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  1. Some of those free agents were good players. Some were let go because the team couldn't afford to pay them. But we had $100 million.
  2. Not impressed with Reichs playcalling so far.
  3. Me either that’s why I’m curious. Man I wanted Roquan but im liking Leonard the more I research him.
  4. I also agree with everything except the Chubb part. I’m pretty sure he was the 2nd best run stopper at his position?
  5. The Jags had like five consecutive top 5 picks. We’re getting our first one this season after six years, and it’s becausse our QB missed the year. Let’s calm down lol.
  6. We can take one of the two great LBs at 6, then take a good guard at 36 or 37.
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