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  1. Nobody cares if you are personally getting discouraged. Save that discussion for your wife. This message board is about Colts football, not your deep seated fears.
  2. We all know all about it, debbie downer. No need for people to continually point out the very obvious. We are all well aware.
  3. It’s a really stupid name too: ”Afternoon Pancakes”? I hate it based on that alone.
  4. that is weird that you picked a guy who won’t even make the team.
  5. The season starts over 4 months from now, not tomorrow.
  6. He’s a bust. Soft, can’t run routes, and one dimensional. No clue why Ballard wasted a second rounder on him.
  7. And clearly you don’t understand the stages of building a team. We are well beyond the “hoarding middle to late rounders to build depth” stage and are now at the “acquiring impact players stage”. Which is what Ballard did with his first 2 picks. plus we just got back your coveted fifth rounder anyways, so maybe we’ll draft the next Marvell Tell and guarantee a spot in the Super Bowl in 2020.
  8. because we need that fifth rounder to bring in impact players like Nate Hairston.
  9. Thanks for the insight Kreskin. Losing the next Nate Daurice Fountain or EJ Speed isn’t a “firm price” to land an elite skill position player that our GM is obviously very very high on, so cut the hyperbole, m’kay?
  10. Good Christ. We have nowhere near that many needs.
  11. it’s was a gd 5th round pick, not a first round pick. A firm price?! Get a grip.
  12. Yeah, Because fifth round draft picks make or break a team. Now that we gave up this one in 2020......goodbye playoffs.
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