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  1. Making room for Fleener
  2. REG-GIE!!!! REG-GIE!!!! REG-GIE!!!!
  3. Mathis_Fan98

    What a great start to the draft!!

    A positive post? what nerve
  4. Mathis_Fan98

    Running List of Reich Slogans

    Reich & Roll Reich on
  5. Mathis_Fan98

    Colts a Pawn for McDaniels?

    McD is pond scum, let’s move on. The only way to get over it is one the scoreboard the next time we play them.
  6. Mathis_Fan98

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Opens the door for Manning now
  7. Mathis_Fan98

    RB Coach Off to Raiders

    I hope no one scoops up our Pass Rush Consultant
  8. Mathis_Fan98

    What if ballard constructed a "Super Staff"

    Then we will win it all
  9. Mathis_Fan98

    Colts Draft A QB In The First Round?

    Gore is most likely going to another team. Without an O-Line why try to kill another QB. We need to fix the trenches
  10. Mathis_Fan98

    Best offensive and defensive colt of the year

    Gore and Woods
  11. Mathis_Fan98

    Failure to Close

    BREAKING NEWS: The Indianapolis Colts to put the roof on IR, details to follow.
  12. Mathis_Fan98

    Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread

    Let’s go Colts. This my first time to a Colts game. Sitting in the 600s.