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  1. BullsColtsFan1

    Who is the team to beat in our division?

    I obviously think the division is going to be tough. The Texans have that good defense and Watson back, the Jags got a top 3 defense in the league and the Titans aren't a bad team. No easy divisional games anymore! I think I'd lead towards the Texans as long as Watson doesn't get injured or have a sophomore slump. The Jags D is great but Bortles lost all of his receivers and his line isn't the best so they'll lean on Fornette a lot. The Titans don't scare me as much, but there still a solid team. If Andrew Luck can be himself and stay healthy, the Colts have a chance in every game. The first 5 games are key though, toughest stretch of the season imo. If they can start 2-3 or better, they'll have a chance. I like the Colts flying under the radar. Should be a fun season!
  2. BullsColtsFan1

    Bengals Week 1

    Opening day can only be more exciting if the Colts get a win! I am going to the game so I hope it's a good one and I hope the Colts can actually start 1-0 this season!
  3. BullsColtsFan1

    Malik Hooker & Clayton Geathers have been CLEARED!

    I am glad they are both back! I hope they stay healthy and are out there week 1!
  4. BullsColtsFan1

    Bears vs. Baltimore (8-2-18)

    I read whoever wins, eliminates the Browns from playoff contention lol? I am glad football is back, even if it is pre season. The season is right around the corner!
  5. BullsColtsFan1

    CBS Sports has the Colts winning just 3-5 games this season

    Not many people are going to give the Colts any credit until they prove themselves. It starts with Andrew Luck imo. If he's able to be his old self and stay healthy, opinions will change, but until then most people are basing there predictions off Luck not being the same player or not being healthy. I think the Colts can get 9-11 wins this year with a healthy Luck.
  6. I don't think Kawhi knows what he wants lol. He's turning into a whiny little you know what! I read he has no desire to play with LeBron either, he wants to be the man. I am hearing LA Clippers which is ridiculous. I guess we'll see soon enough. If he doesn't commit long term to the Raptors (which he won't). They need to trade him right before the all star break. Dumb move by the Raptors. Great move by the Spurs though, send him East, get an all star, decent bench player and pick in return. DeRozan will fit well in SA. They made the playoffs without Kawhi last year and they'll make the playoffs again this year.
  7. BullsColtsFan1

    Assuming Luck is ready to go week one...

    35 TD's 10 INT's 4400 yards, better, yet I am predicting he plays all 16 games!
  8. BullsColtsFan1

    Nate Burelson has Colts at 10-6

    I think all us Colts fans should have something to look forward too with Luck coming back. Here's a guy who went 8-7 in 2016 with a pretty serious shoulder injury. I am sure it'll take sometime for him to get back to his normal self, but I am confident he will. With a healthy Luck I can see the Colts going anywhere from 9-7 to 12-4. I understand there are question marks at multiple positions, but with a new coach, Luck back, a better o-line (hopefully) and flying under the radar (kind of like 2012), I can see the Colts making some noise.
  9. BullsColtsFan1

    Rodney Harrison on nbc sports radio

    I can't stand Rodney Harrison, probably my most disliked NFL Analyst. I don't pay attention to anything that comes out of his mouth.
  10. BullsColtsFan1

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

  11. BullsColtsFan1

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    Where are all the haters now? I am glad he's back throwing! He's going to be one of the most motivated players in the league this year!
  12. BullsColtsFan1

    MVP If You Lose?

    The winning team should have the MVP. There is absolutely no way a player on the losing team who gets swept or loses in 5 should get MVP. Just my opinion. It's KD's to lose.
  13. Not out of the question for sure. All though I don't think CP3 would go to LA, I think he's staying in Houston. I agree with you though, wherever LeBron decides to go(or stay) he will make sure he has 1-2 other superstars to play with, just like he did with Miami in 2010 and Cleveland in 2014. LA might be a good bet, Houston could be(but it'd be really difficult money wise for the Rockets to pull it off) or the 76ers might be a good bet. If the Cavs could hypothetically trade Love, sign DeMarcus Cousins and trade the 8th pick with assets for a Kawai Leonard, maybe LeBron stays? He's going to make sure the proper pieces are there though.
  14. I think the Warriors win in 4 or 5 and I think LeBron is all but gone unless another all star agrees to come to the Cavs. I think he's Houston, 76ers or Lakers bound. If he goes to the Lakers, he isn't seeing the finals for a while. I think if he goes there, he's preparing for his career after Basketball. I'll say 35% Cavs, 50% Lakers, 10% Houston and 5% 76ers. He's going to make sure he's got a few other stars to play with, that's for sure. 8 straight finals is amazing, no matter how you look at it. This is the weakest team he's been on, but I hate the fact that he makes it to the Finals and he's all of a sudden the GOAT. I mean he beat a solid Pacers team with Oladipo(took 7), beat the Chokers(The Raptors) and beat a Boston team in 7 games without their two best players. Is it really that impressive? He should have been the favorite imo. Most vulnerable team he's had though, Pacers and Celtics both had chances for sure.