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Colts Vs. Bears Game Day Thread


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Just now, LJpalmbeacher said:

W e had no choice to draft Morrison because of luck's contract.

@ this


Lucks contract prevents the team from drafting good players and or acquiring moderate FAs.  This is going to be the new norm for a very very very very long time, hahah. 

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2 minutes ago, backshoulderfade said:

How Irsay csn justify keeping this entire staff, I don't know.

Irsay is part of the problem


Just now, backshoulderfade said:

Nothing like a bit of Phil Dunphy to cheer me up. He is everything I want to be when I become a father.

lmao Agreed.  He's awesome

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3 minutes ago, James said:

Offense has been beyond pathetic. One TD and just FGs. And they are doing nothing to keep our defense off the field. 

Defense isn't helping the offense. Oline isn't helping the offense at all. And there's a big TD, so get off it. 

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2 minutes ago, Malakai432 said:

They better score a touchdown with like 20 seconds left remaining on the clock because even if they do score you DO NOT want to give the ball back to Hoyer.

Yep... here we go

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