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  1. GusFring

    Blue on Blue Uniforms

    Let's not jinx Luck. Just lets take it 1 gm at a time. Tenn is harassing qbs
  2. GusFring

    The test for Smith is over: I’m sold

    Its definitely not scheme. Luck has moments where he's taking 5 or 7 step drops and nobody is near him. When Clark was at LT, and the RT spot was an issue too, he was under constant pressure. Costanzo has really stabilized things.
  3. I wonder if he made some, but the Colts just posted Luck. I found it interesting.
  4. GusFring

    Will the Colts wear blue pants this season?

    With white shoes
  5. I see NE still wearing their color rush unis, what happened to ours?
  6. GusFring

    That Texans game we lost looks huge right now

    I'm not going to kill Frank now when at the time I said I liked his stance. Who wants to play for a tie. I hated the playcall. And in hindsight, you can't throw away division games, so maybe he should have just punted. Im still conflicted. You play to win. Not tie. We play Hou again, so maybe we get payback.
  7. GusFring

    2 Colts among PFF's top graded rookie OL

    Weren't u 1 of the give Pagano time guys?
  8. GusFring

    2 Colts among PFF's top graded rookie OL

    You take tackles in the top 10, not guards. Looks bad for Ballard imo.
  9. The last int was all on him and a killer, but his most troubling throw was a dropped int after the pick 6. He pumped faked and still threw to a jet defender
  10. GusFring

    When is Mack expected to be back?

    When is the next eclipse?
  11. Doesn't seem shoulder related. He seems to be say they can't win. Which their record proved. Marlon Mack is like an eclipse. Seeing him play is rare.
  12. GusFring

    Tarell Basham claimed by New York Jets

    So do we get a draft pick or something? God help Ballard if Basham becomes a beast.
  13. GusFring

    Is the second half rallying a Luck thing?

    Its called not having a run gm, a dependable oline and poor gameplan. Need to just play uptempo from the jump. Then get a rb and an oline for once.
  14. GusFring

    Colts need a WR!!

    I miss Moncreif