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Luck Retires/ The timing of it all... (merge)

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Well, what a couple of days that was! I deliberately stayed off the forum to avoid the initial responses and take time to consider this.  Here is where I stand as of today:   1. The timing o

Long time listener, first time caller.   How much would you pay to be able to walk without terrible pain for the last 50+ years of your life? At what point is it morally repugnant to make su

Was it really necessary to bring this back from the dead to reiterate a view that's been hashed, rehashed, and buried with the fourteen dead horses it ride in on? Lol.

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    • He was a long shot to begin with. Maybe he'll find a better fit. I know a few other teams showed interest.
    • Joe, you know how heartbreaking it was to go into last yrs game with both our starting tackles OUT vs BLITZBURGH only to dominate and lose the game due to BOMBS???  Going into that game EVERYONE thought this was going to be a blood bath missing both starting tackles but only to see Jonathon Taylor RUN all over you in the first half.  I couldn't believe it at first but I quickly thought wait this is the STEELERS and no matter what it is not over.  Sure enough a second half collapse on Defense was just the recipe to continue your success but the fact we were missing both starting tackles vs BLITSBURGH made it satisfying we still had a shot!!!  No idea why I responded to this post but oh well!!
    • Some folks have a tendency to meander way away from the post they are replying too, or want to impose a narrative or different meaning..   I have zero problem with contention or debate.
    • I have always said Baseball doesn't start until June. Just have to be .500 going into June, hopefully we will be or a little better. I am just having fun with losing 2 in a row again but it still stinks  
    • We are not a Tampa 2. We play elements of T2 sometimes (C3), but we also play straight C2, and have been playing more and more rip/liz (which combine man and zone at times). There are lots of similarities and differences. T2 Generally plays more SAM. T2 Ss play deeper than ours.  T2 CBs pop the WRs more before fading back to zone. T2 CBs normally play shallower in the flat, while ours will carry coverage deep especially in rip/liz.   Like I've said several times, not sure what our D really is as it seems all over the place and we don't seem to draft for a specific scheme. And if you're a T2, you would have immediately flipped from Walker, and would have gotten someone earlier than Okereke. Definitely wouldn't have drafted a C1 FS (Hooker), or a FS (Blackmon) from a heavy man scheme. Not sure why they would draft a press man CB like Rock either. We seem to be all over the place, and projecting trait fit rather than scheme fit. Willis is probably the best drafted fit thus far, and he plays shallow a lot (not a T2 trait) as his DADOT shows.    
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