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  1. Even the Browns are making splashes now. This is like Christmas when your friends get videogames and cool bikes, and you get socks and a stupid sweater.
  2. Yes. Just sit and be bored and disappointed together.
  3. Zero excitement around what should be an exciting time. Not 1 big splash. Not 1. I just don't know what to say.
  4. I don't think Pitt would dare give Andrew Luck AB. No way. Unless CB offered them a 1. They would probably prefer a 3rd pick from some bad nfc team rather than a 2nd rnder from a good afc team.
  5. Yes, I was trying to talk sense to you people. The offense would be unstoppable.
  6. Ballard needs to take a chance. He's a bit too conservative. This team needs something yo put them over the top. I pray the Texans don't sneak into this.
  7. No safety would dare come in the box. Even LBers would be more concerned with coverage than stopping the run.
  8. GusFring

    Stampede Blue on Braden Smith

    LOL at troll blog. Basically whenever someone disagrees now, they're a troll. Noted.
  9. CJ Mosley
  10. They were destroying him on twitter. I finally watched it on, and it was not good
  11. Luck needs to go home and rest and focus on improving.
  12. GusFring

    Luck Era

    If he wears sleeves outdoors, he'll dominate well into his 40s.
  13. Brady threw 2 ints but it seemed like he was flawless. Just baffling.
  14. That game was just amazing. NE is like the boss level in a video game. I guess NE has better DBs, hut thats it. I really prefer Indy's roster.
  15. I don't know whats holding this team back.