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  1. We probably get to stay in QB-hell for a long time....not bad enough to get a top draft pick and not good enough to contend. I was hoping Chad Kelly would give us the QB play that he showed in college, but I guess he did something stupid and got cut from the team.
  2. Nobody wants Brissett.....and neither should the Colts.
  3. We have a failed QB in Brissett, an almost over-the-hill QB in Rivers, an unknown unplayed QB in Eason. If we can get Darnold for a reasonable cost, it just makes sense to do it.
  4. The "undefeated" Titans are getting by with smoke and mirrors. We can beat them....twice...with a good playing D. The Raiders can also be had. Pitt and the Ravens are probable L's as is Green Bay.
  5. Great athletic play by the young guy...very impressive.
  6. No kiddding! Brissett could never have done that comeback...I don't know why we keep him.
  7. 5-6 the rest of the way...so, 8-8.
  8. The sad thing is that Chad Kelly could probably outplay any of the QBs on our roster....too bad.
  9. Brissett is a putz...we don't have a good backup to Rivers...may as well play Eason.
  10. Injuries CAN and WILL ruin a season. Too many players are missing from this projected starting roster to make the playoffs.
  11. Yes, it is more than fair. TY seems a half-step or more slower than in his prime. His game has been based on speed, and when speed guys slow down a little it affects their game negatively and it is noticeable.
  12. NFL net Hanzus has the Colts at #11 and the Bears at #16.
  13. I would want Chad Kelly in there...he is wayyyy better than Dinky-Dunk Brissett.
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