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  1. Watson will be a UFA in 2022. Over the Cap projects the Texans to have 97.7m Cap Room while the Colts are projected with 164m. Given the Texans horrible offensive line compared to the Colts why would Watson wish to stay and continue to take the punishment and risk further injury to a gifted QB? This year might be a blessing either way. Limited NFL play allows Watson to remain upright and nurse any lingering wounds but shortens his remaining playing contract. Agree it is rare for QBs to transfer within conferences. We have seen players seeking revenge against their former teams. Got to think Watson has to still be bitter about the Hopkins trade. Given the medical issue with his mother he may wish to remain close to Georgia. I personally think the Colts organization is much better than the current Texans staff. Again we will have more capital and a much improved offensive line to dangle in front of Watson and the recent history lesson of knowing we have to do better protecting our QBs post-Luck. Take the lesson learned and acquire some talented WRs next year so we can bait him make it enticing for Watson to want to come here. Make Watson our "Missing Link".
  2. Right state just wrong QB the Colts will target. Colts after Rivers is gone will go after Deshaun Watson in 2 years. We got the cash and offensive line to better protect Watson. Just need to bolster our WR class after Hilton is gone.
  3. Love to see the Colts add Warford would be an upgrade at RG. Still leaves a big backup hole at center imo.
  4. First round next year can see us taking either FS Hamsah Nasirildeen or FS Jevon Holland to replace Hooker. As for a QB might see us looking to add a veteran such as Aaron Rodgers in a year or two.
  5. Hooker's time is up next season imo as his injury history from college has followed him to the professional level. Good thing is we had already found a replacement who decided to go back to college in FS Hamsah Nasirildeen. The other option the Colts could target is FS Jevon Holland. Both safeties are already being mentioned as next year's first round talent so I wouldn't think we would be interested in Berry at this point in time.
  6. So if our Colts pulled off a trade of a lifetime with Buckner this year what would stop us from making one next off-season with the Texans for Watson? The Texans have 8 draft picks heading into 2021 minus any compensation picks as follows: ROUND 3 4 (FROM ARIZONA) 4 5 6 (FROM MIAMI) 6 (FROM NEW ORLEANS) 6 7 According to Spotrac we are projected to have one of the top 5 cap spaces available. I don't care if they are our division rivals I would still offer our 20201 first rounder and maybe our second for Deshaun Watson. Both Rivers and Brissett will likely be gone so why not kick the tires and come up some feasible trade options.
  7. Denico Autry is our weak link on the DL so expect Colts to draft Justin Madubuike, DL3T, Texas A&M with our first pick.
  8. Something else to consider about the Saints draft this year is that they traded away their 2nd Round pick and only have one pick in each Rounds 3-6. Have to think the Saints are looking to add draft picks.
  9. Since the Saints drafted OC/RG Cesar Ruiz and the prior to the draft was already open to trading RG Larry Warford would the Colts be interested in making a trade offer for him? Now the Colts ourselves have also been vocal about moving on from FS Malik Hooker and I would even make an offer to swap FS players Hooker for the Saints FS Marcus Williams and combo RG Larry Warford. Not exactly sure what would cost us but have to think at least offering up one of our 2020 second round picks. Both of the Saints players Williams and Warford are on their last contract year including the Colt's Hooker. Haven't seen how cap space would affect each team but could this be a potential win-win scenario for both clubs?
  10. Not too surprised as Love is an ideal QB for a cold weather team. Originally thought GB or Denver would target him early on once I learned he can keep a tight spiral on the football in cold weather.
  11. Rumor mill here in Ohio is Bengals will take OL Ezra Cleveland with the 33rd.
  12. Colts love to build the trenches so could possibly see us double down on our DL and take Edge Jabari Zunia and DT Justin Madubuike in Round 2. Both players can plug and play multiple positions on the DL.
  13. Honestly wouldn't surprise me to see us use a second round pick on Florida's Edge Jabari Zuniga who lined up all over the defensive line and aced the Combine. Other notable players that would add depth on our edges in later rounds are Miami's Jonathan Garvin, North Dakota State's Derrek Tuszka or even South Carolina's D.J. Wonnum.
  14. R2P34 A WR Chase Claypool (ND) B TE Cole Kmet (ND) C Edge Jabari Zuniga (Florida) R2P44 A SS Jeremy Chinn (S. Illinois) B DT Justin Madubuike (Texas A&M) C SS Tanner Muse (Clemson) R3P75 A ILB Logan Wilson (Wyoming) – MIKE B RB AJ Dillon (BC) C Edge Alton Robinson (Syracuse) R4P122 A RG/C Danny Pinter (BSU) B RB Darrynton Evans (Appalachian St) C Edge Jonathan Garvin (Miami) R5P160 A TE Albert Okwuegbunam (Missouri) B DB L’Jarius Sneed (Louisiana Tech) – slot CB, FS/SS C FS K’Von Wallace (Clemson) R6P193 A Edge Derrek Tuszka (N Dakota St) B CB Kindle Vildor (Georgia Southern) C FS J.R. Reed (Georgia) R6P197 A Edge D.J. Wonnum (S. Carolina) B C Nick Harris (Washington) C DL Carlos Davis (Nebraska)
  15. Quick question since most active members are in this thread already but does anyone know if we will be having the annual Dr. T NFL draft game thread?
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