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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • I think they'd jump on a 3rd if they could get it.  But I'm not sure the Boys could afford a backup at his rate.   Plus, we're still in win now mode (for now) so they'll want to keep him as insurance.
    • Gotta feel for Fitz.  Dude has been balling.  I'm just curious how the players will react? They seem to like Fitz a bunch.
    • Good discussion btw!!!   JuJu could be had for a 4th or 5th rounder. Steelers have Claypool, Diontae Johnson, James Washington and Eric Ebron for their pass catching options. Another guy lost in the shuffle is Curtis Samuel. With Robby Anderson emerging and D.J.Moore also being featured, the Panthers' passing attack is not varied enough to accommodate Curtis Samuel, especially once CMC comes back. I would kick the tires on that for a 5th or 6th rounder, IMO.    Titans - once Corey Davis comes back, A J Brown, Humphries and the TEs are the other pass catching options, not sure if the Titans want to trade Corey Davis to a division rival. Jaguars - Chark, Shenault, Cole, Westbrook - Westbrook is a guy with speed we could use, IMO. Again, division rival factor.   JuJu, Corey Davis, Westbrook and Curtis Samuel would be my quality depth options. Westbrook and Curtis Samuel would both add pure speed to our WR corps to be honest, something only Parris can provide at this point. Corey Davis and JuJu would provide more size than speed, IMO.   Defensively - I would love to have Carlos Dunlap rotating at our DE position, would really make it deep once Turay comes back and QBs won't have all the time in the world plus Dunlap's long arms can deflect passes and he's played a long time in the 4-3.  
    • He has done nothing since he got into the league. The Bengals have a new QB and could use all the WR help they can get. He got on the field for 1 play last week. Trade? No, he's basically asking to be cut. The Raiders like speed, even if they can't catch a cold..
    • I'm saying the two play hand and hand. I'm not saying he won't get in. I'm saying it's gonna take awhile and it's not gonna be before Eli and Ben
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