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  1. He's done. He was a weirdo to begin with. If he does come back, it'll be after Indy drafts a qb so he can go to another team.
  2. When a team repeatedly misdiagnose u, maybe we shouldn't blame the player. That being said, I hate Andrew Luck right now. Can't help it. He lied and than ran away.
  3. He also said he'd be ready for week 1 many times.
  4. Judging by the last pic I saw of him, I want someone to explain how he hasn't lost any muscle mass. Is he still working out? That would tell you he's done or not.
  5. Leftwich was a stud when healthy. Had a cannon. And that Jags team was nowhere near as talented as this team. This should've been a 12-4 season at the least.
  6. I find it odd that this guy continues to live in the city. Someone on twitter said they saw him at whole foods. I thought for sure he would go to some place in Europe to relocate.
  7. U ask me, he awes this fanbase a return. He has taken zero responsibility for his own actions. I'm going to be ready for wk 1. Then the week before retirement he's doing qb drills with a smile on his face in front of fans. Then just abruptly retires and says he chose himself or some crap. Come to think lf it, just draft Tua.
  8. I thought this until I saw that pic of him. He's still in a weight room somewhere. I think he didn't want to be a depressed weirdo around his pregnant wife. As a competitor, he can't be content with his career ending like that. Will be interesting.
  9. There is no way. I just can't see that. This is why I made this thread, I've seen enough that Jacoby can be better than Dak. And then its a Dak/Romo situation. Romo was better than Dak, but you just couldn't overlook the results. Barring injury, this team should go at least 11-5. A bye is even a possibility. You can't trade Jacoby. Thanks for contributing
  10. He basically quit on the team. Its no doubt he could've been a great one, but he left the best team he's ever had. He abandoned them. But teams like Chicago, Oak, Wash, Cincy, Tampa, and probably some other team I can't think of will want him. But not for a 1.
  11. Jacoby Brissett may be a SB winning qb next yr. Why are some of you talking about upgrade?
  12. If he was as moody and depressed as he claims he was in 2016-17, then I can understand his wife not wanting that during her pregnancy. Luck is the type not even get a prenup. The guy is just weird. If he comes back, it would be interesting. I get the feeling the team really likes Jacoby. And he's never quit on them. I don't think all of his teammates are ok with how he left. Luck doesn't seem like the type to want to go play somewhere else either.
  13. Wishing for Jacoby to get hurt isn't cool. Jacoby has dreams too and seems like a good dude. Luck is an oddball. He looks perfectly satisfied that he has zero legacy and will only be remembered for how he retired. Manning and the other greats basically had to be dragged away from football.
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