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  1. It seems to me that the Oline has a "bad day", whenever Kelly is hurt.
  2. I see Brissett as more of a Brad Johnson,Trent Dilfer type. He will keep us drafting in the lower twenties, and in a perfect storm kind of season, could possibly win it all.
  3. Hope you have a great time.
  4. First off i'm not mad at Luck,more heart broken for him. I feel that Irsay, with his Grigson gaff,ruined what was probably going to be a hall of fame career for Luck. Second, I like Brissett,he seems like a hard worker, good guy on and off the field. Maybe not the Special qb everyone wants,but I think he just needs a shot in the Reich system. Third, i don't like Kelly, he seems like a guy who thinks he deserves everything,without earning it. I do not know him personally and I could be wrong,just the feeling I get. I believe if he gets a shot and starts winning, the success will boost his confidence and his ego. The ego is what i'm worried about. He seems like , the more his ego is inflated,the worse his decision making is, off the field. As far as bringing in washed up guys to bridge,why, so we can go middle of the road at 8-8. I think we can do that with who we have now. I don't have the answer,but i'm still excited about this season . Go Colts
  5. I hope at least one of the two, or even both,are a pleasant surprise this season. If not, i'm sure Ballard and company will have some semblance of a plan, for next season. I'm concerned, but for me its not a ,"season is already over" scenario. I just truly love watching and rooting for the Colts. It is great when the qb situation is solid, but how long has it been, since it really was solid. We get less than twenty games a year, and I enjoy every one, win or lose. A lot of us have been fans through the 80's and 90's, we know how to deal with adversity, so here is a little advice. No matter what, enjoy the hope and excitement of every game. I honestly believe with Ballard at the helm, it will all work out,it has been a long time since i've had complete trust in our GM. I am excited for some Colt's football.
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