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  1. MPStack mentioned Rob Morris in an earlier post. I wholeheartedly agree with him. In fact, I've always said that replacing Gardner with Morris carried as big an impact as Bob coming back late in that season.
  2. It seems that it's much quicker going from good...to cruddy.
  3. I took the Chiefs, -10.5, first thing this morning. It's now 12. Now, with Geathers hurt, I suspect it's not done going up.
  4. Yup. Roughly the odds of our D getting a stop.
  5. We did it after 3. Remember Jerry Hughes?
  6. I quit drinking alcohol when I was 31 but prior to that, esp. the college days, I went through a lot of that! It wasn't just that it was cheap, I actually kind of liked it!
  7. If you're going to try and trade a QB, I say, get rid of Hoyer.
  8. I don't care if he ever returns one. He catches the damned thing. I don't find myself holding my breath with Chester back there. It seems that most decent returns are negated by a penalty, anyway.
  9. Titans probably feel they finally will get a win against the Colts. I agree....Vinatieri misses 2 more easy fg's. Will retire after the game....Titans win 21-17.
  10. A tie between Jack Doyle and Geathers.
  11. After a few months of changing diapers and middle of the night feedings, Irsay's phone might be ringing some night at 3:00 am..
  12. Hammer

    Moving on.

    I'm sick of looking at him, sick of reading about him, sick of talking about him. He's gone. I'm moving on to the season with who we have! GO COLTS!!!
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