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  1. its jacked on my computer too.
  2. ClaytonC

    The dreaded screen pass

    I can't wait to see more screen passes.
  3. ClaytonC

    Rashaan Melvin

    Looks like Ballard's gut instinct about Melvin was right on. There is no I in TEAM.
  4. ClaytonC

    Does Moncrief return next season?

    I think he is overrated on this forum. He should be able to get open. He should be able to compete for 50/50 balls. When he does make a reception, it is usually a body catch. He looks afraid to extend and snatch balls out of the air. My optimism for him has run out.
  5. if he went after the ball and snatched it with his hands instead of catching it with his body, he could be a beast. he seems not to care or to be timid.