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  1. VaAllDay757

    Reich : The Chiefs outcoached and outplayed us .

    Yeah Smith is better at guard we just need to draft a tackle or pick one up in free agency
  2. VaAllDay757

    Hooker OUT

    Man that hurts but the snow will definitely limited the pass game so we shall see
  3. VaAllDay757

    Pagano to Bears

    With all that talent he should do fine
  4. VaAllDay757

    The colts defense lies

    We lacked this alot under chuck.....nothing exotic or trying to disguise a blitz it was always so vanilla but finally we have the right coaches to bring this team up
  5. VaAllDay757

    Andrew Luck outdoors...

    Luck has won in arrowhead before so this is not an issue
  6. VaAllDay757

    The Houston Texans

    They had trouble with the corner blitzes last time because watson is not good at reading defenses that well hopefully they came with a similar gameplan Saturday
  7. VaAllDay757

    2019 Indianapolis Colts schedule

    They already did that when we played the jags in london like 2 years ago
  8. VaAllDay757

    The Moore The Better

    Wilson has really improved this season he had a decent game last night.....refs was wrong on that defensive holding call on wilson tho
  9. VaAllDay757

    2019 Indianapolis Colts schedule

    I think the saints game would be prime time or the chiefs game
  10. VaAllDay757

    Browns have sent request to interview Eberflus

    Man they are desperate.....they said arians would take that coaching job
  11. VaAllDay757

    2019 Indianapolis Colts schedule

    We play the AFC west and the NFC south divisions next season.....very tough matchups next season I believe our home games are panthers, raiders, falcons, dolphins (again) and denver of course with our division rivals....away games chargers, chiefs, saints (gonna be a tough one), bucs, and the Steelers (I hate playing them)
  12. VaAllDay757


    He's a rookie you can only expect so much right now
  13. VaAllDay757

    Mariota not expected to start tonight

    I went to the titans forum and they are really mad smh they would rather mariota risk his long term health over one game than him sitting out lol these players don't owe them nothing
  14. They had him playing the wrong position anyway he's a guard not a tackle but it is what it is regardless wish him nothing but the best
  15. VaAllDay757

    Ryan Kelly OUT

    We'll be fine we got Glo back for Sunday's game