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  1. I am glad to hear this! Welcome back AV4!
  2. This game is such a tough game to predict. The Chiefs have one of the best offenses of all time but one of the worst defenses. The Chiefs are around .500 the past 4 games and the Colts have won 10 out of 11. Obviously the Colts D hasn't faced an O like this all year. If they can fool Mahomes and make him force the ball down field, I think it plays right into the Colts advantage. If the Chiefs are able to move the ball easily, they could have a field day. I am confident the Colts can run and score on the Chiefs, but the defense is going to have to show me they can get some key stops against such a high powered offense. Colt's can't give up any sacks or have any turnovers on offense either. I am going to go Chiefs 31 Colts 28. Of course I hope I am wrong. We will really be able to tell how good our defense really is after this game. Should be a great game!
  3. Sarcasm. But he's saying that so if the Chiefs win he can say the best QB on the hottest team in the NFL got exposed by the Chiefs. Also, as a Pats lover, on the flip side, if the Colts pull it off then the Pats get the Colts at home who they've owned. That's his logic imo.
  4. I watched this earlier. Good stuff. This one is pretty good too. Marlon Mack with Rich Eisen.
  5. I've seen a lot of people in the media say this Colts team is a team that no one wants to face (and could be the most complete team left), but I fully expect most experts to take the Chiefs. Those picks will be out by Friday. I am ok with that though. The Colts have been playing that role all year. I hope they keep on rolling!
  6. I think the Colts need to slow the game down and run the ball. The Colts o-line needs to bully the Chiefs like they've bullied other teams the past 10 or 11 weeks. I don't think you want to get into a shoot out with the Chiefs, that plays into their advantage. Colts can't have any turnovers, can't get down early and need to force some turnovers and put pressure on Mahomes and I think they'll have a legit shot at winning. There playing great on both sides of the ball right now. This Chiefs offense is nothing like they've faced all year though, it's going to be a good test.
  7. I honestly don't think many people are going to pick the Colts in this game. Are they the hottest team in the NFL? Yes, are they playing great football on both sides? Yes. Are the playoffs about whose the hottest team/playing their best? Yes. But I still think most people think the Colts have a lot of no named/young players on defense and a first year coach. A lot of people think they have overachieved. I personally think the Colts have a shot and that this game could either way. I do not think the Colts want to get into a shoot out with this team. If they can run the ball, slow the game down, not commit any turnovers and force some turnovers, they will have a shot to win this game. The Chiefs are dead last against the run I believe and not much better against the pass. Their D is garbage. They do have a few decent pass rushers, but nothing like Houston had. If our o-line keeps playing the way their playing, the Colts will put up points no problem. I am curious to see if our defense can get to Mahomes. That offense is deadly with a lot of play makers. Should be a great game!
  8. Big Q is a beast! I loved when he put Clowney on the ground a few times!
  9. I think it's going to be a good game. I think on paper the Colts have a better team or strictly match up better, but on paper doesn't mean anything. I am going to say Colts win 27-20 if they can pressure Watson and contain Hopkins as well as move the ball effectively without turning the ball over on offense. If they can't do any of those things, the Texans will win. Go Colts!
  10. Perfectly said. At least he's giving us respect now unlike a few others
  11. Well deserved! He better be DROY! I hope he balls out against Houston Saturday. 40 Tackles, 2 INT's, 2 Forced Fumbles and 3 sacks sure would be nice
  12. You know, I am not 100% certain. I hope not, a neck is nothing to mess around with. Hopefully he's good to go the rest of the way. Boehm has done a fantastic job, but we need Ryan!
  13. Glad he's good to go! I hope he's able to stay healthy the rest of the way!
  14. Kelly practiced today and told a reporter he's good to go for Saturday! That's great news!
  15. Amazing! This team has been on fire the past 10 weeks! One of the hottest, if not hottest team in the league. I truly believe they can play with anyone! They were not expected to make the playoffs in a rebuild year, they are a head of schedule and are coming! This off season should only make the team stronger with all of the cap space and draft picks plus experience from this year. They can beat the Texans too if they play a good, non sloppy game! I just wanted them to get in this year, a playoff win would be a bonus, especially against Houston!
  16. Houston is a very dangerous team at home. The Colts went in there and won a few weeks back, but that game means nothing now. The Colts need to be able to run the ball, not turn the ball over and score TD's in the redzone on offense. On defense, they need to stop the run, contain Watson and put pressure on Watson. He was sacked over 60 times this year, they have to get to him. It should be a good game. I am hoping for a Colts victory! Playing with house money! No one expected them to get in this year!
  17. I would have loved to see what his stats would have been playing a full healthy season. I am happy he has stayed healthy and found success towards the end of the season! We need him to ball out next week!
  18. Forgot to add that little detail in but I did know that. Either way Go Colts! Just get a win and get in!
  19. I agree. I'll be honest, I don't care what seed they get, I just want them to get in and see what happens. 3rd seed, 4th seed or 6th seed. Playing with house money!
  20. No, because the Pats beat them head to head. If Tenn beats Indy and Pats and Texans both lose, Tenn can grab 2 though.
  21. I like the way you think, but we are still a ways from getting in. I honestly don't care what seed we are as long as we get in. It's been a great season thus far. I hope they can finish strong with 3 straight wins and a playoff birth. Once the playoffs get here, it's a brand new season, you never know whose going to get hot.
  22. That's awesome! They've excited expectations. Great coaching and they play hard every down, every game. They always put in the effort. They deserve it! I hope they finish strong. 3 good defensive performances could easily lead to 3 wins!
  23. That's what I thought but I swore the Dolphins are ahead of us in the standings according to NFL.com. Maybe I am wrong. I would think head to head is the first tie breaker, but wasn't 100% sure.
  24. Doesn't Miami get in if they tie with the Colts? If the Colts finish 9-7 and the Dolphins finish 9-7. They get in because they have a better divisional record correct? (if there one loss isn't to the Bills).
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