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  1. I despise all things ND, but can’t argue with the pick. Would’ve preferred Smith, but Nelson is good.
  2. Pass, I’m optimistic about the bowl of Frito’s and the decomposing Raccoon that we have slated to play WR on the roster.
  3. I believe He got released today.
  4. corgi

    Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    If Ballard just overpaid for every FA people in here wanted the Colts would be in Cap hell yesterday.
  5. corgi

    Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    14 million is to much for a guard. It’s not like he would’ve fixed the entire line. I wanted Norwell, but 4-5 million is a pretty big difference. Now if the Colts pay Jensen 13 million, then absolutely get angry.
  6. corgi

    Colts select Tarell Basham, Edge, Ohio

    I would have to check my demo reel. If I still worked there I would have access to all of the old sports tapes. Thankfully the station was way behind on technology and we were still doing tape to tape editing and archiving until 2012.
  7. corgi

    Colts select Tarell Basham, Edge, Ohio

    Basham went to high school about an hour away from me, I actually filmed one of his football games when I was still a video journalist at the local ABC affiliate in my town.
  8. corgi

    Remembering Gavin

    Man, I don't know where to begin. Gavin was always very kind to me on here. Cannot remeber any disagreements between us. He was on a short list of members whose posts I always took the time to read. always a fantastic source of info, especially around draft time. Even though you cannot see this post, know that you made me laugh and you were respected and loved by the family on here. RIP brother.
  9. Thank you very much. At least a few gets my meaning. I guess I need to quit whining about their whining?   :D

  10. corgi

    National Lampoon's Deflategate

  11. corgi


  12. corgi

    Toler Meme

  13. corgi

    Finnegan & Seamus

  14. corgi