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  1. No, he doesn't. His performance is almost always dependent on the defense he's playing against. The better the pass defense, the more ineffective he is. The top pass defenses he's faced this year according to Football Outsiders advanced defensive efficiency ratings are: Carolina - #3 KC - #5 Indy - #6 Bal - #8 His combined numbers are 92 / 138 917 Yards 2 TDs 5 INTs So, your statement is patently false.
  2. So how many Ballard second rounders is it now that that have completely underwhelmed? I’ve lost count. I know.....Darius Leonard, Braden Smith....blah blah blah. How about the half dozen busts though?
  3. Absolutely nobody could contest that Watt is a quality guy. Not even a matter of opinion.....it’s a fact.
  4. F Houston. Nobody sheds any tears when any of the other dozens upon dozens of guys lose their season to injury. This situation is no more special than any other time it happens.
  5. On something like that.....yes! If Tom House comments on Luck's velocity, i'm listening. If "ColtLover4Life" from Colts.com comments that Luck just doesn't look the same after viewing the game closely on tv from his couch.....I really don't give a crap.
  6. Yeah, I remember people *said* there was a "lack of velocity." I never saw any lack of velocity, though. And I know there were no facts to substantiate such a statement. Only Colts.com message board posters were saying that....which carries zero weight with me.
  7. we knew it wasn’t shot, though, when in week 4 he threw it 62 times for 464 yards.
  8. We have a top 5 line in the NFL but you think we need to upgrade 3/5 starters? Makes sense.
  9. Wow.....well done.
  10. It was just a fun comment on how good Brissett has been this year, guy. I wasn't looking to get into some deep rooted statistical debate. Don't take things so literally.
  11. I still think they'll finish 9-7, get a wildcard, and be a tough out in the playoffs.
  12. Love it. Way better than the lame all white uniforms.
  13. If you give Brissett the same amount of passing attempts that Luck had thru 7 games last year, his numbers are actually superior.
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