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  1. KC seems to be the only definite loss remaining. Lots of toss ups, and a few that seem like guaranteed W's. We will see.
  2. As someone who struggles with depression and anxiety I can understand the mental aspect of it. I also understand the desire to cut things out of your life that trigger those feelings. He went into a dark place during his shoulder injury rehab, he made it through and I just think he never wants to go there again and he knows that another injury like that could happen anytime.
  3. I despise all things ND, but can’t argue with the pick. Would’ve preferred Smith, but Nelson is good.
  4. Pass, I’m optimistic about the bowl of Frito’s and the decomposing Raccoon that we have slated to play WR on the roster.
  5. I never thought I would live to see someone complaining about a receiver getting open and catching the ball, but here we are.
  6. Ebron doesn't block either, so is he TE3?
  7. Remember he was a basketball player, not a football player. He showed flashes in year two when he was TE 3, and he was hurt last year. Not really a fair assessment.
  8. No worries, when I saw the info earlier I could’ve sworn they said 4.5 million roster bonus.
  9. 4.5 million of his contract was set to become guaranteed tomorrow.
  10. I've been called worse things.
  11. He was due a 4.5 million bonus tomorrow. I don't think there's any penalty.
  12. Help us Ndamukong Suh, you're our only hope.
  13. In regards to FA, I’m Switzerland. He hasn’t done much (that we know of), but he also hasn’t done anything bad. I do think he’ll get some good players signed soon, but I don’t think the board will love it.
  14. It’s also insane to get worked up about football, and it’s even more insane to get upset about trivial things you can’t control.
  15. Can Irsay pay off my student debt with some of the Cap? Is that allowed? Ballard? Anyone?
  16. Exactly. Football is great, but it ends when I turn off a game.
  17. Got a massive contract, calm down. It’s just football.
  18. I can confirm that he does not in fact have the slightest clue about anything. He tries to buy a vowel on Jeopardy.
  19. If Ballard just overpaid for every FA people in here wanted the Colts would be in Cap hell yesterday.
  20. Word is Melvin wanted a lot more than 6.5 annually from the Colts. A lot more makes me think 10+, if that’s the case then Ballard made the right call.
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