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Ravens @ Colts, November 7, 2020, 1pm ET


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2 minutes ago, MB-ColtsFan said:

Actually, not true.  O gave up one turnover in the second half.  The D never got off the field.

They did get off the field. Stopped a red zone opportunity with a turnover. Phillip & Frank chose to give it right back. Twice. 

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2 minutes ago, MB-ColtsFan said:

Actually, not true.  O gave up one turnover in the second half.  The D never got off the field.

Just looking at the stat they gave at the time before this drive. They said one yard for the Colts O. 

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    • It was online and looked good but was barely short. I just Youtube Colts celebrating win. AR went over to Mustache and picked him like he weighed 5 pounds hugged him, rubbed him on the head and said thank you! Then the guys in the locker room all just tackles Matt Gay saying GOAT  . This is a team I love already, great locker room vibes. Taylor has to see this and wants to join. 
    • I think it’s looking more likely JT plays for us this year.  Ballard is a stubborn GM and won’t give him away.  Taylor doesn’t want to lose an accrued year and he can now see he has a good OL here to run behind.  It doesn’t hurt the team is looking good with a new coach and promising quarterback either.   A lot could change between now and the end of October.  A team might still meet Ballards price if they think he is their missing piece .  Especially if Taylor plays and looks good.  That said I think it’s more likely he’s going to play the year for us which makes more sense all the way around.
    • If the idea is to use him just for this year - then yes, we can use him the same way with Richardson. If we want to not lose value on him leaving for nothing, then we probably need to trade him. The Ravens are probably closer to contention than us so that was my thinking.    Agreed. Moss showed exactly why you don't need to pay 15M a year for a super dynamic RB. Because even mediocre options give you a close approximation of the production/impact of what the superstar RB gives you. It's much better to use that money on positions where the difference between a 15M player and a league minimum player is MUCH MUCH bigger. 
    • I didn't have the game on TV til it went to OT, so I was looking at gametracker. I was waiting for the score change to say final, but it updated with no score change and said it missed. I was so excited! Thought yes! We have a chance! I was so excited that Matt Gay got to hit four 50-yard FGs in the same game! That's a record! That made my day. Love to be happy and brag about my team. That was a boost to my day!
    • I don't KNOW it... but that's the hope. That he will develop into something resembling Allen. Maybe even better. But we are not there or close to it right now... so... for now executing a scripted play drive seamlessly is a good start. Better than Allen was in his rookie year anyways.    I don't think he looks less athletic. But yes - the NFL defenders make the margins and spaces much much tighter. This is not surprising. He has 3 seamless rushing TDs in 5 quarters of play.  I kind of feel like he's trying too hard to be methodical and quick with his reads right now and he probably misses a few deep shots because of it. JT O'Sullivan pointed out one such opportunity in one of his videos. BTW, keep in mind that coverage dictates a lot of what areas of the field offenses target. For example, in game 1 vs the Jags they played almost exclusively 2 deep zone, which is specifically designed to take away the deep shots. It's not a bad thing that Richardson didn't test them repeatedly, on the contrary - it's good that he played within the offense and tried to execute rather than hero-ball.    But he did throw that beautiful deep out route that Pierce dropped in pre-season. I don't have much doubts that AR can actually make those throws. 
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