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  1. It think the Colts should stay at 34. Someone is going to fall that has a high grade.
  2. This year will tell everyone all we need to know about Ballard. Personally, I’m not a fan because of the recent moves he’s made.
  3. The 13th pick is very valuable and Ballard gave it up for a player he’s going to pay $20 million a year. So many great blue chip prospects are going to be available there at 13. I understand why he traded it but I completely disagree with the decision. If the player the 49ers draft at 13 goes on to have a great rookie season on a rookie contract and Buckner has just a good season Ballard is going to have to answer for it.
  4. This is a make or break year for Ballard imo. I disagree with all of the off-season acquisitions he’s made so far. I would have much preferred drafting a QB early because of how great the offensive line is. Rivers is 38 and even if he plays great doesn’t have many years left. The league is moving more towards mobile QB’s and Rivers in his prime was never mobile. I’m expecting at least an AFC championship appearance and anything less Ballard job should be on the line.
  5. This is about four years too late but we’ll see how it goes.
  6. I would much rather have Rivers than Brady for obvious reasons.
  7. Hopefully he goes to the Chargers or Bucs. Patriots likely draft a QB with their first round pick.
  8. If Rivers is the QB 34. Denzel Mims, WR 44. Jacob Eason, QB 75. Matt Peart, OT 144. Adam Trautman, TE
  9. Buckner is a great player and a huge upgrade on the defensive line but giving up a first round pick was too much. The 49ers couldn’t afford to keep him and no team drafting near the top 10 would have gave up their first round pick. This was a bad move by Ballard.
  10. 1. Justin Herbert 2. Jerry Juedy 3. Derrick Brown 4. CeeDee Lamb 5. Javon Kinlaw
  11. If Herbert is the pick I believe he should be starting. We have a great offensive line, elite WR, and a very good RB to help develop a young QB.
  12. I disagree with this take. I very well maybe the only one here that thinks Herbert will be a better pro than Burrow.
  13. It always depends on what players are on the board. If Jerry Juedy and Jordan Love are on the board at 13 what would the Colts do? This team obviously need a QB but we also need a #1 WR that can consistently get open and get first downs. It’s going to be very interesting to see if both Juedy and Love are there at 13 and what direction Ballard will go with.
  14. I’ll go with the Jaguars. They have been drafting consistently in the top 5- 10 almost every year. Assuming most of the QB’s stay healthy next year this is how I have the teams ranked. 1. Jaguars - Consistently draft high. 2. Redskins - New coach and 2nd year QB. Same owner. 3. Bengals - Rookie QB playing in the toughest division in football. 4. Dolphins - Fitzpatrick start most of the year until Tua is ready. 5 Bears - They will likely take a step back this year with Trubisky at QB.
  15. They have but could still draft Herbert. The Redskins drafting Tua could also be a possibility and that would completely change the entire draft.
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