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  1. Black is crappy...almost every team uses it as their 3rd color. I prefer the silver grey that they had on their face masks.
  2. Yep, fingers crossed for option 4...no JB.
  3. IDK...Clowney is overly expensive and he can't seem to play a full season because of injuries. His asking price would need to come down a lot.
  4. Yep. Similar condition to Dalton who was just cut. Probable June 1 casualty.
  5. Yep. It is time for AV to hang em up. Great career, but you have to know when it's over.
  6. Because he is good...better than Brissett...but for some reason Brissett is still around. Brissett needs to be gone and everything will work itself out with Rivers, Kelly and Eason. Enough already! Trade or cut Brissett...end the controversy and let the team and fans move forward.
  7. Criticizing incompetence is not hatred...get real. Brissett is just not starting material and wayyyy overpaid as a backup. He had his shot...let him be gone and let Kelly and Eason compete for the 2nd/3rd QB positions.
  8. Good battle...as long as Brissett is outa here!
  9. What a crock! I hope Ballard doesn't really believe the bull he is selling us because that would cast serious doubt on his decision-making ability. Barring that, I hope his ego isn't still defending the Brissett trade. Good managers cut their losses and move on, mediocre ones hang on to their previous decisions under the delusion that they were smart moves.
  10. OK. I get a little "carried way" when I think about the team keeping Brissett.
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