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  1. For what its worth the Lions won all 4 of their preseason games the same year they went 0-16.
  2. Facebook news pages will explode with people losing their minds when we lose 2 or 3 preseason games.
  3. I'm ready to see who we got. I dont really care about wins/losses in preseason. Mostly excited to see how our rookies perform. And to see people on facebook lose their minds when we lose 2 or 3 preseason games.
  4. Ready to see the rookies practice. My first training camp in a couple years
  5. TDewar1987

    TC day 6

    Speed kills.
  6. Totalprosports is 100 percent clickbait.
  7. We were 32 just 1 year ago... so there's that.
  8. Looks like it was Parks Fraziers house. Shot at 80 times apparently. https://www.wthr.com/article/more-80-shots-fired-west-side-home-belonging-colts-assistant
  9. Ahh, yeah Brian Decker! We havent heard much about him lately. You're probably right though.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if he at least called to get a feel. Why not? Inquiring doesn't mean signing.
  11. Hey welcome man!  Good to see a fellow MP on here!  You still in?

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