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  1. If that was Easton, it was much better than a few days ago. This is good to see.
  2. When I say backup, I am talking about in the top 32 of backup qbs. Just because he MIGHT be the best we have does not make him a legitimate back up. At this point, if the regular season was starting, he would not be our backup. We would bring in someone else.
  3. Yes, the sky will be falling. And I agree, we can’t tell how good he will be at this point. I just don’t think very many realize how far he still has to go to be back up level qb.
  4. That is not what I was seeing. He was late with the ball several times. He missed finding the open receivers. He held the ball too long. Ball placement is not something he has figured out at this level. I think the games is still way to fast for him right now. We are in serious trouble if we have to rely on him. Hopefully he improves a lot this preseason.
  5. I saw that today and it was not pretty. Eason has a long ways to go. I think he is several years away from being a backup.
  6. Well, I’m excited about this draft. We have so many players that could be special. And several of them in the later rounds. You only need to hit one of those later round picks for it to be a big deal. I see two TE’s that could fill a position of need in a few years. One TE might contribute day one (one needs to put on a few lbs, but he is 6’5” and very fast). A QB that played for a team who’s coach got canned. Maybe he missed out on some coaching that would have elevated his game. Got 2 Edge rushers that are day one talent with a 1st and 2nd pick. One was the top overal Edge. He has increadible athletism. Give him some time with Mathis and look out!
  7. Just add 20 lbs....and you have a TE
  8. Depends on the contract.... a 3rd for a 2nd.... what is that worth?
  9. Are we going to see a trade of Brissett to Pats for a corner?
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