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  1. Watson has expressed an interest in going to Miami...the Fins are underwhelmed by Tua's play...Tua could be coming back to Houston along with other considerations.
  2. I would like to see TY return...he has lost a step but can still play the game. Would also like to have Marlon Mack return...he is a different kind of runner than Taylor and would add a lot to the running game. Cannot see keeping Hooker...just too many injuries. Cannot see keeping Brissett...he is quite mediocre and just steals reps from Eason and any other young QB we would get thru draft/trade. And we really should get a good TE in the draft.
  3. Watson would be fantastic but we could never get him from the Texans, being in the same division. Stafford would be a good fit for the Colts, so long as he undergoes a comprehensive physical...he has taken a lot of injuries in his career and we would need to be sure that his throwing shoulder is in good condition.
  4. It looks like Stafford is coming to Indy. He has agreed to part ways with the Lions and will be available for trade. The mock drafts even have our 1st round pick going to the Lions.
  5. Ballard will figure things out. The only change I want is to see Brissett gone...I just can't/won't watch the team with Brissett at QB.
  6. Yep, we need Brissett to get out of the way so Eason can get more reps as the backup.
  7. Why keep Brissettt? We need to be rid of this turkey. We dumped Kelly ( who was a better QB than Brissett) and now we need to put Brissett behind us.
  8. Yes, Reich lucked out and the Colts got a W instead of a L...no thanks to Frank's dumb decisions... 1) to go for it and 2) to give the ball to Hines up the middle.
  9. If Rivers can't do it, then Brissett sure as heck is not going to. We need a franchise QB, and I don't see that happening for a long time.
  10. Turay is an injury-prone player...plain and simple. I don't know how long the Colts can afford to keep him around.
  11. Division games on the road are tough...a loss would not be a surprise. We need to have a good start and play hard for 60 minutes.
  12. And Brissett is incompetent, and cannot play.
  13. Just get rid of Brissett. Having him around messed up the situation with Kelly and now it threatens to mess up the situation with Eason. Brissett is just a big suck-up. You can see it in the games where he is sucking up to Reich on the sidelines and to Rivers when Rivers is on the sidelines. The guy is a loser who nobody wants.
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