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4 minutes ago, Wyldhorsefan said:

Doyle out concussion

Reich needs to send the film of that play to the League office for an explanation as to how it was not a penalty - that Raven may not have been penalized, but I'll bet he gets fined for the hit.

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1 minute ago, SR711 said:


Couldnt agree more.


Everyone wants to lay everything at Rivers feet, but the truth of the matter is that our O-line is the one unit that has been healthy, is still in their prime and has had a significant number of resources (3 first round picks and one 2nnd rounder) yet they still have to use gadget plays like jet sweeps for chunk yardage plays.


If this due to our line, they there is no reason why their play has slipped over the past year.


If its due to our stable of RBs then why was Leveon Bell not brought in?

I never thought entering the season or mid way the biggest weakness of this team is the Oline . Tired of it and tired of Reichs responses  in defending the Oline.  Something needs to be done. And people want to pay Nelson 18  million a year to anchor the Oline. All  I hear is how Nelson is a game changer and changes the attitude of the Oline.  I am not seeing it.

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