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  1. Yeah I don't want to jinx it but I feel the same way. They're playing well and hope that continues. Titans have a good front though so we'll see.
  2. True. But even with the mobile ones getting them to move that first time due to a rusher's influence tilts the play in the defense's favor. From there your chances of either an incompletion or maybe even a mistake leading to a turnover is higher.
  3. I don't like the Chiefs OL. They got beat in the trenches in a one-sided fashion by Tennessee and when that happens it's usually ugly. If their defense hadn't contained the run game it would have been much uglier too. But what we're seeing in KC is that even Mahomes isn't Mahomes without good line play. This is a tough matchup for Indy. I'm curious to see how well the OL will play more than anything else in this one. If they play well the Colts have a chance so I'm hopeful.
  4. Sacks aren't the important metric; pressures are what win games. If you can't move a QB off his spot in the NFL you're gonna get picked apart. Even the bad QBs at this level can do that to you. Paye is off to a nice start, I have no real concerns about him. He should get better as the season goes on too. Just need guys to step up. Also I know it's an obvious thing to say but this Titans game is a big one. If they lose they can still get back to .500 by winning the two easier games that follow. But if they win they're at .500 and can actually get up two more games with those easy matchups. If everything goes well they could be 6-4 going into that Buffalo game which was almost unthinkable a few weeks ago. I realize it's unlikely this team beats the Titans but I am hopeful that's how things go down.
  5. Two high safety looks have the drawback of a light box. Colts play two deep quite a lot which doesn't help. And players matter too. You can draw anything up but the players need to be able to actually execute it.
  6. Offense is gonna have to carry things a bit yeah. But it's a good offense. Stranger things have happened and maybe you get one or two guys stepping up on the defensive side. Reich's been steady too. He's doing a good job with this team given how they started. Looks like the offense needed to gel, happens.
  7. Amazing what a couple wins can do for outlook. Feels like a team that is coming together now. Concerned about the defense but all teams have issues. Going to be fun to find out how far this year's team can go.
  8. Time of possession is a tool that it is used for two things: 1. Chilling the opposing offense. 2. Shortening the game. If you are scoring on your possessions then item 1 is not really important. That is reserved for opponents who have a more explosive offense than you do. Think the Giants upsetting the Bills, or the Patriots upsetting the Rams in the Super Bowl. It is a very powerful tool if you have a good enough defense to maximize its effect. Shortening the game is done with the run game in the second half once you have a lead. Which the Colts accomplished. So yeah I think you're right. The only time you can say a team didn't run the ball enough in the early portion of a game is when the opposing defense is out there only playing the pass and getting stops.
  9. I'll be surprised if Dayo ends up on the edge. Still think he's too heavy footed. The closest I'd play him to the edge is 5T. Edge types need to have feet, or at the least some lateral quickness. If they put Dayo on the edge they're gonna have contain problems on his side. This is why I expect he'll end up as a DL at this level. The hope for this season is that he can work his way into being a good DL rotation piece. That has a lot of value.
  10. Reich knows his QBs. So I'll say it: I am sure the coaches did their part. The NFL is a big boy league and hand holding is just not possible for very long at this level. Players need to be able to execute. Eason being picked up by Seattle is very interesting. Makes sense in that they run the WCO (they poached their OC from the Rams' staff) now so the scheme adjustment will be minimal for him. Also makes sense in that he's got a lot of arm which is required with a beast like Metcalf who can get down the field in a hurry. But his issues are going to be just as much of a problem there as they were here. Seattle's line is also not as good as Indy's. What Wilson has done behind that line over the years is even more impressive when you consider they're always a bit of a sieve. So I don't have any reason to think he's gonna succeed there.
  11. Kittle is an enormous loss for Garoppolo. That's his security blanket. What makes SF so dangerous on offense is the way they have a bunch of guys who can catch it and RAC underneath. And Shanahan is so creative he moves them all over to include the offensive backfield to get them matchups vs mouth breathers. I point that out because the end result is confusion during sub groups because is that guy a RB or a WR. But if the DC is on his game he should be able to adjust and they're short handed. Over a full 60 I have to expect the Colts offense to do a lot of good things to include enough to win. I'd take the Colts in this one with the points.
  12. Lot of teams hurting in the secondary this year. Dennard isn't much of an athlete but he always had good strength and ability to jam guys at the LOS. Personally I like corners like that and he's worth a spin on the PS to see if they can coach him up to help out.
  13. Not at all, at least not from my perspective. Intellect doesn't really translate 1 to 1 with processing speed. There's cerebral types who can't do it and non-cerebral types who can do it. Some guys can just multitask and have the quickness of mind to get through reads. In the NFL the QB has to get the play out in the huddle, ensure the players are all set correctly, read the defense pre-snap for coverage, read the defense pre-snap to identify rush threats, ensure the line calls have accommodated said rush threats, make corrections on all of that to include changing to a better play if necessary, and all of this has to be done before the play clock runs out. It's a massive load for young QBs. But then the snap happens and many defenses change to what they're really doing and the QB has microseconds to process what that does to the play call, as well as each individual target in the pattern being read in order of the play call, while sidestepping inevitable pressure in the pocket. It's the toughest position in sports IMO. Is there some way to measure who has it in terms of some sort of mental acuity test? Well if you come up with that you can sell it to the NFL and retire. But the best way is to prioritize QBs who show an ability to get through reads in college. Eason has never been that guy, he is a specimen physically they just rolled the dice probably hoping he could be coached up.
  14. Another high end talent who doesn't have the mental processing speed required at this level. In today's league you have to get through reads fast and see what is there. That is the biggest priority in any offense but in particular it has always been a priority in the WCO.
  15. Shanahan is the best OC in the league I think, so of course the 9ers will be ready to pick the Colts defense apart early on. Colts just need to be prepared to make quick adjustments defensively. Colts are good enough to beat the 9ers. I like our chances this week. If they can get to 3-4 with a big win here things will look a ton better. He is a beast. But I would chip him and run the ball at him and grind him down.
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