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  1. You must have me confused for someone else: never did I use the phrase non-threatening in this exchange. I said his passing yards are meaningless if they don't win you games. Which they don't for him, as he's 4-10 as a starter this year. Funny that the past 2 years while being "held back" by O'Brien, his team went 22-10 with 2 divisional titles. I guess that franchise would rather have more passing yards and fewer wins, though. Seems to impress the fans. That's why they have the worst run offense in the league; they obviously don't prioritize it. They would rather Watson get better numbers than win games. Fine by me. Matt Schaub led the league in passing yards once or twice for Houston. And his team sucked too, just like Watson's does. Schaub also came within a score of beating the Colts numerous times. But he didn't. Funny how I never hear him described as elite. But congrats to he and Watson for throwing for alot of yards, I guess.
  2. Passing yard stats must excite you, but that doesn't win games. Watson had a grand total of 2 TD throws in 8 quarters against the Colts this year, one of which was a busted coverage that any qb in the league including practice squad players could've made. That the two games were one possession games at the end had zero to do with Watson lighting up the scoreboard, and more to do with the Colts offense not doing their job (or the Texan defense doing their job).
  3. Watson throws it 40+ times per game and puts up numbers without really threatening to actually win games. Most coaches are fine with him getting meaningless passing yardage, knowing at the end of the day they are going to beat his harmless one dimensional team.
  4. Isn't Watson elusive? He tore us up for 0 TD passes, 2 turnovers and a safety taken last game.
  5. I don't have a problem with the decision. I have a problem with the timing of the decision. I don't see how anyone can have a shred of respect for how Andrew Luck handled that situation. If some non golden boy like Cam Newton did the exact same thing, he'd be getting crucified. Yet somehow it's all good that Andrew Luck did it.
  6. You want someone back who has such little integrity that he completely bails on his teammates 2 weeks before the season starts? He should be blacklisted from all NFL locker rooms for life like Bobby Petrino is.
  7. Yeah. He was a real problem with those zero TD passes and 2 turnovers. As long as they continue having him play hero ball and pay him 40 million per year, Watson and the Texans are going absolutely nowhere and will be causing nobody problems.
  8. Oh, I wasn't arguing there is a conspiracy. I don't believe that. Just horrible, inconsistent officiating.
  9. It's not like that at all. It's like a police officer clocking one car going 70 on a 65, pulling him over, and giving him a ticket. Then he repositions himself, clocks the next car going 70 on a 65, then completely ignores it. And then have that happen 5 more times. That's what happened yesterday.
  10. God I admire you. You're such a contrarian that just tells it like it is.
  11. That's certainly a very optimistic way of describing a 7 rush for 12 yards performance.
  12. Did you miss the title of the thread, Mrs Dulin? It's exactly what he said: "Colts need to trade for a WR" Colts can easily fill your husbands spot without making any trade.
  13. God help you if you think Dulin being out warrants a trade being made to fill his roster spot.
  14. Why does Dulin being out impact anything we would or would not need to do at WR?
  15. Taylor is barely a replacement level player at this point.
  16. Amazing how once they stopped feeding Trent Richardson 2.0 the ball and him just plow straight ahead into the pile for 1-2 yards, then the points started coming.
  17. A freaking men. Watson is the absolute king of empty stats. Look no further than last week against GB. In the first half when the outcome of the game was actually being determined? He is nowhere to be found. Cannot so much as lead his team to a field goal. Once the game is out of reach and the defense calls off the dogs and becomes more lax, that's when he suddenly produces. You want alot of passing yards and TD passes from the 2 yard line (Watson leads the universe in TD passes from within the five yard line when most teams use their stable of running backs) when your team is down 3 scores? He is definitely your man. Cannot believe that man is going to make 160 million on his next contract. I'm glad, because that franchise will be in the dumps for a while thanks to that contract and the damage O'Brien inflicted.
  18. Nothing has changed my view that Reich is a subpar coach. Too many times unprepared, too many losses to lousy teams.
  19. We can only hope Hooker is done in Indy. And then add to that Hooker was a subpar player before gettting injured. Absolute no brainer to let him walk.
  20. Johnson and Fountain? What the hell have either of them ever done?
  21. Okay. Watson sucked against New Orleans then.
  22. Yeah, that 3 point home win against a crippled Colts team reflected real well on Watson.....lol
  23. No, he doesn't. His performance is almost always dependent on the defense he's playing against. The better the pass defense, the more ineffective he is. The top pass defenses he's faced this year according to Football Outsiders advanced defensive efficiency ratings are: Carolina - #3 KC - #5 Indy - #6 Bal - #8 His combined numbers are 92 / 138 917 Yards 2 TDs 5 INTs So, your statement is patently false.
  24. So how many Ballard second rounders is it now that that have completely underwhelmed? I’ve lost count. I know.....Darius Leonard, Braden Smith....blah blah blah. How about the half dozen busts though?
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