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  1. I prefer the first one because we don’t have a franchise QB. Brissett is a good game manager, but this team needs a QB that can consistently push the ball down the field. Here is my mock draft. 1. Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon 2. Neville Gallimore, DT, Oklahoma 2. DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama 3. Matt Bushman, TE, BYU 4. Isaiah Wilson, OT, Georgia 5. Trevon Hill, DE, Miami The rest of the draft BPA and for depth.
  2. This is a great draft for QB’s. The best draft since 1983 imo. Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow, and Jake Fromm are franchise caliber QB’s. We have to get one of those three for this franchise to move in the right direction.
  3. Herbert passes the eye test for me. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to get him unless we trade up for him. I like Fromm as well in the first round.
  4. Justin Herbert is clearly the most talented QB in this draft. A blue chip prospect. Passes the eye test. He can make all the throws. He doesn’t have the elite talent around him like Tua and Fromm, but he’s still competing with the best. The other QBs in the draft need the perfect system. Justin Herbert is the system. He’s exactly what the Colts need.
  5. The Texans have the best QB in the division but the Titans are more desperate. Mariota and Vrabel jobs are on the line this year. I think the Titans win the division this year at 10-6. Texans finish the season 9-7. Jags 6-10 and the Colts 5-11.
  6. He’s a great game manager. Clearly not the long term answer for this team.
  7. I’ll go with 4 wins. It’s difficult to win consistently in this league without an elite QB.
  8. I think the best case scenario moving forward is to continue to develop the talent that we have but also lose as many games as possible to draft Herbert. I would pass on Rosen for obvious reasons. I consider Herbert to be a blue chip prospect. He has a quick release, super athletic, great size, and has a high IQ. Out of all the QB prospects to enter the draft in the last few years Herbert reminds me of Marino the most. He played baseball and basketball as well just like Marino and Mahommes. Great hand eye coordination. Herbert is the real deal and we have to do everything we can to draft him.
  9. I’ve said this from the very beginning that Peyton was a significantly better player and leader than Luck. It’s more than just the numbers football has changed since Peyton early years. Luck is not on the level of Peyton or even Unitas when it comes to impacting a football team. During those 11-5 seasons with Luck we we’re barely winning games in the worst division in football at the time. By Peyton’s second year we we’re destroying teams. Teams we’re afraid of the Colts when Peyton was the QB. I didn’t get that from teams when Luck was the QB. Luck had his good moments while he was here but I don’t think he makes the ring of honor.
  10. Great player but he won’t make the hall of fame. Not enough games played.
  11. We’re going to have to tank again. Maybe we strike gold three times in a row. I like Herbert from Oregon.
  12. I wish nothing but the best for Luck. His health is far more important then winning football games. As far as the team goes this team has a ton of talent but without the franchise Qb most teams will lose more than they win.
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