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  1. Good blooper reel of Cole vs Louisiana with 10s left in 2Q where the BJ takes him out. Good backpedaling and change of direction with enough speed to build up enough force to get knocked down. May need some NFL strength conditioning to help shed blocks.
  2. Liking what I seen and read on LB Cole. Looks like a good player capable of handling SAM and MLB rotations.
  3. I like the DE Tryon pick. Have him on my big board as well but project him more as a 3-4 OLB/DE.
  4. Be a solid replacement for X Rhodes. Not sure if need to trade for him. Too many spoiled with Luck and Manning as QB. As for LT might have to sign Trent Williams then make a move to trade up for a QB. Otherwise lean on Brissett and suck it up for a year. Draft a stud CB in Rd 1 if that’s the case or DE. Imo sitting too far back to get a top QB this year.
  5. Haven’t seen anything degeneration with his knee just a freaky HS accident snapped leg in half in 2014 and has since fully recovered. another ACL, PCL and MCL tears in college. Miracle feel good story and has passed all physicals since college and pros. Forgot he aced his combine. He did slip in the draft but has the motor and relentless talent to have gone much higher. Guess it depends on how the Colts feel about his short to long term potential risk/reward. What’s the worst can happen we offer this years 4th for him. Doubt the Eagles do better than us next year so w
  6. Will have to research Turner. Another LDE prospect looks good for a 7th year player is Justus Reed. Probably go in around 3.
  7. Mack is still capable of a 1000 yard season. With our OL we could have dual threat RBs. At a minimum Mack could lighten the load off Taylor given his injuries. Am still not overly impressed with his game tape. Maybe his team made him stop and play coverage rather than bull rush the QB. Seemed he passed his tackle stats by overseeing and then reacting. Seen too many where he chased down and assisted tackle 10-15 yards down opposite side of field. Plenty of other talented Edge players would take over him minus Oweh whom also think is a bust and over hyped.
  8. So have Brissett and Eason as QBs. Lean of the ground game and have quality WRs and young RBs and Edge players. Next year should have 40m in cap space after resigning players minus Sweat’s new contract extension. Plenty of capital to go after a more pass happy QB next season. Not a big fan of his logo dances either. Golladay is my preferred choice with hopes on enticing Stanford to join us next season. Gave JuJu the nod here being younger and metric of YAC over Golladay. Next season our top priorities are QB, TEs, CBs and ILB.
  9. Based on research tonight here is an updated thought leading up to the draft... 56.7m cap space 2021 AC – * updated officially retired – frees up 16m more in cap space 72.7m cap space 2021 FA Signings – 46.2m cap space WR JuJu Smith Schuster – 17.5m LB Eric Wilson (SAM) – From UDFA to Stud LB. Offer 8m /yr (6m max ideal imo) LDE Josh Sweat via Eagles for 2021 4th Round pick. Potential upgrade Round 2- 3. New starter Houston cut. ~1m contract take over for 1 year. Rookie contract expires which in 2022 Colts will have plenty of
  10. Minnesota is in the hole this off-season for available cap space. As such on name stood out that might interest the Colts and that is Eric Wilson (SAM Linebacker). Eric has been playing well after Anthony Barr went down. Finding quality LBs have been difficult for Clubs throughout the years. Barr is locked in until 2024 and Wilson is a FA this year. OTC saying Wilson could command 10.6m. Due to Covid, have a strong feeling a lot players won't get that big payday like in years past. In my other thread have mentioned LDE Josh Sweat who I think could replace Houston and save t
  11. Philadelphia has three young and capable starters at LDEs (Derek Barnett, Genard Avery and Josh Sweat). We know at some point we need to go younger and replace Houston. Sweat was a 4th Round pick for the Eagles in 2018. All three players are projected to be FAs in 2022. Am thinking coming from the Colts Clubhouse that we offer this years NFL Draft 4th Round as a trade for Sweat with some sort of incentive that could elevate to a 3rd or possibly 2nd in 2022 draft for Philadelphia. Sweat to me has the height and speed we covet on our turf at Edge. His stats are impressive and PFF ranked hi
  12. Continuation... Cox is a good player but seemed more like our WILL linebacker and we already have Leonard so no need. · Dylan Moses (Alabama) Very explosive LB. Excels at tracking down ball carriers. Some questions about his health. Freak-level athleticism. Coverage remains a struggle but should be good in zone scheme. Multiple penalties vs Florida are concerning. Indecision on runs ends with him out of position. Just seems apprehensive. The way the media outlets and folks around here talking seems Walker is done here. Not sure if game plan
  13. My tape analysis: Grant Stuard – Must have impressive speed to blow past team’s Safety vs Cincy 9:52 1Q. Speed showing up again late in 2Q. Looked to be more of a SAM Linebacker. Always out of position hitting wrong gaps to make plays to stop the run. Whiff on QB 1-on-1 open field tackle 14:46 4Q. Has issues disengaging. One good chance seemed but Cincy’s #11 pushed him and should have been able to lock on and stop the play short but again out of range to make the play. Looks better in Pass coverage than running but never saw him make a pass stop. Might have to keep future e
  14. Leonard, Nelson and Smith will all be FAs after 2021 season. OvertheCap has the Colts projected to have ~155m in cap space next year. Should not be any issue resigning all these studs next year and the Club should have ~40m remaining in cap space after re-signings.
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