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Vikings @ Colts Game Day Thread, September 20, 2020

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1 minute ago, Chloe6124 said:

We need to get better in the red zone. I think that will come. Hopefully Reich doesn’t forget to run the ball in the second half. Taylor is the real deal.

Agree.  Need to see more Hines 2nd half to share the load, though.  It's a loooong season for a rook.

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Both teams are looking to bounce back and avoid going 0-2. The Colts will play without their dynamic running back Marlon Mack who will miss the year with injury. How do the Colts replace his productio

That kinda talk is not allowed here

1 minute ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Campbell and Hooker are injury prone, we knew this anyway. it is unfortunate but next man up. What is up with TY dropping balls, that has me more concerned because he is our best WR.

Campbell just has bad luck. Not quite sure what to think about him lol. 


Hooker yes, but Achilles is new. I didn't see how it happened. 

Just now, Stephen said:

Claypool is nice on steelers

That's who I was hoping we would draft. Irish stud.

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35 minutes ago, Coltsman1788 said:

He really is!  Meanwhile...I heard a lot of buzz about Tyquan Lewis coming out of camp but thus far he seems to be missing in action. What’s up with that? 

TL was going up against 2nd and 3rd string OL if memory serves. I was pretty cautious about the optimism there. He's a tweener like Autry, but from the opposite side of things. Autry is more DE than DT. TL is more DT than DE. I didn't like the TL pick during the draft, but really hope he continues to develop and it works out. Some folks are just late bloomers.

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Just now, Mr.Debonair said:

Offense picking up where the defense left off last week.


Can't have both clicking in the same game I see

Offense hasn't been as bad as the defense was last week.  They are being more conservative, which is good in this game, but TY's drop cost us a big score.

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Just now, Coltsman1788 said:

At some point Colts really need to be able to cash in more of these opportunities in for 6 instead of 3.  We had excellent field position off of that pick.  But I’ll take 18-3.  

At least Frank is taking the 3. He is the type that will go for it on 4th and 5 lmao 

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