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  1. Quick question since most active members are in this thread already but does anyone know if we will be having the annual Dr. T NFL draft game thread?
  2. With the Colt's recent signing Rhodes to fill the void at CB with Desir gone could see the Colts reach for Edge Jabari Zuniga from Florida. Last year personally thought we reached for Banogu in R2 so after Zuniga aced the Combine finishing T6 in all combine drills performed by DL he greatly improves his draft stock. Banogu struggled as expected in his rookie season and with Houston up for contract renewal next season it wouldn't surprise me to see us select Zuniga who played in a 5T role with the Gators as a strong-side DE in Florida's 4-3 base defense but also played inside during sub-packages providing interior pass rush.
  3. If any second round trade I would approach NY Jets and see about swapping R2P44 for their R2P48 while grabbing Jets R3P79 just to get an early jump on all those teams with added compensation picks. To balance out the trade would give the Jets our R6P197. Draft as follows: R2P34 Edge Jabari Zuniga (Florida) – Zuniga aced the Combine and greatly improved his draft stock. With Banogu underperforming last year and Houston up for contract renewal next season we add a speedy edge player who played multiple DL positions at Florida. R2P48 SS Jeremy Chinn - Jack of all trades DB and local Indy native. Looks like a LB but played like a corner during Senior Bowl. Great range and matched up well vs TEs and WRs. Showcased his versatility during the Senior Bowl playing different DB positions with success. R3P75 TE Adam Trautman (Dayton) - Rivers history of passing to TEs is no secret and the Colts add a dynamic TE who can block and catch. Doyle is not getting any younger and the Colts need someone to replace Ebron who left in FA. R3P79 ILB Logan Wilson (Wyoming) – MIKE. Walker will be a FA next season so we add depth and a very likely replacement. R4P122 WR Quez Watkins - We add a speedy receiver who had a decent combine with Devin Funchess moving on to the Packers. Very low college drop rate. YAC machine R5P160 RB Darrynton Evans - Change of pace back with some pass catching ability bonus KR duties. With the Colts looking at Cam Akers at the Combine it appeared to me that they want another capable workhorse type of running back and Evans fits that bill. R6P193 RG/C Danny Pinter (BSU) - South Bend native who switched from TE to OL with some experience at LT but better suited moving inside. Had an excellent Combine and is on the radar with many NFL teams. With Josh Andrews leaving in FA and off to the Jets the Colts need to add depth at center. Keep in mind Kelly will be a FA in 2021.
  4. No need to acquire a FA CB imo especially when we have an early second round draft pick and should have our choice of Jeff Gladney, AJ Terrell, or Noah Igbinoghene who also adds a dimension as a return specialist. The Colts played a lot of Man last year and would benefit from adding another player that excels in Man coverage so am hoping Gladney is available. All three players mentioned played Desir's spot so again no surprise if we target one of them with our first pick.
  5. OhioColt

    Pick 34

    With Desir gone believe we will target a top CB to replace him and than a SS later in R2. Best available TE in R3 and finally a WR in R4 like Quez.
  6. Voting for jack of all DB skills selecting local Indy native Chinn R2 paired with top WR like Claypool. Should still be a decent TE available in R3.
  7. Watson will be a FA in 2022. Way O’Brien and staff has been treating players it wouldn’t surprise me to see Watson want to leave. We signed a stop-gap QB for 1-2 years with Rivers. Sometimes jaded players want revenge on their former teams and the Colts play Houston 2x a season (if we are all still alive by then). Not exactly an open-shut case imho tbh since they traded away his best WR.
  8. I am more afraid of Everson’s mental illness issues tbh. Easy pass on him for me.
  9. Good chance we take DT Madubuike. Margus Hunt just got released so now we need to replace him and Autry. Madubuike is versatile and can play both interior positions. Probably better at 3T but does give us versatility. I will have to look up my mock thread but still a FA equivalent to Autry I posted that was younger version. We clearly need to replace Hilton who may get released/retire and a top TE.
  10. Unofficial correct? Surprised details were released. Figured Hargrave would get closer to 15M/year. If not set in stone wouldn’t mind countering Eagles offer to him.
  11. Houston needs the cap space and we got 36M available to sign him. In 2 years would be interesting how much cap space they would actually have available. Close by any standards to resign Watson.
  12. Forget Rivers much rather go after Texans Watson. Younger and better but would cost us imagine next years first and then some.
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