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  1. Good thing Oakland isnt that great. Should still be able to win.
  2. Meh, let them talk. To be fair, we are still a young team with a lot to prove. Jacoby has been good so far but he isn't Andrew Luck. You take that factor away from our team and it will cast doubt among the talking heads who don't follow the Colts 24/7. 1-0.
  3. Jacoby runs it in for a touchdown.
  4. Philip Walker "released"
  5. They has us at 32 last year
  6. That's tough, and you never know that scenario could very well happen. People unretire all the time. Right now some may say it's Lucks team, but if Jacoby really had that kind of a year, us actually watching it happend, would sway most people to keep Jacoby and trade Luck. Tough scene.
  7. 6 to 11 wins. 6 wins would be closer to 2017 Jacoby with a better roster, 11 wins if he goes off this season with the better roster. Really though im guessing 9-7 or 10-6.
  8. Nah, the LT is lost. he's gonna get hypothermia in the wilderness.
  9. That's what I was initially getting at lol
  10. So did he get demoted from Captain Brissett to Lieutenant? I wanna hear the demotion story.
  11. Not the worst move we could make strictly as a backup. I mean he's played in lots of games as a starter and won games.
  12. Is there a difference in rehab that Luck can do retired vs going on IR or PUP? hypothetically speaking of course...
  13. 34 touchdowns 12 interceptions 4100 yards
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