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  1. Jim Irsay also tweeted porn at one point too. Just sayin'.
  2. A few Luck jerseys. A McAfee jersey I had him sign. An Austin Collie jersey also.
  3. Yeah I get that, and I was really just joking. It's too much to give up in my opinion. He could turn out to be a superstar, sure. But we know what we have in Nelson. a 2x First team all pro Guard who is going to play a lot of good football for a long time. I just dont think the risk/reward is high enough in my opinion of course.
  4. This sounds like a Ryan Grigson move.
  5. Colts already spanked the Jags earlier in the year. Marrone was given his walking papers for after the game. Colts will finish strong in my opinion. Jacksonville wont. Colts - 31 Jax - 17
  6. The season went down hill after Luck retired. Between Jacoby %ting the bed after the 5-2 start and Vinny missing kicks costing us games, it's not a huge surprise we are where we are.
  7. That's too bad. I like Rivera. He will get picked up fast.
  8. One more quarter boys!!! Let's. GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  9. "It's intercepted! Moore's got it! We're going to the Super Bowl!"
  10. Ol hefty lefty Jared Lorenzen i do believe. Rest in peace.
  11. There goes our chances at a Super Bowl. #fireballard.
  12. Based on what exactly? Kelly beating up on scrubs in the preseason? I'm optimistic about Kelly but he hasn't played at all against starters. It's literally about as annoying as the media hailing the Patriots as legendary this year when most of the teams they have played are on par with IUPUI or the YMCA. Just...stop.
  13. Good thing Oakland isnt that great. Should still be able to win.
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