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  1. Grover Stewart vs Bilal Nichols a younger version of Stewart and playing much better and will be a FA next year. Look up Nichols for yourself think you will find him a worthy option to play next to Buckner and the Bears might have an issue signing him. Nichols is going to get paid over $8 million. Next look at Stewart's contract and the Colts could actually gain money back by cutting him lose and using that same money as a wash if you will by locking down Nichols. Colts wanted to build a DL that can dominate and with Paye, Buckner, and Nichols over Stewart we would have a built a solid fou
  2. Kind of like the Fisher signing and getting Tevi for a steal. We are loaded at LT with Fisher, Tevi, Davenport and Will Holden. Now I can only being to imagine if the Colts are primed to make a mid-season trade with a team that just drafted a rookie LT and going to call it now 'Da Bears'. Between Davenport and Holden would say go younger and keep Davenport and cut Holden but Holden has played a cleaner game than what Davenport has. Those penalties add up and are game killers. My early prediction is the Colts cut Davenport and keep Holden along with Tevi to start the season bu
  3. Once we sign Leonard, Smith, and Nelson to long-term contracts am projecting next year the Colts will have limited cap space to sign our own free agents again next off-season such as Hilton, Rhodes, and Pascal to name a few. Conley is a low risk/high reward player that we should be able to get cheap now for at least 2 years not expecting much this season but in hopes he returns fully healthy on a end of year 2 prove-it deal taking over for Rhodes without breaking the Colt's cap space bank initially but will have more financial leverage in three years. Thoughts?
  4. Once we start resigning players next off-season we won't have much free cap space available to target FAs let alone feel comfortable signing rest of our own. Right now my early estimates are LB Leonard 5/100m 60m guaranteed - 5 years $82.5 million 40m guaranteed RT Smith 4/58m 30m guaranteed LG Quenton Nelson 6yr/100m TE Mo Allie-Cox 3yr/33m DE Al-Quadin Muhammad 2yr/4m RB Marlon Mack 2yr/10m (5m APY) if remains healthy RB Nyheim Hines 3yr/19.5m (6.5m APY) Similar to A. Eckler RG Glowinski 2yr/18m With around 10m in c
  5. How about none of the options and we roll with Tevi this year. The Colts have three big name players (Leonard, Smith, and Nelson) that will need to be resigned which doesn't leave us much cap space available next year so don't expect much movement again in free agency in 2022. After locking down the big three TE MAC and RB Hines are top priorities imo. Next off-season I would look at the Vikings RT Brian O'Neill and offer him something very similar to what Braden Smith should get 4yr/60m w/30m guaranteed. O'Neill I expect to get an offer for 4yr/64m (16m APY) with 30m guarante
  6. Here may be the future issue complicating signing additional Free Agents to sem-big contracts is that we still have to sign Leonard, Smith, and Nelson to big contracts and will be in similar off-season situation again with available cap space. Have to figure the Colts will want to resign MAC, Muhammad, Mack if he stay healthy and Hines. Glowinski might be a wild card to resign at RG and so far haven't really found a solid RG replacement for next year if we do let him walk. The Colts would be wise to keep what we have now for defensive lineman and save the cap space with consider
  7. Kerrigan was upset that he took a backup role with WFT and wanted to be an every down player. Kerrigan would be a great addition to our Colts and seemed to be very comparable in terms with Houston if not better imo. Yes Kerrigan is from Indiana and I have been hoping we signed Kerrigan in FA for a while now. We clearly need proven depth at DE and Kerrigan will provide that. Right now we have Paye and Muhammad as the clear starters and outside of a healthy Turay I can't trust Bangou and we all know Dayo will be a scratch most of the season.
  8. Think the Colts bottom line lacks proven depth at our Edges to an extent. I do think that Paye, Buckner, Stewart, and Muhammad will be the starters and Turay when healthy flashed real potential in rotations. After that we don't have proven rotational guys on the edges and Ben is going to be a FA in 2023, assuming we let him go, plus Turay will be a FA next off-season. It makes sense for the Colts to beef up their DL since we failed to do so in the past few off-seasons and appears we didn't draft that well either. Depending on how well Wentz plays and which round we start off ou
  9. Paye has a quick motor and relentless pursuit and should excel in the NFL. Dayo on the other hand from watching game tapes just seemed slow off the LOS constantly and gave up on too many plays chasing the ball carrier. I did see where Dayo was double teamed often and held in check making it difficult for him to win and apply QB pressure. With Dayo's injury and lack of motor/chase skill-set I didn't even have him on my draft big board.
  10. According to PFF the Colts were a middle of the road team in regards to their DL and the amount of QB pressure last season even with Houston and Autry. The only player who excelled was Buckner and it shouldn't be a surprise. The Colts did the right thing to draft not one but two young DL to help set both edges for many years to come.
  11. The biggest addition the Colts made last season was the addition of Buckner who had a career high pass-rushing grade and was the only Colt on defense with a pass-rushing grade of 70.0 or higher per PFF. So it's no surprise the Colts added defensive weapons early. Houston played decent while here especially after moving from OLB to a true DE. Hopefully adding Paye and Dayo our pass-rushing will greatly improve. Even so the Colts still had a better defensive line than the rest in our own division in regards to pass-rushing last season and nobody really improved better than the Colts this off
  12. OROY – Steelers RB Najee Harris DROY – Saint’s LB Pete Werner
  13. Much rather resigned Trey Burton and drated either DL Daviyon Nixon or OL Royce Newman that had experience playing LG and RT. Newman might been able to move to RT and Smith to LT?
  14. Who would have ever guessed that the lowest of all odds that both Paye and Darrisaw would still be available when we picked 21st. Done too many mock drafts and even the way the draft played out called it that all the top OTs would been taken before we drafted in Round 2. Colt’s brass should have seen this one coming as well but understand that Paye was listed higher. 1. LT Christian Darrisaw 2. QB Davis Mills via late trade back in Round 2 – Still not sold on Wentz and Eason bit unknown 4. DL Daviyon Nixon 5. Edge Adetokunbo Ogundeji
  15. So we haven’t done much in FA and drafted one starter, one red shirt player who should end up playing late season and a Special Teamer. Leaves a lot to be desired...
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