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  1. That would be a great one. He tore up the senior bowl, was basically uncoverable
  2. I was watching out for him as a potential pick since the 4th round
  3. Fine by me. Ebron was really our only big target so another one was needed. There are so many WRs I like in this draft class though so I hope we still take one.
  4. Only if you also agree to serve some up for those who defended Braden Smith over Harold Landry. I think we got a nice consolation prize with Turay but I have very little doubt that Landry will wind up being a pro bowl caliber player. Admittedly though I did think Leonard was more of a late 2nd round guy (mainly due to his poor testing) so I was scratching my head a bit when we took him. Glad to be wrong so far.
  5. Hooker was a reach? Are you kidding? He was a consensus top 10 pick that maybe 5% of people had falling to our range. I would have taken Allen but they were neck and neck in my eyes. Much like Nelson and Roquan this year
  6. Funny how the "positive crew" is always the one throwing around insults and being condescending. My point was that the way Ballard described RE vs LE in this system was not at all reflected in the depth chart. That's it. And if we are going to argue about fit, I would say Hunt is probably the worst fit as a 4-3 DE that we have on the roster, yet here he is starting.
  7. I'd say 7-9. If we were in NE's position in the AFC East, probably 10-6 lol.
  8. I guess what I was getting at is that Simon's questionable fit at RE means very little if we are willing to stick Hunt there. Probably. Then why list him behind Sheard at LE though?
  9. I really dont get the DE depth chart. Ballard said Sheard and Hunt were ahead of Simon at the same position (LE), and we need speed and get off on the opposite side. Then why the heck is Hunt starting there? And why is Turay, easily our most explosive DE, listed behind Sheard the LE? My only thought is that we know our run D is going to be an abomination so we are putting Hunt in as one attempt to make it less so. In that case just keep Simon lol. Adams at WILL is strange too. I hope "unofficial" means "randomly thrown together" because that's what it looks like at spots.
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