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Just now, LuckyHorseShoe§ said:

What the hell is our offense? We have Ebron, Doyle, Hilton, Cain, and still no one is open? Every play at this point is either JB staring down the field and then running for his life or giving it to Mack and praying he figures it out.

Yeah I'm seeing the same thing.


Are they not getting open or is it brissett??

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    • I don't expect them to drop Thursday games either, but at the time of that story the ratings were down.
    • Winging it?  I hardly think that Ballard has been winging it when it comes to the QB position.  IMO, this has been the one thing he has sweated over more than anything.  I think when the Ballard years are over, and we write the book on his management of the team, the long, dark shadow of Luck's retirement will blanket everything that Ballard ever decided.  The good decisions, like trading up with Cleveland to take Jonathan Taylor in the 2nd round, or trading the 13th overall pick for DeForest Buckner rather than draft Jevon Kinlaw.  The bad decisions, like drafting Rock Ya-Sin two spots before Deebo Samuel was taken.  Or taking Ben Banogu two spots before A. J. Brown in the same round of the same draft.  Or decisions that will generate debate forever, like taking a Hall Of Fame guard at the 6th overall.  But all of those are overshadowed by Luck's retirement, and Ballard having to figure out what to do.  Do you trade lots of valuable picks to move up to #5 just to get Justin Herbert?  But you wind up not having Buckner nor JT?  Or trading up to get Mac Jones before the Patriots do, but you don't get Paye and probably others as well.  Or do you bring in an aging Rivers as a stop-gap, because you know he's better than Brissett.  Or do you bring in Wentz because he's younger, should play longer, and you're trading the following year's pick to do it?  Sweating.  Sweating.  Sweating.  I don't see winging it here.
    • The only issue with that is as soon as you call about moving up they make the call to the chargers. Because then giants don’t have to move down as far. They are going to take that deal rather then moving down to 13.  Would of had to include a lot for them to take that over letting chargers move up a couple spots. Last years draft was a much more realistic time to move up.
    • I don't think the NFL would drop the Thursday night games.   They only care about the ratings.   Thursday Night Football has been getting over 14 million viewers the past few years.   I agree with  Taylor above that only teams coming off a bye week should play in them.   But I don't expect the NFL to change anything.     https://www.statista.com/statistics/819113/nfl-thursday-night-football-viewers/
    • This is sort of a fallacy where we act like the Colts had no choice but to trade for Wentz. And even if I came up with an answer, people would just say "hindsight is 20/20."   But I will play along.   Option A - Keep the #13 pick in 2020. Use that in conjunction with your 2021 1st round pick, 2022 1st round pick to move up to #4 for Justin Herbert. No way the NYG pass on that...and the Colts might have even gotten back something like a 4th rounder.   Prior to doing this blockbuster, use FA to bolster the DT position and any other positions you might want to (depending on cap space and if you did or didn't sign Rivers).    Players Lost DeForest Buckner Kwity Paye Carson Wentz Money Back $18M in 2020 (difference between DeFo and Herbert) $41-42M in 2021 (DeFo + Wentz + Paye) $47M in 2022 (DeFo + Wentz + Paye) Moves Made Sign Javon Hargrave for 3/$33M in 2020 ($11M AAV) Sign Trey Hendrickson for 4/$60M in 2021 ($15M AAV) Retain Autry for 3/$24M in 2021 ($8M AAV) Money Gained $7M in 2020 (DeFo - (Hargrave + Herbert)) $3-4M in 2021 ((DeFo + Wentz + Paye) - (Hargrave + Herbert + Hendrickson + Autry)) $7M in 2022 ((DeFo + Wentz + Paye) - (Hargrave + Herbert + Hendrickson + Autry)) Players Gained Javon Hargrave (2020-) Trey Hendrickson (2021-) Denico Autry (2021-) Justin Herbert (2020-)   You could also sub out Hendrickson for Judon or Ngakoue and re-do the math. Either way, you actually save cap space AND likely get better production out of a Hargrave + Hendrickson/Judon/Ngakoue + Autry DL.   And with Autry, maybe you don't draft Dayo, which becomes another player (possibly Freiermuth).   And of course and most importantly, you get Justin Herbert on a rookie deal.   That's just one option. The easier option of course is swapping out Paye + Wentz for Fields/Jones (and getting back Wentz's cap hit).
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