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  1. I think we have already seen the Colts "impotent thing"...
  2. Eason seems done in Indy. If you can't read defenses, you can't play QB in the NFL.
  3. Don't hold your breath on Dayo...he won't be near 100% until next year.
  4. They must be juicers or something that makes them brittle.
  5. OK...but still have to see what Henry does Monday night.
  6. Campbell is toast...proabably out for the season......again. Strachan will start getting a few reps.
  7. Yep. It is time to consider Campell as DONE.
  8. Yep. If you are not durable, you can't play in the NFL.
  9. He is deep into learning mode...playbook...route-running...blocking assignments...etc.
  10. I am beginning to think that "Dayo" is a myth...we really don't have a player named Dayo...it's all fiction...it's just an old Harry Bellafonte song.
  11. Yeah, Smith probably needs surgery and they are trying to avoid it.
  12. When are we going to do something with Braden Smith? For a minor injury, the guy is wayyyyy overdue to be back in the lineup...he has missed 5 games! If he needs surgery, then DO IT and get on with the rehab. If he returns and re-injures himself then he will need surgery anyway. Quit lying to us fans and DO SOMETHING!
  13. He is probably on the verge of breaking something again...not too sure it's "out".
  14. Weird creep. If you don't like the game results, just stop watching the games...geez.
  15. Yep. As the man once said "You are exactly who your record says you are".
  16. We don't need Khalil Mack...we got a Dayo...eventually...some day...maybe...another Ballard putz pick. Dayo and Fisher had the same injury at the same time. Fisher has been playing for a couple of weeks. Dayo has not even been in practice once and may not play this year...sigh.
  17. Look for Frank to do his 4th-and-1 thing as dictated by his "anal"ytics person...and turn the ball over to the Ravens.
  18. Gimme a break! This team is going 1-4 and is not getting to .500 for the season. I feel sorry for Wentz who is playing his heart out and thought he was coming to a good team. Tell Ballard to start drafting some GOOD skill players (especially a backup QB) who are NOT injury-prone and NOT 6th,7th rounders.
  19. Geezzz...we bring in a guy in to add to the practice squad and he ends up being the primary backup? Who the heck is drafting the main backup for this team?...the cheerleaders? the janitor? the ticket seller? It sure isn't anyone who knows anything about drafting college QBs.
  20. This game will be closer than most people think...the Colts are currently 6.5 point dogs. With a lot of breaks, the Colts can pull the upset.
  21. Dump the "anal"ytics....kick the darn Field Goal.
  22. Peyton Manning....honorable mention John Unitas.
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