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  1. He's right.... that is why but not the only reason he got cut . He was warned not to do it . but he did. Choices have consequences
  2. Baltimore is going to beat NE
  3. WHAT?????? they are only the other teams number one receivers when Rock is guarding them He does not take the 1's . In his defense he's a rook . and hes gonna get picked on. Think about it this way. If Manning were the opposing QB who would he target against our D? YEP . Rock
  4. anyone that wants to cut AV is beyond foolish.... WHO IS GOING TO REPLACE HIM???? Ted Nugent? Kickers are not a dime a dozen Less worries on this team than replacing AV
  5. I said ions ago that Wilson sucked..... but a lot of you thought he was the next Dione He sucked a yr ago and he sucks now
  6. not sure if your'e joking but that may very well be the plan
  7. Come on Chickie..... It's like Im talking to my in laws.... every offensive play depends on the D
  8. JB AND Frank read the D yea maybe the run play goes for 2 yards... But better than an INT. Just saying you cant call a play before the QB is under center and sees the D
  9. So it doesnt matter how the D is set....JUST THROW THE BOMB...... Come on Chloe.... I like you , but you need to learn football instead of posting non senses
  10. I dont doubt Funchess will help. I liked the signing. Many on here didnt. But hes not changing this season
  11. Nah. Been around forever. You call it non sense I call it realistic.
  12. Then why do you keep posting like he is going to change the season? Much better WR already on this roster than DF.
  13. nonsense dude....... the Chiefs will never have a 3rd down
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