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  1. For me it’s going to come down to how long JT avoids major injuries that affect the way he plays plus being able to maintain/improve his play, peak Edge was incredible and better than anything we’ve really seen from JT so far but unfortunately it only lasted 2 and a bit seasons until he did his knee. Not that he was a bad player afterwards but he certainly wasn’t the same player that he was pre-injury. Pretty good question OP.
  2. Would have been hard case if he’d got his first career interception (IMO it was a pick) before his first sack considering what position he plays.
  3. Pretty tough to keep them out with the secondary sustaining so many injuries... the whole team played their hearts out and should have won but sometimes that’s just how the cookie crumbles unfortunately.
  4. Sports science has come a long way since this was a thing and the latest research recommends a spray of magic water out of trainers drink bottle to the affected area as the most effective form of treatment.
  5. Shouldn’t this be titled “Unlock the swag” or something like that?
  6. Silver lining for me here is that we lost game one to a good team at least rather than let’s say the Jags for instance.
  7. While I understand the concern regarding the back up QB position this has bad karma written all over it IMO.
  8. 95% sure the guy you’re all replying to is a Pats fan trolling this board. Look at his posts they’re almost exclusively praising how good the Pats/Newton will be next season, how the Colts will be worse/not make the playoffs or as in this thread saying how TY is washed up/was never any good in the first place. I don’t mind alternative views, in fact well reasoned opinions that go against the grain can often be the most insightful and interesting views out there. Not trying to derail this thread but you know what they say, if it walks like a duck....
  9. Good move IMO, especially with how susceptible RB’s are to injuries. Hoping he can return close to what he was prior to his injury.
  10. Under. Colts have 3.5 players selected to the Pro Bowl.
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