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  1. MacDee1975

    2020 season?

    Like anyone could possibly know what it’s gonna be like in 2 weeks, let alone 5 months from now.
  2. lol....more like they were about 8-10 players away from winning it all. And now that they got rid of the best player on their team, they are even further away.
  3. Meh. I want 2 other safeties to go along with Hooker, Willis and Odum. Push this guy out the door.
  4. Patrick Robinson was good at football. So was Tim Jennings. So is Xavier Rhodes.
  5. Weren’t some of you personnel geniuses on here the same ones who told me how bad Patrick Robinson sucked several years ago? I think I’ll take a hard pass on what some of you on here are saying about Rhodes.
  6. The question was “who will Rivers be throwing to” So that’s who he’ll be throwing to.
  7. Hilton 2nd round draft pick Campbell Pascal Fountain
  8. #2 WR #4 RB #2 TE 2 Versatile Backup OL 2 Depth players on the DL Starting cb opposite Rock and Moore backup cb backup safety
  9. Why stop there? Why not just have all 5 backups be talented starter level. Unfortunately, in 2020, that ain’t gonna happen. We need 3-4 capable and versatile backups.
  10. I didn't know that either. Good. Still those draft picks will not address our needs. Still work to be done in free agency.
  11. Not much else to do? Are you high? We have zero proven depth behind Castonzo-Nelson-Kelly-Glowinski-Smith. Zero. We need 4 guys there. There are 4 qbs on the roster right now. Something needs to be done there. Who backs up Stewart at NT? We have 2 tight ends, 1 of which is proven at the NFL level. We have 4 wide receivers, 2 of which are proven at the NFL level (Pascal is even a stretch) The safety position is deficient. The draft will not even come close to addressing what needs addressed. We have 6 draft picks, not 15.
  12. My God, talk about a bad take. Watson has not even had close to a single HOF season, let alone is he on a HOF trajectory. Where do you people pull this stuff?
  13. He sure is. One of the most overrated players in the NFL. Most TD passes in a season for this guy is 26. And that's with the best receiver in the game on his team. And someone is gonna compare him to a guy who threw 39 TDs in 2018? gtho.....Watson is not on the same planet as Luck was and never will be.
  14. Bwahahaha.....Watson? Garrappolo? Better than Luck? Not even close.
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