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Colts @ Lions, Sunday, Nov. 1st, 2020, 1:00pm ET


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1 hour ago, Smoke317 said:

Imagine when Campbell comes back.  Rivers gets that ball out so quickly. Guys who can win quickly like Campbell will thrive with him. 

That's the way its supposed to be.  Campbell and Hines in space.  Pittman the tough 50/50s.  TY takes off the top.  JT and Mack up the gut or OT.  Mo and Doyle move the chains and the seam.


Frank hasn't been able to do that.

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12 minutes ago, JlynRN said:

All in all a good 1st half of football. Let's keep it going in the 2nd half and put the game away !!

I liked what I saw that half, especially the O-linemen having Philip's back and risking drawing penalties themselves when he was unnecessarily tackled during that 3rd down sack.

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    • Ryan Kelly doesn't make $15m.   Quenton Nelson is always first team All Pro, and you have been deriding him regardless. I guess you feel vindicated because he's finally not having an All Pro season, but that's pretty disingenuous on your part. 
    • This is a great article. WOW! It's really long but I would advise any Colts fan to read it. It sheds a lot of light on the progression of his state of mind through the years of his injuries and reasons why he retired so abruptly. No idea why some of you guys are getting it blocked(maybe because I'm not in the US I get the full article)... but it's definitely an essential read if you want to have a better understanding of the events that lead to that retirement and what's to follow for him. Huge props to Seth Wickersham first for getting the access to talk to Luck on the record(noone else was able to do that.. .even our local journalists who lived in the same community with Luck for the last 10 years)...  and then for doing that story justice. IMO this is a great storytelling journalism and it really paints a picture and gives better view for us as fans about what actually happened. This is narrative journalism at its best.   I loved Luck. He is the reason I'm a Colts fan now. Wish the guy nothing but the best in his life, even though his retirement was quite possibly one of the most traumatic and painful moments of my sports fandom in any sport. 
    • If the guy wants to sit on 250 mil and spend time with his wife and daughter, who are we to judge. Any one of us would do the same.
    • When reading the story I had the same sentiment as Doug did. I think Luck himself loved playing football, but at a certain point he himself questioned his own love and passion for the game.  These doubts were growing with the lingering shoulder-rehab and  reoccured with the ankle/lower legg injury. 
    • The if not why part will hopefully be figured out this off-season.      But I think it should be pretty clear that it’s hard for the Oline to work as design when the LT and the RG can’t play at a very high level.    I think it has impacted Nelson, Kelly and Smith.     As to my post, I was addressing YOUR point that they can’t lead because they’re not playing well enough.   I think it’s a bogus claim made by people who have no idea what they’re talking about.   Sorry. 
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