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  1. Paye will be fantastic. Odeyingbo is much riskier but he has a really high upside. Knock on him is with his tools he should dominate. Ballard is betting they can get that from him. I won't be surprised if they do. Nice accountability on this roster in the locker room alone should ensure that.
  2. The Titans stole their guy round 2 IMO, right in their faces. I think Ballard has done a good job as usual (his picks are all players I like) but he got outmaneuvered with the most important hole in his roster. Which is also really important for maximizing return on Wentz. Not gonna complain and moan about it. Is what it is. I'm just really surprised they didn't add an OT they really like.
  3. Wanted a tackle but Paye is relentless. Heck of a player.
  4. Agreed. You move him to the Raiders where he'll waste away slowly while they fumble around trying to put a team around him. Gruden should also be good for a windfall of picks.
  5. I think it's much more likely I am wrong re: who can start LT year one than that I'm wrong re: needing someone who can start year one. Re: rankings what you've been seeing the past few weeks is sites moving guys to limit the differences. Radunz for example has been climbing of late, probably due to these sites hearing that their boards are off on this guy or that guy. Pretty sure GBN had him in the 50s recently as last week but he's at 40 now and 30 range with Draft Network and PFF. But in a normal draft there's a ton more consensus on guys than there is this year and there are
  6. Lance does have crazy upside. Just from a talent perspective it's not close between the two. But I still think this whole thing is about the fans. Drumming up interest and drama.
  7. Moore's excellent and I'd love to get him at 54. They say he's capable of outside the numbers, not sure to what extent that will be true in the NFL, but if you think he's a slot then he gets lumped in with a lot of really nice slot options that will go off the board in that round 3 to 4 range. Guys like Eskridge, Rodgers, etc. Moore's a far better athlete but there's gonna be some real nice slot additions to teams there. The guy I think Ballard won't pass on at 54 is Friermuth. I think he's going to take a TE if things line up and both Friermuth and Long are good fits. Long wo
  8. Just throwing out my opinion. Never said the team would agree. And I don't consider moving Q to be an option. They're not going to do that. I also think there are a lot of sites that have flawed lists this year so I'm going mostly off what I'm seeing on game tape. There is also more deviation between team boards than probably any draft in recent memory too. This is going to be a wild west draft. And there are quite a few OT names being thrown around that aren't really fits for the Colts' LT need. There are a lot of RT types in this draft who may be able to move ov
  9. The deviation in grades is crazy this year. So trust your board. Colts need to take the best LT option they have and not mess around. You can trade back say 10 picks then see 3 or 4 guys go right off the board because there just aren't enough human beings who can do what they do. There are a lot of options. Now maybe they're gonna be picky and if so ok then move up and get a guy you really love. Trading up isn't in vogue but it does provide you more certainty than the other options. They have to hit on LT.
  10. Just sit at 21 and take Radunz. Only concern I had on him was level of competition and he blew that out of the water during Senior Bowl week. Dude's a gem IMO. He's gonna outplay a lot of guys drafted ahead of him. If he's off the board then maybe you roll the dice on Little. I don't know. I wouldn't take a RT like Jenkins or Cosmi and try to move them to LT that's for sure. Little is risky but he's a LT. Ton of buzz on Vera-Tucker right now but he's gonna move inside year one IMO. Maybe Eichenberg round 2 at that point. His own coach submarined him with that RT
  11. This whole episode is them pandering to the fan base. They moved up for Jones. The fan base freaked out. It's not hard to act like you're doing due diligence from that point but I think they have known all along who their guy is. If you reloaded the drafting of Brees he would go in the top of that draft. In spite of size concerns, arm strength concerns, marginal athletic ability, etc etc. Because he can read and dish it fast to the right guy. No matter how you try to change QB the ball in flight is faster than anybody's run speed. Pocket QBs have things a bit harder early on
  12. WR is very deep this year. So is corner. So is OT. Dropoff will be factored in of course but I doubt it drives the decision. The Colts just gambled big time on Wentz. It was an informed gamble with a coach who knows and loves him but it's still a gamble and they need to double down to ensure he's protected. You can't mess around with LT. If LT is there in round one for them then LT will be the pick. If not, then you're talking trade down to ensure value on the next tier option, or reaching for that option, or waiting until round 2. I would guess move down is pref
  13. Dalman is terrible. But the others yeah I agree they have a lot of nice options in this draft. Fehoko in particular I like. Really nice size, smooth mover with good upside for a big guy in his route tree. Physical too, sort of like a mini-TE underneath when he gets the ball. He'd look really nice in this offense. And Little might be something at OT. The time he missed might make him slide but he's a quality prospect in a very, very strong class.
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