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Buccaneers @ Colts, November 28, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST


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Just now, 2006Coltsbestever said:


That's just not true. Lol

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1 minute ago, Zoltan said:

No the Refs are just killing us


No we can't do that this game.  Refs didn't turn the ball over on 2 straight drives.  Nope, Reich isn't getting by this one.  TB DE's are pinning their ears back and we keep playing right into it.  One strip sack and an INT.

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Just now, Moosejawcolt said:

This team cannot, with exception of the Bils game, close out of game. They r shooting themselves in the foot. Ridiculous. They r frustrating to watch.

I mean.... Fisher got beat once, and Winfield made a pic....then Carrie got an iffy penalty


Football is a game of inches, we are just 0-3 with super swingy plays this half 


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The game is still close. If you didn't think Brady was going to be doing this to any team on any week, then you're out of your mind. Colts can still win this one for sure if they stop turning the ball over.


The refs have been garbage on this one for sure.

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Just now, IndyEric07 said:

I guess cheaters cant be beat! Its hard to win when refs are on Bradys balls! Makes me think nfl is as bad as nba when ted donahee was officiating! Dont think i want to pay anymore $$$ to watch this fake wwf crap! And Ive been attending  since 84!

Oh come on....lol I hate him as much as anyone, but this is really homerish....

Just now, Zoltan said:

Notice how both drives had questionable PIs that saved the drive

This I'll give you.

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