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  1. Ashton Dulin, based on 1 pass interference call. He was actually beyond the secondary.
  2. You're still goofy. The "greatest game ever played," was the 1958 championship. ;)
  3. The most exciting and best throwing QB the Colts have ever had!!
  4. My all-time favorite QB! Hell, my all-time favorite football player!!
  5. Very upsetting news. Curtis not being elected to the HOF is an absolute travesty! RIP Mad Dog.
  6. Hmmm...I believe you might have that turned around,
  7. Joseph Addai in 2006 rushed for over a thousand.
  8. Don't forget our "pass rush specialist."
  9. I will never again allow myself to get excited about the Colts. They get on the big stage and * it down their legs every damned time. Another humiliating thrashing at the hands of a good football team.
  10. The latest from the 'Weather Channel' shows 80% chance of rain this afternoon changing to 100% this evening. Temps in the 40's dropping into the 30's tonight. Light winds with up to 1/2" of rain expected.
  11. With the weather forecast, the under is probably the way to go. Dang it 'Uncle' you were about 5 min. too late with your advice! We took Seattle to cover and the COLTS +7!!!
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