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  1. Depends on the contract.... a 3rd for a 2nd.... what is that worth?
  2. It is great these guys want to be active in fixing the problem as opposed to others that just want to complain and point fingers. I’m so proud these guys are Colts!
  3. We can absolutely beat KC. We will run the ball and play keep away. It’s Baltimore we need to worry about matching up with.
  4. We don’t need to put up 30-40 points. We are going to run the ball! So, less possessions for the other team.
  5. I can’t imagine we won’t pick at a mimimum 2 WR this draft. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 3 BP). I do like your trades though. This would be likely especially the pick 44. I have the feeling we might use the 34 trading up to get a QB. I think we pass on TE this year.
  6. I think they pass completely this year (weak class). We must get more depth at WR (picking two; one in the second and one in the third or fourth) and picking up a OT, OG, safety and Corner are bigger needs.
  7. I’m thinking the plan is to play more man to man. We should have a more stout defense up front. I look for us to add another edge rusher to sure up this approach even more. I expect we will pick up a veteran man to man corner as well as draft one.
  8. Are we going to see a trade of Brissett to Pats for a corner?
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