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  1. I’ll give it a C. Paye was a great pick and has the potential to be an elite edge. Still, Darrisaw LT was rated higher and was elite in college against great competition. Sam Tevi is a backup journeyman. The LT position is far more valuable than an edge and we don’t have one. The Doya pick is the reason why I’m giving this draft a C . Not every player that has an Achilles injury returns the same. It was a huge gamble to draft a guy that early in the draft with good players left on the board. Given what we know now this is who I would have drafted. Rd 1. Christian Darrisaw, LT, 6’5 320 lbs, Virginia Tech Rd 2. Pat Freiermuth, TE, 6’5 260 lbs, Penn State Rd 4. Janarius Robinson, DE, 6’5 260 lbs, Florida State. Rd 5. Keith Taylor, CB, 6’2 190 lbs, Washington Rd 6. Seth Williams, WR, 6’3 210 lbs, Auburn Rd 7. Larnel Coleman, RT, 6’6 310 lbs, Umass
  2. We were so fortunate to have a great LT in Castonzo for a decade. He was great for us. With Luck and Rivers we knew we had great protection from the left side. We’re going to see this year how it feels to be without a franchise LT.
  3. I had Darrisaw rated higher than Paye and thinks he’s going to be a stud for the Vikings for a decade. I do value LT more than DE but Paye was a great pick as well. Both will be compared throughout their careers. I think both will be great players it’ll come down to what position do you value more.
  4. Too many good Healthy players on the board. I like Dayo talent but not at 54. Too risky of a pick.
  5. Great pick. Paye has a high ceiling as a pass rusher and run stopper. Reminds me of Tambi Hali. Darrisaw would have been a great pick as well.
  6. Dayo seems to have lots of potential but the Colts aren’t in a position to redshirt a player for a year. We have immediate needs at OT, TE, and WR. Pat Freiermuth should have been the pick at 54.
  7. Rd 1 Jaelan Phillips, Edge, 6’5 265 lbs, Miami Rd 4 Jalen Mayfield, OT, 6’5 315 lbs, Michigan Rd 5 Tommy Tremble, TE, 6’4 250 lbs, Notre Dame Rd 6 Rico Bussey 6’2 190 lbs, WR , Hawaii Rd 7 Grant Stuart, LB, 6’0 230 lbs, Houston
  8. This is a great Offensive Tackle class. Teams drafting a QB in the top 15 will push some Blue chip prospects to us at 21. I actually think Ballard will stay put at 21 and draft an OT. Samuel Cosmi, OT, Texas and Christian Darrisaw, OT, Virginia Tech are two names that we will hear a lot about near the draft. Penei Sewell is regarded as the best OT prospect ever and he’s projected to go 5th because teams will reach for QB’s. An elite prospect should fall to us at 21.
  9. There are some really good Offensive Tackles and DE in this draft. So many teams in the top 15 needs a QB so some great talent is going to fall to our pick. I’d look for Ballard to stay put at 21 and draft an OT. Samuel Cosmi, OT, Texas, 6’7 310 lbs could be there. Then an Edge rusher in the 2nd. As far as free agency I think he goes with a veteran CB to make this a well rounded team.
  10. Great trade by Ballard. Wentz is a Blue chip talent that showed potential as a top QB. With this offensive line, RB, he should have a bounce back year.
  11. This team is built to win now. I think Ballard goes with a veteran at QB. The Colts trade two second round picks for Wentz. Draft 1. Samuel Cosmi, OT, Texas, 6’7 310 lbs 3. Payton Turner, DE, Houston, 6’5 270 lbs 4. Shi Smith, WR, South Carolina, 5’10 190 lbs 5. Trill Williams, CB, Syracuse, 6’2 196 lbs 6. Tony Poljan, TE, Virginia, 6’7 260 lbs 7. Charles Williams, RB, UNLV, 5’9 190 lbs
  12. Matt Ryan throughout his career has been consistently a top 10 QB and he’s never had a offensive line as great as the one we have now. If Rivers could thrive at his age of 39 years old than Ryan can do the same at 36. There are too many teams in the top 15 that needs a QB so it will be very difficult to trade up. Matt Ryan and Carson Wentz are probably the best options this team has right now.
  13. Wentz was a top 5 QB and MVP candidate in 2017. Top 10-12 QB 2018 and 2019. Bottom 5 QB in 2020. Which version of Wentz will the Colts get? If we’re getting the Wentz that is more of the 2018 and 2019 than it’s worth it. Wentz is a much more talented QB than Darnold. It’s not the talent with Wentz it’s his attitude. A change of scenery could do wonders for a player like Wentz.
  14. Eason did get to sit and learn from Rivers for a year. He was a first round talent that fell to us. Starting him might be the best way to go. He’s on a rookie contract and will have a great offensive line and running game.
  15. Now that Stafford is gone I think I would go with Mac Jones at 21 if he’s available. I was one of the few here that had a high grade on Justin Herbert and feel the same way about Mac Jones.
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