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  1. I still believe Rivers should never have been here. Wasting prime years of Colts talent on him is a shame. I think it would be better to have a chance with Jacoby,than failing with Rivers.
  2. I was never a fan of getting Rivers,I still believe he will have us picking in the lower twenties . I am surprised the SPCA isnt all over him,the way he was throwing ducks all over the field. Lets be honest,he looked his age today.
  3. I want to see him against a decent defense, before I start talking about him replacing anyone.
  4. I really like the Redtails idea, but the logo should be simpler, As far as the Indians, change the logo to Gandhi and call it a day,
  5. I'm sticking with my previous choices,Tyler Johnson WR Minnesota or Juaun Jennings WR Tennessee
  6. I dont believe any of it,but if it is true , take whatever you can get. He is going to be butt-hurt,not being the starter,so roll with Kelly and whoever they draft. Kick Hoyer to the curb,and that frees up some cap space.
  7. Call the Pats and see if they want Brissett back, they liked him enough to draft him once.
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