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Colts @ 49ers, October 24, 2021, 8:20PM ET


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18 minutes ago, GoatBeard said:


My narrative is points are important and we need to stop giving them away. We arent good at 2pt conversions. Period. 



My new narrative is to not use the word narrative.


Remember when “seminole” was the  “new hot” word?

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10 minutes ago, compuls1v3 said:

This is like coaching 101.  It’s not even about being aggressive.  It’s just not smart football.

I think there are a lot of people that look at a probability sheet and think just because it says you have a 60% chance of making it, based on a sea of data, then you should just go for it.


Thats ridiculous and has no context IMO.


You have to know your team. We are not good in these situations. To ignore that and make decisions based off probability, is asking for trouble.


I am a firm believer you take the points until you need more. Then you take a chance. 


5 minutes left, up by 8.....sure.


5 minutes left, down by 9......of course.


5 minutes left, up by 1......sure.


5 minutes left down by 2.....of course.


But in the 2nd or 3rd quarter, if you dont get it it can totally change the dynamics of the game. 


Now if San Fran scores a TD, they can go for 2 and go up 7, forcing us to score a TD to tie. If we went for 1, we need a TD to win instead.


We just scored...... Should be up 2 scores. But we left the window open and its still a 1 score game. 


Its simply what I like to call "outsmarting yourself".

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1 minute ago, WoolMagnet said:

My new narrative is to not use the word narrative.


Remember when “seminole” was the  “new hot” word?

I am with you.


Anytime somebody disagrees with you its a "narrative" now. 


Narrative - a spoken or written account of connected events.


Yeah that applies to everything people lol

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    • I thought the point was the reliance on it has become excessive, that teams are short-sighted in relying on them too much, and such a reliance is shall we say not terribly bright. But I could be wrong.
    • Like I said I’m not unhopeful.  Hes JAG right now.  Jags are important.    I think of his play so far as adequate.  You need guys that are adequate but they spent a higher type pick on an injured player so they hope for more than that. We will see. I think it’s likely a bad move not to trade Gilmore and shop Buckner.    
    • Wow Congratulations to you both. We are celebrating our 30th this month. 
    • So, serious question. Is there a point here?   What definition of "analytics" are you working from, as it relates to football?
    • Now that media week is in full force, maybe any news would be suppressed at league request. This year is a new landscape, with  new rules, and the Colts (and Cardinals) are taking their time. To your point, it seems like the Colts decided to wait until all the cards are played before making their decision. Steichen being the last interview doesn't mean he's the favorite, it's just the way it played out. And even if they had a strong leaning toward another candidate, they weren't going to decide until they finished their process.   I personally respect it, I think all hiring should be delayed until after the SB anyway.   But I kind of expect a leak at some point over the next few days, even if no official announcement comes out. I wouldn't be surprised if it's not Steichen, even if it only comes out after the SB. Just trying to read the tea leaves. But Irsay said days, not weeks. If it's anyone else, there's no reason they can't get to work this week, and postpone any press events until after the SB parade. Morris in particular has been available for a month, and is probably already handling Rams business for 2023. That's why I think later this week is a reasonable timeline for us to know something...   One clarification: The rules allowed the Colts to have a second interview with Steichen the week prior to the SB, because they had an initial interview with him before championship week. If they had not completed an initial interview within the allowed window, they could not have scheduled a second interview with him last week. And they are now in a dark period where they are not allowed any official contact with him until after the SB. There's a series of tweets somewhere around here where it's all broken down.
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