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  1. CanuckColt

    Namath's Gauarantee Is Fifity Years Old

    Namath got lucky. He was an over-hyped showboat who had many more career interceptions than touchdowns.
  2. CanuckColt


    Get outa here....NO!
  3. CanuckColt


  4. CanuckColt

    Could The Colts Actually Make the Playoffs?

    No...not with this 3-5 start...5 losses is just too many.
  5. CanuckColt

    2019 Free Agents

    Forget the big name free agents. Most are just looking for a big payday and then coast the rest of their career to avoid injuries.
  6. CanuckColt

    Luck addresses questions about his arm.....

    Nice article, but I have watched all his games (Sunday Ticket), and he does not have the same velocity on his throws that he had before the injury. He may be able to make all the throws, but the ball gets to the target slower than it used to...the DBs have that extra split second to react. He only looks the same on the short throws.
  7. CanuckColt

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    Sad but true...but Luck is still recovering while he plays.
  8. CanuckColt

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    Exactly right! Luck has no top players with him beside T.Y. Things would look a lot better with a few pro bowl caliber players at RB, WR and TE. And Ebron is not as good or reliable as Doyle...there's a reason the Lions let him go.
  9. CanuckColt

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    Yeah, it doesn't look like his arm strength is back...he may never recover it...the enemy coach could be right that he is gonna be a Checkdown Charlie. If that's the case, the opposing D's are gonna play him for the short passes and not have to worry about the long passes being either accurate or fast...plenty of time to catch up to the long ones on D. We may need to draft a developmental QB next year.
  10. CanuckColt

    Brissett With The Hail Mary!!

    Maybe for the 49ers.
  11. CanuckColt

    Erik Swoope is back

    So? Swoope is a one-dimensional TE that only does mediocre receiving.
  12. CanuckColt

    How long is Constanzo going to be out ?

    Right now, that sounds like a great idea. It could be that he is in and out of the lineup from now on.
  13. CanuckColt

    Bell to the Colts? (Article/Rumour)

    Pass on LeVeon Bell...use the money elsewhere than running back.
  14. What a great change from the Grigson-Pagano defenses...and from the Grigson-Pagano offenses too. And Andrew's passes seemed to have a little more zip on them this week. Nice changes.
  15. CanuckColt

    Colts Week 2 Injury Report

    Yes, yes and yes.