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  1. If he's making progress that's all that matters he'll probably be back by week 9 if everything is good to go
  2. Like I said he's better on the edge than the inside keep him there
  3. Injuries is what held turay back....I did expect more from lewis but they use him for multiple positions I think he's better on the edge
  4. VaAllDay757


    Exactly....hines basically caused it with the fair catch then reich wants to call a play action play in that situation????? Sometimes I wonder what do these coaches be thinking about smh
  5. He had a video interview today and they asked asked him how was he feeling and could he play Sunday? And he said he could play Sunday without practice this week....we'll see tho
  6. I got confused I was thinking the jets game was at 1 that day
  7. It's only our 2nd game starting at 4:25pm time
  8. No they're keeping clark at the left tackle he was horrible at right tackle before
  9. First game back he's fine
  10. What? Lol you must be talking about another guy
  11. He started in 3 seasons really just 2 full seasons because once tyrann recovered from injury he went back as a backup so again not much starting experience like I said
  12. Great play hopefully he recovers soon from his injury
  13. I prefer the cover 3 scheme more it takes away the big plays we just need to get better at blitzes
  14. Because HaHa was a starter in green bay while jefferson wasn't always a starter of course Haha will have better numbers but the last couple of years Haha has been trash
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