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  1. I would assume because it would be ineffective with no defenders "frozen" on the threat of a run.
  2. After we lost Lilja and Scott our Oline went south. As previously mentioned, Addai started getting hit in the backfield all the time and his previous effectiveness was lost. We have yet to fix the Oline. Gore was supposed to be the missing piece and he grinds out the tough yards but the Oline keeps him from truly excelling. Without a decent Oline I think the appeal of Barkley (or any FA back etc...) will fade quickly. He will be just another guy. What I am sick of is Mariota or frickin Savage dropping back into a continuously clean pocket and picking our secondary apart. We MUST a
  3. "No Frank, you can buy new, better stuff here!"
  4. Aside from all the winning, I miss knowing who was going to be on the field. This year was like..."oh yeah, that's so and so". Can't discount the continuity. We got TY and...?
  5. Throwback to glory days...I like it.
  6. Like him in Red Zone only. We could get better at the #2 WR spot.
  7. You can get good production out of 2nd tier running backs. Not true with OLB/DEs. This should be Chubb all day.
  8. I would love wins...don't really care about a coach's likability.
  9. https://twitter.com/PaulKuharskyNFL/status/952950321659170818 Looks like Kaharsky thinks McDaniels still to Colts. P.S. - How do I make the tweet look like it does on twitter?
  10. Gotcha, just playing with you. The Colts were very close in many games. Add Luck to that and a "step on your throat" type coach...who knows?
  11. Yes, if the Colts had a better team they absolutely would have made the playoffs.
  12. I like Chuck a lot. Nothing but class. The 2012 year is probably my 2nd favorite Colts year!
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