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  1. Hammer

    Significance of #32

    Mike Curtis crossed my mind as well as Edge.
  2. I'd go with Roger Carr and then Bill Brooks. I'd also like to mention one from the 60's who was one of my all-time favorites, Willie Richardson.
  3. Frank said Vinny was kicking them out to 64yds the week before the Chiefs game.
  4. I hate posts like this. I don't suppose it's possible we just got the crap kicked out of us by the better team that day.?. These types of excuses make the Blue Nation look like a bunch D-bags.
  5. Hammer


    Adam still has plenty of leg. If it should come down to a 55 yd. fg to win a game, I know who I want to see trotting onto the field.
  6. Hammer

    Looking far ahead

    The kid has one heckava leg...well, actually he has two.
  7. Hammer

    What players should the Colts resign?

    Slauson...Big Al...Desir...Inman, (the only wide receiver on this list worth bringing back)...Wilcox...Geathers...Glowinski...Farley...maybe Vinny.
  8. Hammer

    Hats off to Kenny Moore!

    I love that tough little %!!
  9. We'll need a troop ship to get to him, though!! Colts 34-31
  10. Hammer

    Anyone Going to Kansas City?

    Got it!
  11. Hammer

    1958 Baltimore Colts Championship

    Wow, Smonroe! When a friend of mine got a color set in their house, our whole family went over there to watch the 'Wonderful World of Disney' and couldn't wait for the NBC Peacock. Thanks for the memories.
  12. Colts 27-20....My wife thinks the Colts will blow them out. 34-17
  13. Hammer

    1958 Baltimore Colts Championship

    I noticed someone mentioned they thought the game was in color. It may have been but not on the set we were watching. The old black and white set with the tuner ring around the channel changer. Turning that tuner endlessly trying to get rid of the snowstorm.
  14. Hammer

    1958 Baltimore Colts Championship

    Gary Cuozzo was Unitas' backup. He got hurt shortly after Unitas did....I'm with you. I still get * when I watch Don Chandler miss that FG and the zebras called it good. By the way, that FG was the reason they extended the uprights on the goal posts the following year.