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  1. 95% sure the guy you’re all replying to is a Pats fan trolling this board. Look at his posts they’re almost exclusively praising how good the Pats/Newton will be next season, how the Colts will be worse/not make the playoffs or as in this thread saying how TY is washed up/was never any good in the first place. I don’t mind alternative views, in fact well reasoned opinions that go against the grain can often be the most insightful and interesting views out there. Not trying to derail this thread but you know what they say, if it walks like a duck....
  2. Good move IMO, especially with how susceptible RB’s are to injuries. Hoping he can return close to what he was prior to his injury.
  3. Under. Colts have 3.5 players selected to the Pro Bowl.
  4. The return of the Mack on a low dollar, incentive laden, prove it deal, should at least provide an upgrade on Wilkins, with some excellent upside if he does manage to return to his previous level of play. Pretty ruthless the RB position, you can see why they generally aren’t drafted very high anymore and tend to have relatively short careers, they seem to have a lot of pretty serious lower body injuries which can be difficult to overcome with what their job description entails. If there is no return of the Mack I hope he fully recovers from his injury and is able to ha
  5. Lol this is awesome, I’d thank you twice if could
  6. Pick 32 is basically a second rounder anyway...
  7. Not my 1st or 2nd choice to replace Rivers but Wentz ticks a lot of boxes (mobility, arm strength, familiarity with Reich, age, contract etc.) and the acquisition cost was relatively low considering the potential upside so you can’t really complain too much. As others have said getting this deal done sooner rather than later has to be a good thing as well in regards to attracting/retaining free agents. (Plus it means its one less thing for us fans to worry about this off-season even though it makes Von Fish correct lol) Looking forward to seeing what he can do in Colts
  8. Maybe trade all our picks for the best QB we can get or picks in next years draft. Problem solved!!
  9. The numbers certainly look good in comparison with Stafford. Would the Vikings be willing to trade him though?
  10. After losing out of Stafford, I’m climbing aboard the Darnold Express. I believe he’d flourish on the Colts after having to suffer through 3 losing seasons with the Jets. I’m not really sure what I’d be willing to give up for him, I’d assume our first would be enough to get it done but is probably too much. Would a 2nd/4th be easier to digest?
  11. Isn’t it almost a given if he plays on another team it’ll be the Jets? I understood this was standard practice for ex-Colts
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