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    I have been a diehard fan since the Colts came to Indy in 1984.

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  1. I was surprised they kept him when making cuts. Never been a fan or felt like he was reliable.
  2. Eason is better for this team.
  3. Totally! I am getting my popcorn ready.
  4. It is probably the toughest cut down the Colts have had in the past 10+ years. It will be interesting for sure.
  5. just not a fan of Rod. He let me down last year.
  6. fortunately we have some bigger receivers coming up.
  7. Definitely, but every kid in the draft still needs coaching.
  8. I am very pleased with this pick. He is driven. If you watched the last "behind the pick" video, it seems they were talking about Kwity. He doesn't need pushed, he wants to be coached, he is driven to succeed and improve his game.
  9. We didn't lose him. We let him go. Both he and our team will be better off.
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