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Colts @ Lions, Sunday, Nov. 1st, 2020, 1:00pm ET


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1 minute ago, SR711 said:

Outstanding 2nd quarter...possibly our best all around quarter of the year.


Amazing how once they stopped feeding Trent Richardson 2.0 the ball and him just plow straight ahead into the pile for 1-2 yards, then the points started coming.

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1 minute ago, Mr.Debonair said:

It worked out but I didn't love that defensive call at the end there.





S/O to that DEFENSE playing great thus far

Yeah that was way to soft of coverage. They clearly had plenty of time to get up and spike it.

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    • I have him 6th because he should be 100% healthy entering 2023.
    • I'm gonna challenge this on a couple different levels. But I don't want you misunderstand, so I'll state plainly: I think Lamar is a really good player, and would be better than any QB we've had since Luck retired. Now... This is disingenuous. No one is turning Lamar down outright. At his best, he has still been a limited and inconsistent passer, and has not shown the development to consistently beat varied NFL defenses from the pocket. Lamar's strengths as a player require that he put his body on the line, and history has shown that NFL QBs who play the way he does eventually get injured. Lamar is the latest example of this. It's plainly obvious that Lamar wants a fully guaranteed, five year contract. We can conclude that acquiring him would cost at least two first round draft picks, plus the contract. It's also possible that the Ravens would match, so if we really want him, the best way to go about it would be a trade, in which case we're probably talking about three first round draft picks (see the Watson trade).  So what people are actually saying, in most cases, is more like this: 'I don't want us to give up 2-3 first round picks, and then pay $250m+, fully guaranteed, for a non-pocket passer QB who has been getting hurt recently, and still hasn't shown that he can beat defenses without putting his body on the line.'    And I think that's reasonable.
    • Top 8 QB (8th at best)that is often injured,terrible playoff performances and wants the largest contract in the history of the league. Irsay wasn't born yesterday.
    • There is absolutely some playfulness to it... For sure...   This board overreacts so much... And I get it. It is a fan board. But it is so funny when people are dead set in their convictions that they see no other possibility. They can see no other point of view. And they tend to lean on the media's take for proof of their thoughts.    I just like for people to be authentic. Take a swing. If you they project things correctly then great. And if they project something wrong, then they learn from it... And that helps to make more accurate future projections.    It might not have been this thread that had a bunch of deleted posts... There were a bunch going on back then at the same time. I know there were people throwing a lot of shots at me back then, for my take on things. I know some of that stuff got deleted. For the record, I never complained or turned anyone in. I think a couple of moderators read the threads, and decided to take action.    It is not about a victory lap... But people need to be told when they are wrong. People need to understand that there are other ways of looking at things... And that often the correct answer is not usually buried in the group think. I have told you this many times, but when I find myself in agreement with the consensus... That worries me, because I am probably missing something big.    I preach this all the time... Embrace your mistakes... Own them... It is the only way people can grow.    You have always been fair and honest. Our debates have always been civil... I respect the heck out of you for that. 
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