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  1. Oh man are we in trouble. We meaning the entire NFL. If local Houston radio is to be believed, their top 3 WR are combining for 4500 yards & their underrated TE group is gonna chip in another 1200 yards. Conservatively speaking, the remainder of their WR group after Hopkins/Fuller/Coutee will get about 500 yards, and their rb group will get about 1000 yards. So, Watson will throw for 7200 yards this year. Case closed. Why are we even playing the season?
  2. Not to mention the stupidity behind putting a guy that likely makes your team better on IR for a half a fricken season.....in order to "try out" undrafted fringe roster players.
  3. Chuck confirming what we all knew: he isn't head coaching material.
  4. Hardly.....they were 3-4 when he went down.
  5. Whatever Dungy did, he won a s**tload of games at 2 different places, so i'd say his methods were just fine.
  6. lol....who is anyone kidding. Manning is 2-3 notches above Luck. I'd take Peyton over any version of Andrew Luck, all day any day.
  7. lol at Deshaun Watson being anywhere near the top 10.
  8. Really? I never even thought about it again after reflecting maybe 30 minutes after the game. Certainly never kept me up at nite at any point after.
  9. Seems pretty accurate to me. And even if it is, should I not be excited that the Colts have a top 10 talented team?
  10. Yeah, i'm sure a schlep like Chris Ballard isn't even thinking about salary cap implications when he makes moves like this. Such a shortsighted impulsive non detail oriented on, that man. And I didn't realize the NFL has max contracts now. When did they become the NBA?
  11. Barry Werner worked in Houston sports media for a long time. No surprise at all that he's overrating one of his own. If these schills down here voted on the league's top qb, Watson would win in a landslide. They live in another world, with unicorns and leprechauns.
  12. I agree 100% and couldn't have said it better than myself. Watson is a top 15 qb at this point based on what he's done on the field, and that's it. Judging from his performance in the playoff game last year, he has alot of work to do to ever be considered a top qb. BTW, Barry Werner worked in Houston media for a very long time, but i'm sure that has nothing to do with him overhyping and overratting an unproven and unaccomplished DeShaun Watson.
  13. Is it that hard to comprehend that I linked Spotrac, which clearly shows him being a FA. Thus the confusion? Other people are providing documentation
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