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Jaguars @ Colts, November 14, 2021, 1:00 PM EST


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1 minute ago, EastStreet said:

yup... pretty bad day for them

that's not really our defense anymore

yup, yup, and yup... 

Sure they will lol

Buffalo 47 passes / 9 rb runs,,,, kinda beat themselves. 

I beg to differ, the Tampa 2 and Flus' version are very similar, though I like that Flus plays man from time to time, just frustrated like most of us.


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So whats the deal with that pisspoor 3rd down Playcall! I dont care anymore if I get banned from this crap forum! Ive been warned for cussing so many times i dont care anymore! Im not in middle school! So screw this crap! Im calling this team like I see it! And we are total emeffn crap!

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1 minute ago, RollerColt said:

It was a fun season folks. At this point hopefully we can just improve each game. But as they have shown that's not the case. 


They really need to sit Wentz and hold on to that 1st rd pick, but alas the powers in charge will clutch to some stupid pointless coachspeak and fail to comprehend the big picture as to how to improve the team into a championship contender.

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