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  1. Atleast we got the respect back by putting us on primetime
  2. Yeah that early bye week is not cool with me but hopefully it won't matter anyway
  3. When's the last time indy won a season opener? Lol
  4. That's gonna be a tough opener
  5. Well it's been said we tried to get CJ mosely and tyrell williams but they were too expensive and bell put it out there how much he wanted to get paid but if his price was lower I'm pretty sure ballard would've called him in for a visit atleast
  6. I like tillery but he may not make it to 26....dremont jones is an interesting pick also
  7. Yeah but I believe that was to keep the 53 active we had injuries to significant players....like lewis, slauson got hurt, kelly got hurt too and we were very thin at safety at one point
  8. Yeah with turbin last season he was getting dumped anyway we had 2 rookies so once they started to show some promise there was no need to keep him anyway but this season I don't see 4 runningbacks on the active roster
  9. It definitely didn't go over my head my point is this we have 3 active runningbacks we're not carrying 4 on the active roster it makes no sense unless it's someone who will be the practice squad which ajayi will not be
  10. Not really redskins picked him up and he will get his 2nd chance with them he never did assualt that woman she just lied on him twice
  11. Lol not even....we didn't even have a decent safety at the time it was definitely a position need back then
  12. Uh not really at that time it was more about the position of need
  13. I understand what you're saying but to me when your o-line is dominant you don't necessarily need a heavy back and if that's the case wilkins have shown he can handle a short yard situation like that anyway
  14. Mack would've had well over 1,000 yards if he didn't miss no games last season he's no power back but those type of backs are good for short yard situations and the endzone if our o-line stays dominant then rb position is the least issue with this team
  15. Doesn't mean you need to get rid of it if it works with no problem why bother?
  16. Don't know why y'all want to add another RB the 3 we have are just fine don't fix it if it ain't broke
  17. Good he fits the scheme very well I'm glad he's coming back
  18. We're not gonna sign any runningbacks you can forget about that
  19. That's why the forum is weak now too many people complain about dumb stuff
  20. We didn't blitz heavy until the 2nd half and the blitzes we sent wasn't effective aside from the slot blitz and that's because we didn't press their receivers but I'm talking about having a strong start offensively and defensively
  21. The pats did exactly what we should've did against the chiefs....press coverage and blitz the qb and run the ball alot
  22. Yeah Smith is better at guard we just need to draft a tackle or pick one up in free agency
  23. Man that hurts but the snow will definitely limited the pass game so we shall see
  24. With all that talent he should do fine
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