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Colts @ Lions, Sunday, Nov. 1st, 2020, 1:00pm ET


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1 hour ago, Smoke317 said:

Imagine when Campbell comes back.  Rivers gets that ball out so quickly. Guys who can win quickly like Campbell will thrive with him. 

That's the way its supposed to be.  Campbell and Hines in space.  Pittman the tough 50/50s.  TY takes off the top.  JT and Mack up the gut or OT.  Mo and Doyle move the chains and the seam.


Frank hasn't been able to do that.

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12 minutes ago, JlynRN said:

All in all a good 1st half of football. Let's keep it going in the 2nd half and put the game away !!

I liked what I saw that half, especially the O-linemen having Philip's back and risking drawing penalties themselves when he was unnecessarily tackled during that 3rd down sack.

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