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Well I guess the Debbie Downers, won’t be back today. Ugly game, but Colts win!

that was very stressful

Hi, Colts fans!     Our Indianapolis Colts are south down Interstate 65 in Nashville  to play the Tennessee Titans in the first AFC South divisional matchup in 2019, and both teams 50th all-time meeti

1 minute ago, Stephen said:

same thing I was thinking. they not using campbell right yet.

Agree.  It's puzzling since Reich said that's how they are going to use him early on.

The only thing I can think of is that since we're doing so well in the run game that SD & Tenn are stacking the box and can't get the under passes established.  Still, if we spread it, we should be able to.  Just puzzling.  I do want to see more Campbell.

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3 minutes ago, JCPatriot said:


Posting your radio feed source in open forum on an official NFL site is a very good way to get it taken away from you.  Radio stations are legally supposed to black out their over-the-Internet broadcasts and only broadcast over the air while they are broadcasting NFL games.

Use pig Latin next time so JCPatriot doesn’t find you


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2 minutes ago, BleedBlu8792 said:

7 points and a little over 100 yards on defense. I'll take that, especially on the road in this heat. They did very well coming out of the half last week, so hopefully there is a repeat of that.

Once again we are playing well on the road, hopefully it pays off this week. JB had the 1 mistake but that was pretty good defense by the Titans. They have a great secondary. We need at least 3 on this opening 2nd half drive, we get that I will feel good about this game. IMO Vinny will have to make at least 1 big kick this game for us to win.

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2 minutes ago, luv_pony_express said:


Honestly, he’s been off longer than that.  I can’t believe we’ve hung onto him.  He’s going to continue hurting us.

I will be accused of revisionist history maybe,  but when they signed him up for another year it did sound like a gamble in my mind.  Hard to say if what was available was a better option.   Or if what is available now is much better.  But you got to think they could at least get somebody who can make extra points and chip shot FG. 

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