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  1. I don't think it matters who we keep after TY, Funch,Cain and the injured one (Campbell). All the rest are "just a guy" types.
  2. CanuckColt


    I sure wish he would have gotten the 1st down in the 4th against Cleveland, instead of trying to run sideways. It could have led to a W instead of a L.
  3. Brissett is incompetent as a starting QB. If he has to play very many games the Ls will pile up. Let's get real...nobody wants him...they all have better options for backup QBs.
  4. We should put Campbell on PUP. He is so far behind the other WRs that he cannot make up the lost ground before Game 1...another injured Ohio State guy...good chance he is in and out of the lineup for his whole career...reminds me of Anthony Gonzalez.
  5. No team is going to give us anything for Brissett. Probably nobody wants him. He is mediocre.
  6. The issue is not "is he playing week1" but rather is he playing the rest of the year without getting re-injured.
  7. Only #3? He should be #2. If we don't keep him somebody will pick him up for sure.
  8. It's a much tougher schedule this year...tougher teams. The D can only do so much...they can't put a lot of points on the board. And we are going to need a lot of points to beat some of the teams. If our record gets in a hole this year we are probably not making the playoffs.
  9. Ha ha ha....yeah, that is what he is mainly good for.
  10. I guess we have to settle for "just a guy" at the last WR spot.
  11. Just reading the results of the drills from Colts.com. Jacoby Brissett was 12-for-20 in 11-on-11s Chad Kelly was 7-of-9 in 11-on-11s Phillip Walker was 4 of 9 in 11-on-11s In 7-on-7 drills. all from the red zone, Brissett completed 3-of-6 passes Kelly completed 6-of-7 passes Walker completed 5-of-8 passes Totals are Brissett 15 of 26 Kelly 13 of 16 Walker 9 of 17 ----------------------- Interesting......
  12. Yeah. The uncertainty about Andrew is probably affecting the players, too. Brissett is not even close...he may not even be our 2nd best QB.
  13. Campbell has missed so many reps he is going to be way behind the other WRs.
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