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Colts @ Lions, Sunday, Nov. 1st, 2020, 1:00pm ET


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1 hour ago, Smoke317 said:

Imagine when Campbell comes back.  Rivers gets that ball out so quickly. Guys who can win quickly like Campbell will thrive with him. 

That's the way its supposed to be.  Campbell and Hines in space.  Pittman the tough 50/50s.  TY takes off the top.  JT and Mack up the gut or OT.  Mo and Doyle move the chains and the seam.


Frank hasn't been able to do that.

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12 minutes ago, JlynRN said:

All in all a good 1st half of football. Let's keep it going in the 2nd half and put the game away !!

I liked what I saw that half, especially the O-linemen having Philip's back and risking drawing penalties themselves when he was unnecessarily tackled during that 3rd down sack.

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    • How is this injury-riddled band of ragamuffins 6-5?  Surely there are more talented teams with less wins?   How much of this "success" (because let's face it, as easy as our schedule has been, winning 6 games by this point in the season is an accomplishment) is because the coaches are busting their humps to get the players fired up to play and doing a good job of maximizing their talents to put them in a position to succeed?   I'd love to see what this staff could do with, for example, a healthy Taylor and Richardson for 16 games, not missing Stewart for 6 games, basically not losing all 4 of their top 4 corners etc.
    • I think they should leave FSU out. That OSU team was loaded that year and were clearly better than everyone even with their 3rd string QB. I hope it’s Michigan, Washington, Texas and Alabama. Those are the four best teams in my eyes but understand the argument for FSU. It would not surprise me a bit if tv ratings come into play with this decision. College football has become a business and people watch UT and Bama.    Fitting there is this much controversy right before they go to a larger playoff. There are 8 teams that all have a case to be in the playoffs and can win a game. Georgia, Oregon and Ohio State could all easily win 2 games and make the championship. FSU has a great defense and I’m guessing the extra time preparing for the bowl games would help their offense a lot.    On a different note, there is a lot of hate for the SEC bc they win so much. It’s not universal but there is a strong push from some to leave them out this year. I will say this, I don’t think there is a team in this country that can beat Bama and Georgia in back to back games. I think the gap is closing but not quite there yet. 
    • JT needs to go Leonard effect he’s  always hurt . I’d take a second rd pick just get him out of here . He may come in next year healthy and crush it . I just feel he doesn’t want to be here or play for this team . When Leonard was doing this I said trade him . You can’t get value when they’re washed . 
    • Strength of schedule has to matter. Florida St. hasn't played the competition that Texas and Alabama have. I might be wrong and I get why they would put Florida St. in for the reason you mentioned but I can easily see them doing what I posted as well.
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