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  1. I was kind of enjoying the aftermath of that win. Think I'll let myself out and check back later in the week.
  2. Gotta disagree with you here Nickster. Taylor racked up almost a thousand carries at Wisconsin with over 6k yards. I doubt he's got any issues being ready between the tackles at the NFL level. They just gotta get him ready now. Make sure he knows his assignments basically. Nothing against Mack here, but Taylor's a big play back. He can flip things for you with just a seam at the line of scrimmage.
  3. I'm not a huge fan of Reich. But when you hire an OC to become your HC you are in for some growing pains. And when he's overseeing a QB transition, that can skew multiple years worth of records in terms of making it tough to evaluate his performance. So if I were the owner I'd give him the full season in 2020. There's a lot of football to be played, he's got a vet QB and a rookie RB who might be special, there's no reason to think he can't make a run.
  4. My opinion of Jax changed a lot after that game. I think they're going to be a good team this season. Minshew is scrappy and resourceful. He's got two nice wideouts this year too. That RB they found is something too, #30. His power style gives them a nice look with him and Minshew. Line looks solid. The roster is loaded with young and talented kids. And the Jags have one of the better offensive staffs around (Marrone was already good and they added Gruden who I have a ton of respect for). I think this opinion of them being a trash team is beginning to look like g
  5. I wasn't happy yesterday with Rivers' velocity on his ball. I'll admit that. But there at the end of the game, in spite of it all, homey was putting that ball on the money where it needed to be but guys around him couldn't finish. What they need to do is two things, neither of which have anything to do with Rivers... 1. Get Taylor rolling in the backfield. He's gonna be a guy who changes this offense for the better. 2. Get their defense figured out. Do those two things and everything is gonna work out. And oh by the way gonna giv
  6. Jay Gruden is an excellent OC. He'll make them resilient and better at sustaining drives than they should be. But he just doesn't have the roster. Time of possession in this one should be one sided along with the score.
  7. The Jags are a dumpster fire. I suspect they're tanking on purpose too btw, for the top pick in the draft and a QB. Which is hard to argue. Prob with that is Marrone is a good coach who is going to eat that particular <bleep> sandwich. I feel sorry for the guy. But either way I'll be surprised if week one isn't a big win for the Colts.
  8. The Colts' 2020 season is all about Rivers. He's going to have the pass pro he needs up front, a complimentary run game, and also has a good group of skill players around him in the offense. Strength of the offense is in the OL and the RB rooms. So I expect a unit that finishes around 10th or so in scoring, on the back of a dependable run threat and a savvy vet QB capitalizing on the play action. If Rivers plays very well then I think the unit could get up into that rarefied air, but either way this is a playoff offense. I think the question of how far the team goes
  9. I think as fans we sometimes forget the business side of the NFL exists. That's the side that attaches value to a recent pick based on the level of your investment, and it's why you see guys who go higher in the draft get more chances and more looks than the guys who go later or are UDFAs. This applies to the QBs as well so there was never really a battle between those two QBs... One was a significant investment, and the other is a talented kid who made some mistakes that they knew they would survive a cut and the waiver wire so they could stash him on the PS. My take on Kelly i
  10. He is a whole different order of threat than Mack. I'll be very surprised if teams aren't focusing him by week 4 or so. And if it wasn't for Mack I'd say he's a real good bet for ROY. Still might be even with Mack sharing carries.
  11. The over on 8.5 is easy money. This should be a 9 to 11 win team. Injuries btw are a given in terms of needing them to go your way. Part of the game tbh.
  12. You can go a long way in this league with a strong run game, a solid QB using play action behind it, and a stout defense. For the Colts it looks like they have everything you want on offense to do that, so their season is going to come down to the defense I think. In 2019 they finished 18th in points against which isn't good enough. But for 2020 I'd say the defense should improve and the offense should also improve. So just on paper and all that but right now they look like a contender to me.
  13. The defense certainly doesn't look like a top five group to me. But yeah it's ridiculous to think they'll get worse when they invested heavily this offseason. It's also ridiculous in how hard it can be to find good writing about the NFL. More and more these sites that pop up via different social media outlets are driven to produce quick hitting nonsense for the clicks. Lotta noise out there IMO.
  14. The big change with Taylor will be explosive plays. People are going to be shocked at the difference it makes in the offense. Last season Mack finished 18th in DVoA (which is a measure of explosive plays), and 10th in SR (success rate which is getting what is deemed "successful" amount of yards or a first down per down/distance). He's a good back and can keep the chains moving but he lacks that gear. And also that SR demonstrates the quality of the line. Taylor is going to flip the field. My concern with him is the mileage, but outside that the guy is going to be a
  15. My response was that you have to look past coachspeak and that Reich specifically is not alone in doing that. He's basically just like everyone else in that regard. To your point... I think there's room to be more genuine about it than coaches are in this current and touchy-feely era. Probably the most glaring this offseason was Gurley and the Rams played it that way to avoid negative press. But they've been covering for him and denying the reality for a while now, that they made a grievous error paying him early. Teams have taken notice too and RB contracts will inevitably fo
  16. Any list that has Brissett is a bad list. Also why even go past the total number of teams and rank backups who you rarely see against starters? And on top of that it's bad enough that it's Simms writing this stuff. Of all the media outlets I feel like NBC has the worst analysts and general football knowledge. And Simms is a big part of that. For the Colts there are two things in play this year... First, how well can Rivers perform with all the pieces around him. He's got an above average group across the board. I would think pretty well is the answer bu
  17. I think you're correct re: Kelly. Nowadays you have to look past the coachspeak there are just very few head coaches who will tell it straight even when their moves tell a different story. Kelly has throttled back on the partying but he's probably not a starting talent in this league. Question with him is can he be the backup and in that respect I think Reich will give him every opportunity. But Brissett is more talented, so chances are he'll be the backup. You see this coachspeak stuff around the league it's nuts honestly. Take any big offseason move and then listen to the pr
  18. I doubt it's possible to put together a schedule that is fair or that would stand up to people picking it apart by whatever metric. But hey we live in an age where some folks think little league shouldn't keep score so I suppose these types of articles are inevitable. My guess is most coaches are ready to play the sched and not cry about it. Well, except for Sean Payton.
  19. Well hell. You'd think at my age I would know not to make assumptions. Whoops.
  20. Petersen's a heck of a coach. But Eason's dad played QB in the NFL for the Pats too. Makes sense to me that he's well grounded in what he needs to know to succeed at the NFL level. Just don't rush the kid. Redshirt him and let him sit and learn behind the vet. Whether he succeeds at that point comes down to whether he's going to do the work and whether he can process at NFL speed, because the physical side is there. We'll see.
  21. Being varied and flexible in order to shape your defensive scheme to the opponent is the future of defensive football in the NFL. Guys leading that are Belichick and Fangio right now. But all that aside the Colts are trending in the wrong direction. 2018 Scoring Defense: 21.2 (8th) 2019 Scoring Defense: 23.3 (18th) Historically you want to be around 19ppg allowed or lower. Lower the better. If you have a top scoring offense that gives you some wiggle room too, it's all related of course (KC was 20.2 last year and won it all). But the Colts right now
  22. Good value in round 6? Sure. But he's a lazy route runner which limits his ability to gain space quickly. And in spite of his size he's not remotely threatening on high pointed passes or contested balls, in fact he gets pushed around more than he should. This is why he went as late as he did. Also IMO you gotta be careful stacking a WR corps based on high point types. It's great to have length and size out wide and all, but the difficulty of an accurate high point throw is greater than hitting a receiver who gets good separation thus making it lower percentage. I'd
  23. I'm seeing a lot of fear. QB alone means a likely increase in wins by 3 or so. Line is good, skill positions are good, should be a really solid offense. Colts will win the South.
  24. Thing with Buckner is he's not an elite pass rusher (he's a top 3rd of the league type). The guy gets mentioned with Aaron Donald but he's not in his class in pressures and there's a 4 year track record to demonstrate that. Also the other concern is simply paying a DT big money and the question of whether it's wise. So it's not like the trade was a slam dunk especially when the 9ers ended up with Kinlaw as compensation. But in the huddle it's about more than stats. His leadership is off the charts and the guy is very tough mentally. And I'm a big fan of players who can play th
  25. Clowney's not the sharpest knife in the kitchen. If he had half a brain he'd sign with a team who has a strong 3T that can draw doubles, but who has an open blindside position, and ride that to a big statistical season and contract. Longer you wait as a FA though, the less cap space is available. So he's painted himself into a corner and at this point he's gotta go with fit or greed. Do you want the most money you can get now? Or are you smart enough to roll the dice by going with a low end deal but the right situation. Maybe there's a team out there who can offer h
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