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  1. Unless we draft a QB in the first, I'm not going to be very excited about any of it.
  2. "Who says?"...I believe I just did.
  3. I think you may be right but it will still be wasting a year because whoever we might draft next year will sit behind Jacoby. Let's get it over with.
  4. I don't want to waste another year. We need to move up and draft a QB..Any day 1 QB. With Jacoby at the helm, we'll be hovering around the .500 mark again. Will be in the same position again next year. We've watched Jacoby for almost 2 full seasons. I just don't see any improvement.
  5. Unitas, Manning (2), Luck (2), Sanders, Freeney, Reggie, Marv (2), Garcon, Clark, and Mathis.....Will probably only buy 2 more. One, with my name on it and the other will be my favorite Colt of all time, Bert Jones.
  6. 3 ypc?? They'll need one hell of an offensive line!
  7. If he doesn't find a QB who gives us a half a chance, he might be dealing with a real possibility of trying to hang on to our better players. Wanting a real chance at a ring, they may wish to move on when the time comes.
  8. You've already said enough to suggest that you might be insane.
  9. After watching JB's 2nd full year, I feel his is going backward. Regardless of what Reich says about JB, I don't think there's any hope for this team as long as he's the QB. Not at all excited about the coming year. There is a possible silver lining if they insist on playing JB. I'll get a lot more fishing and hunting done next fall.
  10. What on earth do you mean? "QB's are asked to do so much more than years back." With this, can't touch the QB and the same with all the nit-pickey PI calls, Bert would have torn this league apart. He was the greatest thrower I've ever seen. I have to believe he would have loved playing in this, pass happy, don't touch me or my recievers, NFL.
  11. He sucks...just like that incredibly soft defense. I'm so damned glad this season is over.
  12. Hehe. The OP's name brings back some fond memories for a lot of us oldtimers. The 'Sack Pack' played during the Bert Jones era from the mid 70's to early 80's.
  13. We have watched every Colts game since the advent of the 'Sunday Ticket'. I don't believe we're going to gather on Sunday, for the same reason.
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