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  1. VaAllDay757

    Ryan Kelly

    Boehm seems good enough to handle the position plus let kelly heal up because he had that same injury last week atleast let him sit for 1 game
  2. VaAllDay757

    Defensive Outlook

    When we blitz we have better results keep it up
  3. VaAllDay757

    How do we beat the titans

    It good gameplan but the scheme we run unfortunately they won't implement it in their gameplan today
  4. VaAllDay757

    Ridgeway a healthy scratch????

    Hairston is also out too
  5. VaAllDay757

    Ridgeway a healthy scratch????

    I just saw he's out again but I didn't see on the injury report this week.....he's doing fine until the injury earlier in the season
  6. VaAllDay757

    Hooker downgraded

    Not looking good
  7. VaAllDay757

    BigQ Was Mic'ed Up - Night. Made.

    Naw that was ryan kelly
  8. VaAllDay757

    Looks like the defense has regressed back to normal

    It's been same the story....when we blitz we make stops but when we don't we look lost....this tampa 2 scheme is not the answer we need a better scheme
  9. VaAllDay757

    BigQ Was Mic'ed Up - Night. Made.

    He didn't hit his helmet he hit his shoulder pad It was ramsey
  10. VaAllDay757

    Taking our playmakers off the fields..

    Well not blitzing much is a problem too
  11. VaAllDay757

    Blake Bortles

    We're not missing that many key players stop it more like 2 or 3
  12. VaAllDay757

    Blake Bortles

    Tampa 2 scheme has always been soft plus we don't blitz often anyway we're not missing any key players right now aside from turay and maybe ridgeway but we just got lewis back so that's not really an excuse
  13. VaAllDay757

    Refs blew the call

    The other camera view showed the ball moved he hit the ground....your opinion but they got it right regardless
  14. VaAllDay757

    Blake Bortles

    Yeah I don't expect matt to be with us longer than 3 seasons we need an attacking 4-3 scheme not soft coverage