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Vikings @ Colts Game Day Thread, September 20, 2020


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Just run the ball the next 8 weeks, at that point we might be able to pass again.... How do we still have no WR, No TE.....god ....

Just now, MB-ColtsFan said:

Shoulder pad hit his knee.  His whole lower leg turned.  Not looking good.  Carted off...

No kidding?  That's how ACL, PCL get torn.... It is what he is.

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    • Shanahan runs that team and that is well known within NFL circles.
    • I’m a buckeye fan and I agree 100 percent.  I doubt it happens but wouldn’t hate it  
    • That may be your point now, but that wasn’t what you originally said, or what I responded to, so please stop moving the goal posts.   You stated as a matter of fact that the Hoosiers played zone against NC in that game. You were questioned on it, and you doubled down calling anyone delusional to say otherwise.   I provided you a quote from the head coach himself, it still want good enough for you.   The Hoosiers did not play zone VS NC. DD guarded MJ. Those are the facts. I don’t need YouTube videos or your memory of what your highschool buddy said 40 years ago to prove anything.   Wasn’t it you that wouldn’t believe reports about Colts players being unhappy unless it came from their own mouths? But yet I gave you quotes from Bob Knight himself and yet it’s not good enough for you?    Seems like you are letting your disdain for DD distort your recollection of that game to prove your point and further diminish DD….kind of like what your accusing Bill Cower and others of doing, no?    
    • I put on here earlier this week I would love to see Jim Harbaugh as the next head coach, he is a winner and once went to the super bowl without a quarterback. Best man for the job, in my opinion. Go Colts!
    • Some team is going to get a special guy that doesn't give up. But then the NFL is a brutal brutal place, winning is never easy for any QB but you need to provide plenty of support and build around him. Didn't know about his heart condition he had surgery for. He is definitely not a project as a four year starter, IMO. I am thinking Round 2 just like Derek Carr, Drew Brees, that is where he will go and he will have to earn it. He will actually do better on a team like the Bucs or Giants where the support already exists in a better fashion, IMO. He could be the opposite of what Zach Wilson will be in NY.    Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Jimmy Garoppolo, Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott, and DeShaun Watson headline the 6-foot-2 quarterbacks in the NFL, not a shabby list that Max Duggan would join. If you look at the sweet spot - Jimmy G Round 2, Lamar Jackson end of Round 1, Aaron Rodgers close to end of Round 1, Derek Carr early Round 2, Drew Brees early Round 2. Round 2 is where Max Duggan will most likely go, hoping it is to the Colts. If not, he will make some other team very happy. Round 2 has not been a bad round for NFL QBs, folks, just saying.  
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