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  1. I despise all things ND, but can’t argue with the pick. Would’ve preferred Smith, but Nelson is good.
  2. Pass, I’m optimistic about the bowl of Frito’s and the decomposing Raccoon that we have slated to play WR on the roster.
  3. I believe He got released today.
  4. I never thought I would live to see someone complaining about a receiver getting open and catching the ball, but here we are.
  5. corgi

    Report: Colts signing WR Ryan Grant

    The Raisens pulled some shady stuff.
  6. corgi

    Colts sign Eric Ebron (merge)

    Ebron doesn't block either, so is he TE3?
  7. corgi

    Colts sign Eric Ebron (merge)

    Remember he was a basketball player, not a football player. He showed flashes in year two when he was TE 3, and he was hurt last year. Not really a fair assessment.
  8. corgi

    Hankins Released

    No worries, when I saw the info earlier I could’ve sworn they said 4.5 million roster bonus.
  9. corgi

    Hankins Released

    4.5 million of his contract was set to become guaranteed tomorrow.
  10. corgi

    Hankins Released

    I've been called worse things.
  11. corgi

    Hankins Released

    He was due a 4.5 million bonus tomorrow. I don't think there's any penalty.
  12. corgi

    Hankins Released

    2018 is overrated.
  13. corgi

    Hankins Released

    Help us Ndamukong Suh, you're our only hope.