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  1. This is what I'm talking about....much respect
  2. Just need to blitz more to create more pressure
  3. I'm pretty sure we'll see that steelers game on TV because CBS shows a lot of the steelers games and ravens too
  4. At jags week 1....we will win that one...not a late bye week either I like it at week 7
  5. That's fine but there's plenty of guys who underperformed whether it was contract year or not
  6. Not every player wants a big contract....sometimes they may want to play a team where the location sounds better or playing with a certain players they know
  7. And not following the colts anymore also????
  8. Not necessarily some GM'S or coaches just like certain players and if they become available they will sign them
  9. Naw some guys don't see it like that...some feel like if they don't get that 5th year option they don't see themselves playing for that team anymore period
  10. Just went on his IG page and he deleted all his post....I guess he's pretty salty about the decline I don't think he's gonna be motivated for this season
  11. If his asking price goes down again pull the trigger
  12. I hope so because franklin is horrible in coverage when he's on the field
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