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Vikings @ Colts Game Day Thread, September 20, 2020


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They seem to be calling offensive pass interference more often -last week the Chargers beat the Bengals by 3 when a touchdown catch by AJ Green was nullified on an offensive PI call, then they missed the field goal attempt that would've forced overtime.

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    • I say you are actually arguing to argue when facts you pointed out got additional stats relevant to his shakiness over his career pointing out how  his ground is less then solid. Sorry if you can see it but it is the cold hard facts and no spinning of any fan,gm or coach will change his past record. If you are going to say being a league worse at 40-49 yards last season is irrelevant  but his savior is being good at 50 plus and now he is missing at 50 plus also it reinforces the trouble he is in NOT absolves it. Isnt really that difficult to grasp for most not sure where the disconnect comes in. Also if saying the short week has no bearing you dont follow NFL roster moves which show many less moves for teams playing Thursday as opposed to a full week.    Tonite will show if he stays or not with a long week coming up,again hope for him and the club he is perfect would be one less issue that has to be addressed. We shall see what transpires.    
    • Yeah, the Cooper Kupp comparison is not a good one. Pierce doesn't have nearly the twitch in his route running that Kupp has and likely never will. However, I think Pierce has the tools to become a more physically dominating receiver than Kupp. Both can be incredibly effective in the NFL, but they different animals. Let's just let the kid figure it out. He is four games into a promising rookie season with a lot of development still to be had. I am excited to see a passing offense built around, Pitt, Pierce and another promising rookie, Jelani Woods. While it is different than much of the NFL, which is trending toward smaller, speedier receivers, I think this can be quite effective.
    • I bolded them for you    Pierce  7 catches for 141 yards (13 targets)  20.1 avg  He has the longest play of the Colts season this year at 44 yds   Campbell  9 catches for 90 yards (12 targets)  10.0 avg  Longest play 20 yds  
    • What are the odds that all the Colts players regressed at the same time? Maybe it's not the players?
    • He’s a little more possession type WR like Donovan Peoples Jones with a limited route tree. He could evolve to an Alshon Jeffrey type but his best fit is outside as he doesn’t have the 3 cone numbers or jukes to beat guys inside at the NFL level consistently like Kupp or Edelman.
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