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3 minutes ago, FanFromtheWasteland said:

Chance you take for trying to block it. No rule and kickers would get killed

I'm sure they could call an unnecessary roughness if it's excessive.  It's similar to the QB rule, in my opinion.  Defenders are always so worried about getting penalized that they let off a little bit when the QB scrambles.  Instead of going for a hit, they expect the QB to slide, so they don't bother going for a hit, but then the QB doesn't slide and it looks like the defender made a mistake, but he's just trying to prevent himself from getting a penalty

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    • Adonai Mitchell 1.1% drop rate. Wow!!! Ladd McConkey runs great routes.       Based on this, guys, Brian Thomas Jr. at #15, I will not complain whatsoever  
    • I accept this analysis as an upgrade to instant analysis that was a few days after the draft. There's a year of information to go off of now, and it's the first major step to knowing who is more or less likely to be a hit or a bust in the NFL. I acknowledged that a lot of our 2023 draft class had injury issues. However, that doesn't mean you can say they would be a hit if they weren't injured, it just means you don't know and their development is pushed down the line. For some, it could mean they hit next year, for others, it could mean Ballard drafts competition to battle them for their spot on the team.    Right now, it's a below average draft class with 1 year of sample size. That can change. It does depend a lot on how Richardson does. However, I will stick with what I said earlier that our draft classes seem to get injured more than any other team. It could be due to bad luck or the number of players we draft every year, or it could be due to Ballard avoiding injury concerns when drafting players. It seems to be a pattern.
    • Being from Jersey, very hard to believe the Jets didn't make the list. Their fan base is WASTED before they enter the stadium! And they leave by halftime to sober up to be able drive home! 
    • Let’s be real last years draft class is going to come down to how Richardson does.  You can’t give any kind of realistic grade when the guy who the whole draft class is going to be judged on only played five games and only finished one of them.  The Colts draft class last year grade is incomplete until we know more about Richardson.
    • I think he meant if Luck had returned in 2019, the Colts were poised to win it all which I don't agree with. I think they still needed quite a bit to win it all.
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