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  1. Be careful what you say about another QB...Karma may come and visit it upon your QB.
  2. I guess I have become used to the exciting Manning/Luck style of QB and before that the Unitas/Bert Jones style. I have a difficult time watching "Checkdown Charlie" Brissett run the Colts team. I have NFL Sunday Ticket and I find myself watching other teams now more than the Colts...and I have been a Colts fan for more than 50 years. Too bad we don't have Deshaun Watson instead.
  3. "Game manager" is OK if your goal is to win a division and get into the playoffs. It is not OK if your goal is to reach the AFC championship game or play in the Superbowl.
  4. There should be no surprise here that Brissett is just a game manager...it is what he does and is competent to do...it is how Reich uses him and is comfortable using him...getting the ball to the playmakers and letting them get the yards.
  5. Kelly is practicing and learning a lot...it's all worth while. Mahomes sat for a full year before he took over after Smith was traded...we could see the same scenario with Kelly.
  6. You never know. Andrew would still be a young QB if he takes the whole year to heal up fully.
  7. Unitas vs Namath...Namath doesn't even belong on the same field as John...nor does he belong in the HOF. Namath must be the only QB to sneak into the HOF with way more career interceptions (220) than touchdown passes (173).
  8. I was thinking Jake Fromm but the draft writeup says he is more of a game manager with below-average arm strength.
  9. Funny! Trade down so we can get MORE inferior picks...it's the Ballard way...quantity over quality.
  10. Yeah, I'd like a couple of BIG D-linemen early then maybe a top WR (WR is supposed to be deep next year). A good OT is difficult to get because of the premium on them...we would need to move up to get a quality one.
  11. Funny! But I'm thinking we should give Hoyer his 1st big start.
  12. We get the Redskins 2nd round draft pick next year (2020)...it is beginning to look like a high 2nd. So it looks like mid 1st, high 2nd, mid 2nd. So what positions do we need to address with these?
  13. Yeah, just mail it in and not risk any more injuries like Jacoby breaking a leg or something.
  14. There are too many dummies using the word 'elite' these days...it seems that every jerk on TV is using the term to the extreme.
  15. Brissett is not a franchise QB and never will be.
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