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  1. GusFring

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    I freaking love his analysis right now. Running away from Ford was stupid.
  2. GusFring

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    Rick would be called a troll if he posted here. LOL. Even criticized Darius. He didn't criticize Luck enough imo.
  3. That catch vs Oak was beautiful, but thats all I ever saw from him this yr. Swoope makes plays. This reminds me of Grigson with AQ.
  4. GusFring

    Luck did not play well comments are simply false

    Bro, thats a lot to read. And he played like crap. That pass that Ebron dropped looked like a punt coming out of his hands. And he didnt scramble for yrds. He didn't look comfortable till it was too late. Braden Smith had a bad day too.
  5. GusFring

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    Even Cowherd said he played like crap. I would habe liked more tough questions asked of him after the gm
  6. That Luck throw that Ebron dropped was pathetic. He lobbed a 5yrd throw
  7. Game plan was horrible. But why didn't Andrew run more. Andrew is athletic for no reason. His 40 time is faster than Mahomes.
  8. Do u think its easy to adapt to indoors? The Pats probably practice outdoors even when playing Dome teams.
  9. Bingo. And I post to sway ppl to my opinion/beliefs. To try to start a dialogue.
  10. Next day after practicing outdoors What say u?
  11. The next day they were back indoors. Which was odd to me U could just ignore
  12. As a dome team, how much better would the Colts be if they never practiced indoors. Andrew was trying to guide balls instead of letting it rip. Even Rodney Harrison noticed it. He took a dome mentality outdoors.
  13. GusFring

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    No Sleeves
  14. Both Rivers and Brady have on sleeves. And both have started the gm on fire. I can't believe some of u don't see the correlation between no sleeves and his slow start.
  15. God why didn't Irsay fire Pagano the moment Andy Reid was free. The offensive designs were so different today.