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  1. Yeah, its no secret that Castonzo doesn't want to play with Brissett at QB. I wonder how many others feel that way...Nelson? Brissett actually regressed throughout the year and who knows what we have now.
  2. If Chad gets away, this one will come back to bite Ballard and the Colts in the butt.
  3. Apparently Costonzo would play in front of any QB not named Brissett.
  4. A great Colt RB...one of the best...maybe THE best Colt RB...a well-deserved honor. Congrats to "The Edge".
  5. If Brissett starts next season, I won't be following the Colts next year.
  6. Give it a rest. Brissett is inadequate as the Colts starter...period!
  7. But who the heck would want Brissett? ...certainly not as a starter...maybe as a backup.
  8. He sucks and smokes...let somebody else spend the time on his failure and suspensions.
  9. Burn it..it is probably cursed and so is Jacoby. Number 7 belongs to Bert Jones and should be hanging in the rafters at LOS.
  10. We could be in the "Age of Jacoby"...7-9 to 9-7 forever.
  11. I sure hope it's over. If Brissett starts next year, I am cancelling Sunday Ticket and NOT watching the team.
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