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  1. I dont doubt Funchess will help. I liked the signing. Many on here didnt. But hes not changing this season
  2. Nah. Been around forever. You call it non sense I call it realistic.
  3. Then why do you keep posting like he is going to change the season? Much better WR already on this roster than DF.
  4. nonsense dude....... the Chiefs will never have a 3rd down
  5. Funny how many people are in the Funchess bandwagon When he was signed he was the worst thing ever. Hahaha. But now now he wears a Colts Jersey so he’s the next Jerry Rice!!!!!
  6. “A” pretty big play Ok you’re right he’s the next Edgerine James
  7. He was spot on with Quincy Wilson though. He sucks and therefore didn’t play. This coming from someone that couldn’t stand Pagano. At least he was right about something
  8. Campbell is for real. Just need to get him the ball. Way bigger needs on this team that WR
  9. Realistic post. Not sure how many Chiefs will score in the first half before they rest Mahomes. But it will be a lot more than 6
  10. Mack will be out 4-5 weeks while his * heals. Ballard please go find us a good RB to replace Mr Brittle
  11. Or if he didn’t force it into double and triple coverage. Go look at the stats and tell me how many more completions he would have had without drops. 6-7 more maybe? 8-9? Lets say 9. Which is Way to many but I’ll play your game That would put him at 61% completion. NOW let’s do that with every QB that played Sunday. Give them all 9 extra catches because we’re blaming others. Where does JB stack up with them???? Give him him credit when he plays well. Don’t blame others when he doesn’t
  12. Yes they did. But his passes weren’t perfectly thrown either stop being a homer
  13. Haha. Be a stat guy all you want. Do me me a favor and actually look at the stats. Then break them down. He passed 49 freakin times!!!!!! completed 52%. Stats are for for people who don’t watch football. Luck or Manning would have hung 50 on them. If you want to do the stats thing. I dont do that I can amd did see with my own eyes what was happening
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