BEATS these guys just ask the Rams with ALL PRO Donald! Not enough playmakers and these so called Interior DL are good to have but seem to come up short in the big games. Great to have but don’t win the big one!!! How many rings do Suh and Donald have combined? Zero is my point and to think they were on the same TEAM?
  20. I highly doubt that Ballard doesn't have at least one o-lineman, maybe two. I would be surprised if one of Ford or Risner are not part of that 8. I thought they meant Jonah...
  21. As in Quinnen Williams? Not .0000001% chance at all. Waaaaay to much draft capital to give up imho.
  22. I understand where everyone is coming from, but the issue I see with Simmons is his lack of continuity. If you look at all his highlights, sure, you’ll find a guy who makes massive plays. But just from seeing what I have, there are plays where he does stuff wrong, and he can get swallowed up whole. He often comes out of his stance high and though he has the strength to bull rush, that seems to be his only good move and will be handled much better by quality NFL caliber lineman. However, you are right, putting him outside the first round is probably not the best thing, but even without all of his red flags, I’d stick him from the 20-30 range. I suppose I took his off-field problems into account more when I said what I did earlier, but he doesn’t move much higher up strictly from a skills perspective, and throwing in those issues for me puts him outside the top 50 on my draft board. As I said though, he has the potential to prove me wrong, and if he does, I’ll own up. But he also has the potential to be the biggest bust in the draft, not playing to his highest potential and out of the league within 5 years due to continued off field issues. In all though, I trust in Ballard, and if Simmons is his man, then so be it, and I’ll be one of the many in Blue and White cheering for him on game day. It’s up to Ballard, not any of us, after all
  23. I think ALL colts fans are confident CB will be top 3 as early as after this draft!!! 3 might be selling him short but we shall see!
  24. WG.... If I may, I'd like to explain my objection to your view on Simmons. I think there's a near unanimous consensus that Simmons would've been a top-10 kid had it not been for his two strikes.... the knee and the incident with the young lady. Some websites say he'd have been a top-5 candidate. Now, even with those two incidents, I've not seen any reputable website that doesn't still have him ranked in their top-32. But, as far as I can tell... you're not arguing Simmons is not a top-10 guy. You're arguing he's not a top-32 guy. And I think that's just a non-defensible argument. In a year that's being called historically great, the experts are all saying he's a first round guy, the only question is.... how high. Could he slip out of the 1st round? Sure. But only due to his two strikes, not due to his playing ability. But your view appears ONLY based on his playig ability. I don't see you using either of the two strikes against him. You simply seem to be saying.... not a top-32 guy. I'm astonished. If you prove to be right, you should quit your day job and see if you can be a scout in the NFL. It'd be one thing if you said.... "I don't think Simmons is top-10. I think he's a little over rated and think he's more a top-20 or top-30 guy. But not top-10." But you're not making that argument. Only that he's not top-32. I think you're a good guy and a good poster. But this one.... this is a head scratcher....
  25. For all those wanting to draft a guy in 1st rd who can’t contribute in 2019 while rehabbing from major knee surgery, YOU LOST YOUR DAMN MIND!
  26. Please sell me on IDL. In today’s NFL, you have to score or prevent score so how is a DL @ 26 gonna help? If he’s a Warren Sap clone then yes all for it but I don’t see a Warren Sapp available? Clemson’s DL feasted on being more physical but please tell me that dominance forecasts to NFL? Just don’t see DL or SS as a 1st rd grade in today’s game. I will ask one more time, how many 3 and outs does it take before upgrading a bunch of misfits at the wr position! Our best wr is a 4th rd pick, let me repeat that for the slower folk, our best wr is a 4th rd pick! Marvin & Reggie say enough with the misfits and invest in real talent! If CB fails again to address the most important position in a passing league then he is not the the answer!
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