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  1. No worries, when I saw the info earlier I could’ve sworn they said 4.5 million roster bonus.
  2. 4.5 million of his contract was set to become guaranteed tomorrow.
  3. I've been called worse things.
  4. He was due a 4.5 million bonus tomorrow. I don't think there's any penalty.
  5. Help us Ndamukong Suh, you're our only hope.
  6. In regards to FA, I’m Switzerland. He hasn’t done much (that we know of), but he also hasn’t done anything bad. I do think he’ll get some good players signed soon, but I don’t think the board will love it.
  7. It’s also insane to get worked up about football, and it’s even more insane to get upset about trivial things you can’t control.
  8. Can Irsay pay off my student debt with some of the Cap? Is that allowed? Ballard? Anyone?
  9. Exactly. Football is great, but it ends when I turn off a game.
  10. Got a massive contract, calm down. It’s just football.
  11. I can confirm that he does not in fact have the slightest clue about anything. He tries to buy a vowel on Jeopardy.
  12. If Ballard just overpaid for every FA people in here wanted the Colts would be in Cap hell yesterday.
  13. Word is Melvin wanted a lot more than 6.5 annually from the Colts. A lot more makes me think 10+, if that’s the case then Ballard made the right call.
  14. That’s still possible if he doesn’t sign with the Ratbirds.
  15. There’s also the draft, and more players will get released.
  16. They’re supposed to be bringing Ebron in on Sunday. I know he’s a TE, but he is moreso a reciever than a blocker.
  17. AZ is a LONG drive from Va, but I’m on my way to pick him and take him to Indy.
  18. 14 million is to much for a guard. It’s not like he would’ve fixed the entire line. I wanted Norwell, but 4-5 million is a pretty big difference. Now if the Colts pay Jensen 13 million, then absolutely get angry.
  19. That’s not injury prone though. I had the same injury and I run 10 miles every day, and I’m 2 years older than Sherman. I’m not nearly the athlete he is, nor do I have his resources. If the Colts can trade a late pick for him, and get him on a team friendly deal then I’m all for it. I’d rather have Melvin back though.
  20. Living deep in ACC country I tend to not focus on players from other conferences, so at this time of year I rely on others to get info about potential fits for the Colts. With that said I'd like to know, who you folks are some names I should check out? Some guys from UVa I'd like to see Ballard take a look at are Micah Kiser (ILB) 6'2 240: Could be a solid rotational guy that plays very well against the run. Would be a liability against faster guys. Quin Blanding (Safety) 6'2 210: speed is the biggest concern with him. He's a tackling machine and is solid
  21. Someone who was alive and in school dur5inf the NES and SNES glory days, they're not jokes, that's actual stuff I heard all the time. It's exactly what Wells does. Just because the kid said Mega Man fights a skeleton in the new Mega Man game doesnt mean he actualky knew about Skull Man. Not bashing your friend, just think Brad got lucky with this one.
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