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  1. Completely different opponents and Andrew has had it much easier than Peyton has ever had. Easier division and a much more pass happy league. Sometimes you just have to go by the eye test and Peyton was a significantly better player and leader than Luck. I really miss Peyton and what he meant to this franchise. Again, I like Luck and think he’s a very good Qb. We’re never going to have a QB that was as great as Peyton Manning.
  2. There shouldn’t be any excuses. Luck and the offense were awful today. How many more years are we going to keep saying that we’re rebuilding? Luck and Hilton are vets that continue to not show up against elite teams in the playoffs. Against bad to mediocre teams we play like the best team in the league, but against elite Qbs it’s the complete opposite. First it was Luck was too young when we played against Brady, Big Ben, Rivers. Now, he was outplayed by a young QB in Mahommes. The problem seems to start and end with Luck. Great regular season Qb against mediocre teams, but just doesn’t seem to have what it takes in the playoffs. Luck doesn’t have the fire or leadership qualities that Peyton Manning had. I like the kid, but he’s not Peyton and never will be.
  3. I could certainly see the Packers and Browns going after Eberflus. It would be a mistake for him to turn those jobs down.
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