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Jaguars @ Colts, November 14, 2021, 1:00 PM EST


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3 hours ago, Moosejawcolt said:

Exactly. Then they go man on our wide outs and they cannot separate. Titans did it. They just don't have anyone that scares the D. Pittman is a nice piece, but he seems to get a lot of yards on drags and slants. 

Yep. Ballard has his off-season work cut out for him.

Maybe he will just wait for Campbell to get healthy again and draft another WR in the 5th,6th,7th and wait for a few years for the draft pick to get up to average.


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3 hours ago, Lurker said:

Call that one a team win.  Defense came through for a change when the offense was struggling.  Learn and move on.

Teah, I hate these division games...they are always closer than they should be.

3 hours ago, holeymoley99 said:

Need Eagles and Vikes, both jumping out to early leads.

They both got a W....helps.

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    • I've been here since 2017.  I joined because I wanted to post my "My Guys" list of draft choices, as if I was the only person in the world who was this obsessively attentive to the draft, and I would get oooooo's and ahhhhhhh's and "we're not worthy" from all of the peeps on the forum.  Ha!  Not only were just about everybody as obsessed as I was, there we people on the forums who dug more deeply into the draft than I ever did!  Yeah, I got surprised. I've grown to appreciate all of the people on the forums.  Not just the easy going people, but the also the cantankerous one.  Who argue a point as if their very lives depended on it.  All of the people whom I disagree with.  And there are a lot.  But because of them, I get viewpoints that are not my own, and I learn things.  And I am glad of it. Here's to Everybody!  And I'm very glad to know all of you.
    • Who are many of the players that Ballard let go did?    As a result of signing Leonard?      To the best of my knowledge,  there’s one.  Okereke.  When Bobby left Ballard publicly said he would’ve kept Okereke had they not signed Leonard.  Ballard doesn’t often publicly second guess himself like that over a player.  It’s the only time I can remember.      If you’re going to point to Autry and Houston, their decisions were BEFORE Leonard — not related.   Otherwise, I don’t know who you could be referring to?       
    • Ballard's Capologist will be far apart as he begins negotiating with all. I like Lewis as the first signing. 2 yr $9M. 5 mil fully guaranteed. Near the beginning FA period for the rest.
    • This guy seems to  be thinking colts are not going to lose another game.  Or sure why colt fans want Jags to lose this game. We should be rooting for the best possible playoff scenario. That is browns losing. 
    • What made you think that? What are your thoughts on the QBs expected to be drafted next year? I'm hoping the Vikings will draft a QB in the first round. Maybe Bo Nix? Jayden Daniels?   @Zoltan  You liked Daniels. As a fan of PAC-12, what do you think of Nix?
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