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  1. Ok....like they don't practice? That's probably where he failed at he didn't meet the requirements unfortunately so there's no need to waste a roster spot when he hasn't improved yet
  2. He had a shot and blew it he couldn't grasp the offensive playbook
  3. Lol what? TY is gonna play more than just a couple plays he was cleared to go
  4. Better not change it we deserve that respect
  5. They're not beating the rams and they can't match points with the chiefs
  6. Yes it is he still needs time to throw the ball
  7. Plus they activated harris to the active roster
  8. I'm starting to question what's going on with rhodes because this is getting out of hand
  9. If I remember correctly I think he had 2 high ankle sprains
  10. Reminds when TY had 2 ankle sprains and he played against the titans and ran for like 30 plus yards one play
  11. That's a dumb take from joe thomas
  12. Huh? Fisher played today they're only missing smith at RT
  13. Smith can play guard that wouldn't be a problem
  14. If we keep 3 quarterbacks I don't think we keeping 6 wide receivers probably 5 and give that last spot to o-line depth
  15. Lol what? It was a tipped ball it wasn't pittman fault
  16. We lost our starting left tackle....we lost 2 starting defensive ends (if houston doesn't come back) I can see why ballard chose paye
  17. We're not drafting a linebacker in the first round lol
  18. He could've gotten henry when he's healthy he's a beast
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