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  1. MacDee1975

    TE Group

    Half the guys you listed are not on the team right now.
  2. MacDee1975

    The Safety Position Moving Into Next Season

    I would. I'd be extremely surprised.
  3. MacDee1975

    Stampede Blue on Braden Smith

    No, it's not.
  4. He was ineffective for a long stretch of time before that injury took place. Foolish trade when it happened, foolish trade now.
  5. What a stupid, shortsighted trade. Houston actually gave up a 4th round draft pick for that guy.
  6. MacDee1975

    Marcus Johnson

    Exactly. Why is this nobody even being discussed? Not even an NFL caliber player, yet some of you people actually want to waste a roster spot on Marcus Johnson.
  7. MacDee1975

    Marcus Johnson

    I hope not.
  8. MacDee1975

    We Thank Seahawks for Glow...

    I'm sure he'd gladly exchange a trip to the Pro Bowl with a trip to the Super Bowl.
  9. I, for one, have no clue who you are, or what your stance is on the the Patriots.
  10. MacDee1975

    Skai moore

    My thoughts are that, on his best day, he's a below average NFL player. I sincerely hope his spot on the roster is upgraded next year.
  11. MacDee1975

    Ballard admits they pursued FAs last year

    No, he isn't. He's in a position where literally every GM in the league save about 5 or so would switch places with him in a heartbeat.
  12. Like I said.....
  13. That's weird, because I thought many of the delusional expert wannabe's that populate this board were telling me how he wasn't playing well this year. Another huge whiff for them.....yet again. Now que said experts, who will now come on here after seeing this news, and tell us that PFF is wrong and they, the anonymous message board poster, actually know better then the entity that is paid and in the business of conducting such analysis.
  14. MacDee1975

    This years FAs

    lol....Desir is WAY better than a number 5 cb. Good Lord.