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  1. Wilson will cover the tight ends which we lacked at with our linebackers they wasn't that great in coverage against the tight ends and wilson does well at that he isn't going anywhere this season
  2. I was talking the poll that somebody made a few days ago and it was like 54% no
  3. And alot people thought he wouldn't be ready for week 1 lol some fans y'all are
  4. Uh don't forget about melvin ingram he can definitely be a problem
  5. Well that's not necessarily true because we know he's not playing the preseason at all but he's working on drills individually he's not practicing with the team but he's active I could see if he wasn't doing anything at all he's working on it though so I think the true call will made by week 1 of the season
  6. I don't see them making a decision on the starting qb by next weekend for a game in September....if they do that then something is missing
  7. I would say he's playing.....he's not practicing with the team right now but he's active it's not like back in 2017 when he couldn't even throw the ball like he wanted to
  8. Change for the better is always great but he said it himself if he had to play a game in the regular season he would play
  9. 51% no? Lol I see why this forum is a train wreck
  10. I definitely see a WR getting traded if they do so especially if the giants call
  11. When I watched his highlights at USC he moves just like a cornerback does I think he will be decent in the slot
  12. That post is sarcastic....nelson did alright it wasn't like he missed him or something
  13. I don't think clark will make the cut he's been getting beat bad at camp....lewis might be better at that position with autry being disruptive at the line
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