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  1. Ehh I would rather hear chris jones or yannick
  2. The video was taken down which team does he play for?
  3. Chris jones would be a great addition to the d-line but I think ballard isn't willing to spend that type of money on a player like jones but I got my eye on yannick from the jags they won't don't have no cap to sign him. They have a cheaper option with josh allen since they play the same position so I hope ballard looks into possibly signing him
  4. Naw their poor running game isn't trubisky's fault....their o-line was trash I watched a few bear games and the running lanes were not there....Montgomery averaged 3.7 yards a carry and 55.6 yards a game their o-line needs a big upgrade
  5. It's a reason why he was fired....their o-line was trash at run blocking
  6. Jets o-line is super trash when it comes to running so bell can't produce like he wants to anyway
  7. Not entirely true didn't he have like 9 sacks in 8 games? Yeah dee ford is the other player I was thinking of but losing those 2 hurt their defense
  8. Like a WR.....we should've got tyrell william's atleast....aside from cj mosely who else did the jets sign? But you won't know that until they're given a chance
  9. Meh....can't wait for free agency hopefully chris stops being cheap and finally take a chance with a big name
  10. It's not farfetched they let houston and frank clark go plus they have to pay mahomes big money eventually
  11. Look kenny moore is good but there's no way you're gonna tell me we can't play man coverage because he's not in the lineup if that's the case the coach isn't doing his job correctly to adjusting because one player doesn't make this defense
  12. 49ers run a tight zone coverage as we run a zone where our corners play 10 yards off the wr smh
  13. I'm tired of playing the raiders
  14. He just doesn't make adjustments when it's necessary he's so hard headed at times which makes it frustrating to watch the game
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