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  1. Yes, and especially if he gets a haircut.
  2. Perhaps they should work Banogu at linebacker this year before they give up on him.
  3. Yeah, they are going to bring back Chad Kelly to throw a few balls around the yard at the new WRs.........NOT!
  4. Let's just forget about Brissett and his contracts...it makes me sick to my stomach every time I think about the loser.
  5. Good news on keeping Mack...he seems like a tremendous selfless person. I hope he returns to top playing form.
  6. It depends on whether he coughs up #11 or not.
  7. I hope Pittman understands how much his pass-catching career is going to depend on Wentz throwing him the ball (or not). Do the smart thing and give the QB his favorite number 11, or be a stubborn jerk and suffer the consequences.
  8. Pittman better be careful if he expects to catch passes from Wentz for a number of years. Just give the QB number 11 and be pals. If Pittman wants to be a hard head, there could be consequences.
  9. Give the man 11...he's the QB...who gives a rats tail what number a WR wears.
  10. He is not being negative. He is calling "a pile of crap" what it is..."a pile of crap".
  11. Well, Frank sure has his hands full trying to turn this guy back into a top QB...I hope it works out.
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