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  1. Definitely, but every kid in the draft still needs coaching.
  2. I am very pleased with this pick. He is driven. If you watched the last "behind the pick" video, it seems they were talking about Kwity. He doesn't need pushed, he wants to be coached, he is driven to succeed and improve his game.
  3. We didn't lose him. We let him go. Both he and our team will be better off.
  4. I think its entirely premature to say that Eason could not be ready by camp. Now look, it isn't like Eason has been playing a different sport or position his whole life. He has been a gifted quarterback that just needs some polishing. Lets give him the off season with our coaching staff and see what happens. I think its foolish to pay a kings ransom for a veteran that is inferior to Rivers. I think our draft capital would be better spent on pass rush, OT, CB...
  5. I wonder if this had something to do with Phil retiring? They had to have a pretty good idea that Nick would be leaving.
  6. I would bring him back as long as he finishes the season strong.
  7. agreed, he looked like he was seeing the holes and hitting them with confidence
  8. Most great coaches ride the hot hand and keep going with certain plays until the other team takes that away. Frank takes it away for the opposition.
  9. Did Andrew Luck notice Reich's habits that kill drives and momentum? I have been wondering this for some time now.
  10. I have never been impressed with Reich's play calling. He has a tendency to go away from players who are hot and it kills our momentum. Perhaps he is HC material, but I think he needs to let Siriani call the plays.
  11. The team wasn't focused. The Coach and staff are responsible for having the team focused on the game. They did not look like professionals out there. I put that on a lack of leadership.
  12. I agree, it sounds like he has his head on straight. Excited to see the running game.
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