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  1. Browns lost to the steelers 3 string qb last season he's no better than rudolph plus darnold isn't all that good either and mayfield struggles against good defenses
  2. Naw that's probably why they're resting big ben because the bills keep their starters plus miami is starting tua anyway but thr browns just lost to the jets so they might lose again
  3. Yeah but I don't think that will happen because the bills and steelers will fight for the #2 seed
  4. No it doesn't if thr browns and dolphins lose first then we know for sure we have to win to get in
  5. Well now we have to let the other teams duke it out then we handle our business
  6. Depends on who will be #2 next week I think bills will get it so we would face the steelers again if we're healthy we can beat them
  7. Lol miami might lose their next 2 games...raiders aren't a pushover team and the bills won't rest their starters especially if the steelers lose another game then the bills could end up with the #2 seed I like our chances
  8. On that 3rd and 15 play right before houston scored their first TD....indy should've blitzed on that 3rd down play to create more pressure and watson might have no gotten that play off...situations like that is where I question the play calling some times
  9. I saw it myself and was thinking "wait a minute did they just updated the record while the game is still on???" And it wasn't no what if scenario the announcers were talking like the game was over already....pretty strange
  10. Colts are not gonna move nelson to tackle because that would be ridiculous and mess up the flow of the offense and green was not that bad yesterday aside from the 2 sacks and he should've had help against watt anyway
  11. I have no problem with going for it on 4th down the playcall was all wrong....play action was perfect for that situation because the texans was playing the run
  12. Smh they should've been put him on IR atleast they wasted their time hoping for a fast recovery
  13. Fangio runs a 3-4 not Ballard's style
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