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  1. Rod [He Hate Me] Smart, best player XFL player ever.
  2. I'm sticking with my previous choices,Tyler Johnson WR Minnesota or Juaun Jennings WR Tennessee
  3. This topic took a dark turn.
  4. I dont believe any of it,but if it is true , take whatever you can get. He is going to be butt-hurt,not being the starter,so roll with Kelly and whoever they draft. Kick Hoyer to the curb,and that frees up some cap space.
  5. Call the Pats and see if they want Brissett back, they liked him enough to draft him once.
  6. I believe Dolphins trade up to 3, to land Tua. I don't think anyone is buying the Redskins' smokescreen,and the Lions pick will be cheaper.
  7. I don't know about major,but I believe Vaitai from the Eagles. Solid swing guy on the O-line,and has the Philly ties,so Reich already knows about him.
  8. I agree with WarGhost. I am not impressed by any of the QBs in this draft, and would not want to mortgage the future for any of them, by trading picks to move up. As far as a bridge vet, I can't see any of them taking us to the superbowl in the next couple of years, so why pay them to get us picking in the twenties?
  9. Ballard is just waiting for the XFL season to be over, then he will sign that PJ Walker guy.
  10. He made a deal with Oliver,for an XFL team,called the Indy Temptations.
  11. That would be awesome, but he is so out there,who knows what it means,
  12. After watching those highlight reels, 2 things come to mind. First is,not hard to look great with a clean pocket 90 plus percent of the time. Second being,more interested in #8 WR on that team,good separation,great hands and fights for the ball.
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