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  1. Please don't underrate the effort on that catch. Diva WRs rarely stretch out like that nowadays. Luck has hit TY like that and he doesn't even have to break stride.
  2. No way they put him out there vs that d wk 1 w/o practicing. He'll probably miss at least the 1st 2 games of the season.
  3. So this scan that he just got, is it the first time he got the scan? Why did Ballard seem to suggest its a new area in the ankle that they're focusing on now? Indy docs seem to really be practicing on the 100mil QB. Bring Painter back and use him for practice.
  4. GusFring

    TC day 11

    I really wish someone would breakdown Jacoby's stats like they do Andrew. Because Kravitz said he was throwing bombs, but someone else said the O struggled today. Jacoby starting the season is a real possibility. He didn't stand out at all vs Buff.
  5. The Chiefs gm was pretty vanilla to end the season. Still don't get what happened to Hines. Frank and co still have a lot to prove.
  6. Funches and Cain looked pretty good in the little I saw.
  7. Does Jacoby throw ints in practice? I never see a stat line with him like we see when Luck out there.
  8. I feel a qb controversy looming. Especially if Jacoby plays well. Even Bill Parcels is in the Brissett camp and has spoken about Luck not being able to stay healthy.
  9. It's the Achilles. Just like Durant kept icing his ankle and not the calf.
  10. I knew it was more serious than they let on when he said he didn't throw with any of his teammates on the offseason.
  11. GusFring

    TC Day 4

    How does Brissett look compared to Luck in these practices?
  12. GusFring

    TC Day 4

    Did Luck throw that to Campbell?
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