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  1. He was never a head coach and it shows. He sucks. I have to live with the same lame coaching with Franklin from Penn St. Lol
  2. 1st and goal at the 1, I have no problem with Brissett doing 2 qb sneaks or Taylor over the top
  3. I've never seen replays called so quickly. Plus I've had enough of Reich decisions. Colts will not revert to 1 good half 1 bad half. Still believe we'll pull this out in spite of his brain cramps
  4. I'm not that opposed to signing Suh for maybe a 2 year deal. Some nastiness on D like big Q on O. By the time his and Houston's deals are up the def. Will have been fortified and the money will be there to re up them.
  5. That team indeed was so much fun to watch. Looney tunes and sack pack names given to d line. Cook , Dutton , Barnes & Ehrmann. Was 15 at the time but man I see so many similarities. Lyell & Bert 2 of my all time favorites. We just beat the old Houston team so now on to the new one. Always BLEED BLUE !!!!!
  6. To get them to jump offside when everyone watching knew no way we would snap it with clock winding down to 2 minute warning and trying to take time off clock was a reason to celebrate probably laughing from his insides. Fist pump probably more appropriate but you gotta love his childish exuberance.
  7. Unlike most #18 playoff runs , if this amazing Colts team reaches the playoffs it has one distinct advantage. Nothing to lose attitude, nobody saw us coming and a Captain Comeback Like LET ER RIP !!!!
  8. Digging out my LEISURE SUIT ! So reminds me of ' 74. And also Captain comeback
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