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  1. TBH I thin we need to pursue Honey Badger and consider moving on from Geathers..... Or keep him as a back up. But he is not near the same since returning. The thought of Hooker and Matthieu is down right scary.
  2. Crazy. I will tell you the same as I told NCF in the above post. We'd may disagree and argue a lot. But you do make some very good posts. Believe it or not I enjoy your input!!!!
  3. We'd may disagree and argue a lot. But you do make some very good posts. Believe it or not I enjoy your input!!!! HA
  4. Ballard is not making sense. To beat a passing league. You need to BEAT a passing league. Corners are my favorite position in the NFL so I am biased. We are gonna get torn up if this is not addressed. Maybe not so much in the division but IF we get to the playoffs. We will get torched by the Big 2 Br=eing NE and PItt by the passing game
  5. It's a great question and one that probably needs to be stickied for the new members. These are the the type of learning threads that are important IMO.
  6. Don't waste posts..... this is stupid
  7. Watch how much better Vuj will be under better coaching and a MUCH better scheme Ballard knows what he's doing
  8. Awesome. Another thread that should've been a post in an already existing thread talking about the same * thing.
  9. In your dream we're you informed of all the deals made? Or is 34 an absolute?
  10. Not necessarily..... Maybe he just liked the Jags better....
  11. How do you know Ballard didn't offer more money? It's not an auction!!! It doesnt always go to the highest bidder
  12. This whole Ballard didn't do enough nonsense is ridiculous.... No one knows what he offered or IF he offered anything. This is not an auction that goes to the highest bidder!!!! The player gets to choose. Colts 4-12 with a cruddy defense that has had horrible management for the last 6 yrs with a new coaching staff a questionable QB position and a pretty cruddy roster.... In Indiana where there is state income taxes.... cold weather... and corn OR Jax who just came off of the AFCCG and should have won. A great RB.. a very stout defense...... stable coaching (I didn't say great I said stable). No income taxes.... warm weather... beaches 66,000,000 in Florida saves Norwell about 2.2 million in state income taxes compared to Indiana.
  13. I am on the McKinnon bandwagon.... and yes I like the idea of McKinnon and Mack and Turbin
  14. They will just show him their downtown NYC and our cornfields
  15. Ok. I see it. I meant OL coach. My bad
  16. Of course I knew that but Thanks for the clarification
  17. Could be... but they have Eli, He will play for a few more yrs I think. Doubt anyone comes in and takes his job right now. They could go the route of building a team first then adding a QB in a yr or two
  18. Trade back and get a boatload of picks curious why everyone considers the Colts trading back but not the Giants
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