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  1. I think someone will get Wentz for a really nice price. Also I don't view him as a guy who can't play. I think he can play and I think he fits this offense. I also would hope he's a little wiser with running to contact, and maybe locker room leadership.
  2. The team needs to move on to a younger option in 2021 and I expect they will. Wentz makes a ton of sense for the Colts. The staff connection alone is huge in this league, you cannot overstate the value of a play caller/designer being on the same wavelength as the QB. So my own expectation is they trade for him, let him compete with Eason, and those two provide starter and backup.
  3. Rivers really made me proud today in how well he dished that ball, how quickly he was reading and reacting and keeping this team in that game. It was a heck of a last game for him if that is what we just saw and best of luck to him and family in retirement. I'm down about losing but expected a loss in this matchup. Allen is just so good that you need to be able to scramble drill against him in your secondary or he'll extend plays and squeeze extra points and that's hard to overcome. Colts played them to the hilt nothing to be but proud even in the loss.
  4. Colts almost succeeded in that first half. Had good control for the most part, the Bills just have a freak of a QB. Allen is right up there with Mahomes for me. If the league were to reload with a veteran draft Allen would be gone in the first two picks. Still got the second half to go but that drive there at the end had an exclamation on it. Almost a sense of inevitability. Hope the Colts have it in them to win this we'll see though.
  5. I think we as fans give QBs too much cred when they win and too much blame when they lose. Wentz has had a down year. But there was a lot of bad around him. Young legs come in and look good but that's a common theme (starting fast) for mobile QBs and they start fast due to DEs needing to check their contain responsibilities, but they also generally need to adjust to being able to throw from the pocket to sustain top performance once the job is theirs. Wentz offers good potential for teams that have a good OL and strong run game balance. There are some who fit that to include th
  6. Never thought much of Guenther. So not a surprise they were unhappy with him. For an asst coach to get the axe midseason there's some nonsense that built up behind the scenes that's for sure.
  7. It was only a matter of time. The guy is a stud. Only concern for me is the mileage on him. He has almost a thousand attempts on that body just from college and over 6k yards. He's prolific but we'll see how long he can last at this level. NFL is no joke. If you can't get skinny as a back you're gonna take a pounding.
  8. So first off I think adding a vet QB if they can get one at a price they like isn't a bad idea. Because I think this is Rivers' last season. He can still play but in my opinion the Colts are going to make this run with him then it's gonna be time to go younger. Eason of course factors in but we don't know how he's been doing in practice and on the mental side so adding a younger QB to compete with him is not a bad idea. Competition is a good thing. Advantage of Darnold is that he comes with two years of control at a fair price but the key is what would the trade cost be. Not s
  9. Getting him rolling is crucial for the Colts. It's going to change the way defenses prepare. So yesterday was great to see and I think his time is coming soon.
  10. I don't think they're going to be happy long term if he can't hit a 50 yarder. He's going to need to work on that range. But for now I do like the accuracy.
  11. If it was Jeckyll & Hyde the Colts would be ranked around middle of the league in points per game. But they're far better than that. Top 5 defense. So maybe your problem is with the league being so offensively minded or the fact that sometimes the other team makes plays. It is frustrating. But that's football my man.
  12. Yeah and imagine being a QB and getting drafted by this team, compared to, say, the Jets. It's night and day. The way Ballard has built this roster you could actually have some hope of a high drafted rookie coming in and running some heavy play action in a conservative attack and winning some games. But Eason showing enough for them to give him a shot would be the best case scenario. $25M comes off the books at QB and could equal two or three FAs to plug holes and depth and make this roster better. You get to use your draft to keep building with some BPA selections. And with
  13. Very true lol. But their problems ran very deep and beyond just the QB position. When I said saved I was talking about the lost value on the trade-up for QB. Cousins countered that quite well.
  14. If Ballard doesn't think Eason (after seeing him for a full year in practice) is the guy he'll be able to move up and get another QB. He'll package the picks he needs to get it done and go get the guy he wants in that scenario. We get too wrapped up in picks I think, the key is hitting on that guy you move up for and even then sometimes you can be saved in unanticipated ways. Look at the Redskins. They "gave up their future" to move up and draft RG3 and whiffed. All those picks the Rams received were basically squandered, and didn't move the needle for them. And then the Skins
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