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  1. boogmanningluck

    Colts @ Texans 2019 AFC Wild Card Round Playoff Game Thread

    Le'Veon can look for another team
  2. boogmanningluck

    Colts @ Texans 2019 AFC Wild Card Round Playoff Game Thread

    Let's get the ball back and run it down their throats
  3. boogmanningluck

    Colts @ Texans 2019 AFC Wild Card Round Playoff Game Thread

    Jump on Texans early ! Creative plays from Frank
  4. boogmanningluck

    1975 Baltimore Colts Analogy

    That team indeed was so much fun to watch. Looney tunes and sack pack names given to d line. Cook , Dutton , Barnes & Ehrmann. Was 15 at the time but man I see so many similarities. Lyell & Bert 2 of my all time favorites. We just beat the old Houston team so now on to the new one. Always BLEED BLUE !!!!!
  5. boogmanningluck

    Andrew Luck -- The Kool Aid Man

    To get them to jump offside when everyone watching knew no way we would snap it with clock winding down to 2 minute warning and trying to take time off clock was a reason to celebrate probably laughing from his insides. Fist pump probably more appropriate but you gotta love his childish exuberance.
  6. boogmanningluck

    No matter what happens Sunday night...

    Unlike most #18 playoff runs , if this amazing Colts team reaches the playoffs it has one distinct advantage. Nothing to lose attitude, nobody saw us coming and a Captain Comeback Like LET ER RIP !!!!
  7. boogmanningluck

    Colts Vs. Cowboys Game Day Thread

    Hey % Bayless , his name is YAK Prescott
  8. boogmanningluck

    Colts Vs.Dolphins Game Day Thread

    Digging out my LEISURE SUIT ! So reminds me of ' 74. And also Captain comeback
  9. boogmanningluck

    BigQ Was Mic'ed Up - Night. Made.

    Thanks to Big Q's parents for making our " MONSTER "
  10. boogmanningluck

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    Sorry , but just can't stomach this offensive game plan. Gotta throw deep on occasion to loosen up D
  11. boogmanningluck

    Quenton Nelson

    Given that we got a haul in the Jets trade, I believe with all the extra picks in our back pocket we should look at drafting the safest pick in round 1. Barkley would be my first choice ( game changer ) but the more I see Nelson and from commentary from all the so called talent evaluators the man is a can't miss beast.
  12. boogmanningluck

    Lots of former Colts want Barkley to be drafted

    Bill Polish has a pretty good track record when it comes to a high draft pick . But I've never seen him so demonstrative about a player as he's been with S. Don't believe we need to worry when we're on the clock about choosing Barkley , he'll be long gone. Cleveland in great position to nab him at 1 then grab one of the qb's st 4. Even if it plays out that way our Colts are in great spot to trade down even multiple Times and still fix one of a multitude of problems . Let's fix oline through free agency. First then take it from there.