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  1. They played 2 teams with a weak pass rush so we really don't know how their o-line is but they still have issues on the o-line
  2. Their o-line is hurt plus duane brown is hurt also so expect their corner blitzes again with moore
  3. This thread is dumb and irrelevant....kelly has never been a starter and he's not on an active roster so trying to make a case saying he's better than brissett you're only making yourself look dumb
  4. Denver already said they're not trading von miller
  5. We was running the ball on their defense when jones was playing before he got hurt so him getting sidelined didn't make much of a difference
  6. Yeah he did but I see why reich uses the runningbacks the way he does now all 3 have an unique ability...I think we're one of the very very few teams who uses all 3 runningbacks in a game
  7. Bottom line is the refs hate being wrong this is why they haven't changed a call yet....the only way this changes if some heads start rolling
  8. What is he having trouble with? I'm not understanding...I thought you couldn't practice until you pass protocol?
  9. I don't know I seen moore get beat on some crossing routes especially against the chargers
  10. So you would rather trust on a shorter field position? Yeah that makes no sense
  11. Because it would've put them at a better field position for a field goal no need to inside kick it when you have all 3 timeouts
  12. Naw not limited because we're already down with lewis and muhammad What? Like carr hasn't been sacked before he can get touched today
  13. Big day for sheard he might get 3 sacks
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