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  1. He has no ratings on NFL.com. Draft steal?
  2. Well if that's not a WR name, then I don't know what is.
  3. I have learned to not judge a draft immediately. I didn't know nearly every player drafted in 18 and seems to have gone pretty well. These guys pour over EVERYONE for months. Seeing a guy live a few times is nothing compared to the work that the GM/scouts have put in. I am 100% behind Chris Ballard. Our team has improved.
  4. WE BLEW A CHANCE TO FIELD PARIS HILTON AND THE HOOKERS!!! I'll never forget what could have been! Of course my next band is now named.
  5. Obviously need Hooker. The chance to have a safety tandem of hookers is too good to pass on.
  6. I'm already angry about who we took.
  7. Thanks all, that was enough to find it. 2014. I swear I still think that was at the New Albany waterfront. Yer boy looks 15 years older now.
  8. Hey guys, I attended the Colts tour in New Albany a few years ago. I got a selfie with AV (Overton was the other player there). Trying to find said pic on my computer but I am having a hard time. Anyone remember the year/month that this happened? If it helps, I remember it being roughly 11,000 degrees that day.
  9. I would assume because it would be ineffective with no defenders "frozen" on the threat of a run.
  10. After we lost Lilja and Scott our Oline went south. As previously mentioned, Addai started getting hit in the backfield all the time and his previous effectiveness was lost. We have yet to fix the Oline. Gore was supposed to be the missing piece and he grinds out the tough yards but the Oline keeps him from truly excelling. Without a decent Oline I think the appeal of Barkley (or any FA back etc...) will fade quickly. He will be just another guy. What I am sick of is Mariota or frickin Savage dropping back into a continuously clean pocket and picking our secondary apart. We MUST address our pass rush. I'm taking Chubb at 3 and then picking him again in the second round.
  11. "No Frank, you can buy new, better stuff here!"
  12. Aside from all the winning, I miss knowing who was going to be on the field. This year was like..."oh yeah, that's so and so". Can't discount the continuity. We got TY and...?
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